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201 Rock & Revy - Black Lagoon

The Japanese salaryman corrupted by Revy, who's trying to keep him out of their world, magical

202 Sadao Maou & Emi Yusa - Hataraku Maou-sama!

Beautiful anime. I really love how in the end they give a little hint. It would be better if they made a second season though because the manga is so adorable with Sadao and Emi!

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203 Kaname Chidori & Sousuke Sagara - Full Metal Panic

If you read the manga, you'll love them and their story... Sagara became human and fell in love, going against the military rules, commands and discipline... All because of Kaname Chidori... =)

Watch the anime and read the manga, this couple deserves a top spot. A budding relationship within the chaos and adventure in the story is what makes this couple one of the best.

Best Couple EVER because of the romance and comedy involved.

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204 Kaito Kuroba & Nakamori Aoko - Detective Conan

Its rlly too bad that every one completely overlooks this couple. Most people don't even know who Aoko is. But if you detective conan fans watch magic kaito AKA kaito is phantom theif, well if you watch it you will know they are close even though they fight a lot LOL

Heehee, so close to beating my OTP, but still so cute (especially when they argue, so silly).

205 Naoi Ayato & Yuzuru Otonashi

Yep! I had to! I absolutely love this pairing and it's quite obvious that Naoi has feelings for Yuzuru! Plus it's just so cute how Naoi loves Yuzuru and does anything to impress him! He's so awesome!

I think it's so cute how naoi always admires yuzuru

206 Lina Inverse and Gourry - Slayers
207 Kujo & Victorique - Gosick
208 San & Ashitaka - Princess Mononoke

Why so low they work well together

209 Kanade & Otonashi - Angel Beats! V 1 Comment
210 Shu & Inori - Guilty Crown

How isn't this higher Inori loved Shu through it all and Shu nearly gave his life and have his arm tryin to save her.

211 Crona Gorgon & Patty Thompson - Soul Eater V 1 Comment
212 Anko Mitarashi & Kabuto Yakushi
213 Kaoru Shimizu & Goro Honda - Major

they argue, they make jealous of each other, but in the end you know what I mean - ronluna

they are denying it at first but they confess their feelings and become a couple after their winter break - ronluna

They knew each other since they were kids and on the 6th Season of the anime, they became husband and wife. =)

214 Birdy & Nataru - Birdy the Mighty: Decode 02
215 Watanuki & Katura Inu X Boku
216 Black Star & Tsubaki - Soul Eater

It's at the bottom why? I mean Tsubaki always puts Black Star straight And you can tell they like each other

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217 Kazuki & Tokiko - Busou Renkin

Loved the couple, seemed like a good match

218 Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan


Whoever did this is a disgrace. You aren't an AOT fan unless you ship Eren X Levi.

I don't think they are couple. I really get angry that they are so close and they didn't even kiss 😐It's annoying. But... but it's good and cute when they care about each other mostly mikasa. I wish that some day they be like a couple because both are beautiful and main character ❀️ They can have beautiful children πŸ˜…

219 Gray Fullbuster & Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

I kind of understand the small motivation of this ship, but I believe it's one of those ships that are only imaginable. Only imaginable, as in you can ship it, but there's no chance it really happening anytime soon. I have to agree with Juvia on this ship, because it doesn't seem appealing to me. To be completely honest, I don't know what people find cute about this. There are absolutely no hints of GrayLu ever becoming canon. I personally would prefer Gray with Juvia and Lucy with Natsu.

They are the best couple with Gray being so handsome and Lucy being so beautiful I think they are the best couple in anime history.

What is going on here? I don't see any chemistry between them.

UMMM NO. EWWW. Nalu and Gruvia are endgame.

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220 Mai Moritaka & Kazuhiko Aikawa - Dear Boys

When I read dear boys manga, at first I think just about sport, but this have bit love story too, one alternative to captive girl reader, this couple so cute, but really passionate especially when they just two, aikawa really passionate to kiss mai, they kissed often, 2 times in one moment. ^-^

Yes they are amazing basketball couple. Aikawa is endearing while mai is feminine but I know she's strong since she always support Aikawa. Although Aikawa seems inocent and cheerful, there's a dark side of him that's shows that he's depressed. But mai still passionately wait and alaways care for him

I love this couple: Aikawa and Mai moritaka forever!

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