Misaki Ayuzawa & Usui Takumi - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama


Usui and Misaki should be on the top. They are way better than the Naruto and Bleach couples. I'm not saying that those guys are bad (So cool down Naruto and Bleach fans) I'm just saying that these guys are better. Misaki's beauty and her strictness, Usui's style and his coolness, just match up extremely well. The romance between them is awesome. I hope that another season comes along, especially since they got together only at the very end of the first season.

With lines like these, Anyone would fall in love:

Misaki:"Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel lonely when you leave me? Why are you the only one causing me so much confusion? "

Misaki:"I confessed to you because I wanted to protect you! "

Misaki:"Since I fell for Usui I've come to understand at least one thing... To turn the true feeling in my heart to words."

Usui:"If you were to drown... I wouldn't let anyone else give you a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

Usui:"I'll come to ...more

Misaki and Usui have a great relationship. Their characters are well-developed and they have a perfect balance. While Misaki is the hotheaded and competitive Student Council president, Usui is a calm and collected guy who. They are both athletic and smart and blend very well together. Misaki can see through Usui's dark past and comfort him while Usui can add lightness and romance to Misaki's serious and exhausting lifestyle. Their relationship is light but at the same time dramatic. It's a cute, flawless, unpredictable, unimaginable, extraordinary, perfect, and beautiful relationship where you experience everything. They can depend on each other and that is something every couple should have. You are bound to love these two because they never disappoint.

This anime couple-seriously was the first anime couple that I actually did ship. I used to watch Special A but then, it was so boring but then I found this--and fell in love with Usui and Misaki. The brunette girl is very strong and she can do things on her own. She's not like those weak anime girls that wait for their heroes to come and rescue them. Usui, so-called 'perverted outer-space alien human being' is so damn hot! Now, seriously...he is! He's always there for his Misa-chan which I really adore a lot. Even though, Misaki might say that she hates him... We all know that she likes hi--scratch that! --love him.

These 2 r the 1s that rule the day when somethings in trouble! And come on! These 2 have the most sweetest moments even when Misaki Ayuzawa says that Usui Takumi is an idiot, and he's stupid. Still yet Misaki tends to not show how she really feels because on the episode of the festival she said that her feelings are embarrassing to deal with or to talk with. And they both kissed on that episode! And that time when Misaki called for help at that other school! I almost thought "Does Usui know that percent that touched Misaki? If yes, he better tell Misaki about him or else ima get him good! " So anyways...bye bye

I love this anime and manga because it tells a story of a serious love. Not the love that lasts a week. They are fighting to be together so why are people trying to stop them? I mean really what is the point of stopping a beautiful love that you can only find with that one person. So please stop usui from staying in britain and bring usui back to misaki! I want to see them married and having cute babies!

It's funny and interesting so I chose this one and also because the Usui Takumi is really handsome! :D And I personally think that Kaichou wa Maid-sama should be the top one or number one in the top anime couple. And, of course, I have my reasons again! Anyway, it's because it always funny when the both of them are together! :P DUH!

They are really cute together and they really form a great pair. I'm waiting for season 2 and I hope they get married in season 2. They are awesome couple. They should get the top anime couple in the anime world. And usui is really cute. Nobody can stand him. He is awesome. Love you misaki &usui

This couple must top! 'cause they rock m/ I love how usui treats misa-chan even though she often calls him 'perverted-space-alien'. Their love and hate relationship makes their relationship go through circumstances. And take note, usui is so hot

I really think Misaki and Usui should be together. Usui shows a personal interest to Misaki, which he never does to other girls. Misaki, even though she calls Usui an idiot, she still has a crush for him.. That what I think.

The story of Maid sama is totally cool. It has all best characteristics so I think Usui and Misaki should have been on the top but I am very happy to see them on top 10. This is the best cartoon I have ever watched. I love it!

Amazing! I really love this couple. They are the most sexiest. God I wish I was them in the real world! This would've been the top 1. Actually, it should be the top 1! They are so cute and so adorable together! They are my favorite couple of all time.

Their love and hate relationship is the best! Yeah, love and hate; but this makes their relationship strong all the way through circumstances. They are so cute! And I love their cuddly moments too. I hope to see the season too soon.

Usui and Misa made me understand what it's like to be young and in love ( But it's not like I'm old! ) They are the cutest couple ever! A hot boy who loves teasing his girl + a cold girl who gets pissed easily = the cutest love story that is yet to unfold. I really wish this will also happen to me in the future

What do you want me to say? Misaki and Usui are one of my favourite couples of all time. Usui has made Misaki open up more and in turn Misaki also complements Usui. They're just so good together. Enough said.

It's one of my favourite mangas and anime. The story line is very unique as for once, instead of some poor sap, a damsel in distress, we actually have a strong and independent female protagonist. What I like about this couple is that it, simply put, is AWESOME. Almost perfect, they complete each other and understand each other. They can do anything in the world with grace. Hilarious, adventurous and sexy it's a roller coaster ride especially between all the unique characters that Hiro Fujiwara has created. It's a highly underrated anime that deserves a lot more.

Absolute perfection! It's beautiful how they are always there for each other and just how much they care for each other. Their relationship is THE relationship. And Maid Sama itself is a perfect example of a romantic comedy manga. Love it and these two!

These two are so compatible like warm coffee on a chilly autumn day. True that Misaki does not admit in the beginning that she loves Usui simply because she has this image of him. This prejudice built up that he's a mysterious pervert but when his true colours shine, she knows that he's more than perfect.
Cliche comment but they're so adorable/cute/awesome/everything everyone else said!

In my eyes, these two deserve the number one spot, as you don't often find a couple like this where they honestly develop from hate to knowing each other, to more hate, to play hate, to love-hate.

This couple should be number 1! How can anybody not love the interaction between Misaki and Usui?!?! Usui is a pervert who is funny and hot while Misaki is strong-willed and focused. Their relationship is how I wish mine could be in real life.

They are so cute together! Usui is always there to save misaki! My best part of the anime is when usui jumped on the rooftop for the picture of them together. he even kissed her! But he also has a rival. it also has a good ending! Love it so much!

Misaki & Usui should be in the top ten! They're the most lovey-dovey couple I've ever seen! And heck they're perfect physically & academically! But it's so sad that Hiro Fujiwara's ending the manga in 2-3 more chapters :'(

Misaki and Usui should be at first place! Not only because they look so Kawaii together and Usui is smoking hot, but because they share some really awesome chemistry. Misaki is the boy hating tsundere in the anime and she's not like one you'll meet in cliches. She can handle herself and has a really scary personality towards boys. But when Usui Takumi shows up looking so SMEXY (! ), he shows her that boys can be well mannered and considerate too. Usui is always there to save Misaki from trouble. (which isn't too much since Misaki can usually handle herself) If there was a season 2 I'd definitely watch. This is a shoujo anime I definitely recommend.

I love this couple they are so cute. I think that misaki and usui really balance each other out and that's why they make such a great couple. I read the manga and was very happy with the ending where they get married.

She is a spitfire and he is a gentleman and they both know it. Usui falls for Misa at first site. Love the whole tale of Usui breaking down Misa's wall and how she lets herself fall in love! Just really love the tale

I love this couple a lot, I just adore them together and they always entertain be. And for a main pairing in a manga/anime they're rather unique, before Maid Sama! I only found this type of pairing as a side romance.