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321 Meliodas & Elizabeth - The Seven Deadly Sins

They both care for each other and Meliodas only wanted to protect Elizabeth from the start so they should still be
Counted as a couple - Kichi777

Technically Meliodas stayed with her even before the demon clan was sealed, which was 3000 years prior to the story. Spoiler alert**** Elizabeth was a godess and looked exactly the same as the current one in the story. He loved her and betrayed the 10 commandments which pretty much started the war. And then 16 years prior to the story, another Elizabeth(Liz) was killed. But reborn as an infant who grew to become the current Elizabeth. My guess is the godess died and then later reincarnated as Liz and then reincarnated again as the current girl, but also with the goddess's power. Therefore Meliodas pretty much loved her in her 3 lives over 3000 years, but she doesn't remember him. He still loves her even during the time gap when she hasn't reincarnated as Liz.

322 Ringarō Okabe & Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate

Why is this not in top 10?...this is crazy. This is one of the best anime with one of the best anime pairing of all time. This must be in top 10.

323 Happy & Carla - Fairy Tail V 2 Comments
324 Uryuu Minene & Masumi Nishijima

Best ship from Mirai Nikki! Put together a tsundere terrorist and a romantic and loyal cop, and boom! Fabulous ship created!

325 Ichigo Amano & Makoto Kashino

I love this couple

Yumeiro Patisserie...Just a cute couple

As soon as you get into the middle area of the storyline in Yumeiro Patissiere, you will definitely notice that Kashino has hard feelings for Amano. In the Yumeiro Patissiere Professional series, they both notice that they should be together, and the entire series just got me so hooked to Amano Ichigo and Kashino Makoto :3 I SHIP IT SO MUCH

326 Ren and Kyoko - Skip Beat
327 Lucy & Tomoo - Elfen Lied V 1 Comment
328 Lydia & Edgar - Hakushaku To Yousei (Earl and Fairy)
329 Zed and Roya - Kiba
330 Makoto & Minamo - Wind: A Breath of Heart
331 Taki and Mitsuha - Kimi no Na wa

The Greatest couple like no one ever has thought of... they know each other more deeper than any couple can imagine... The most Beautiful Couple ever... If you hate this movie... you hate you life! - SkyFlower

332 Aquarius and Scorpio - Fairy Tail

They are such a cute and underrated couple!

Boyfriend/Girlfriend that loves one another

333 Yoshikage Kira & Hands - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
334 Mikaela Hyakuya x Krul Tepes - Owari No Seraph

Watched. Loved. Shipped. - TwilightKitsune

Me and Twilight ship this so much. This ship needs more screentime. I'd like to have both Yuu x Shinoa and Mikaela x Krul together! 😊 - MLPFan

335 Mark Evans (Marmarou Endou) and Nelly Raimon (Natsumi Raimon) - Inazuma Eleven Go
336 Kai Rengi & Yuzuru Hagino - MitsuxMitsu Drops

This is nice but a bit irritating because of the lead guys attitude.

337 Yano Motoharu & Takahashi Nanami - Bokura Ga Ita
338 Kuchiha & Kon Shinonome - Amatsuki
339 Happy & Charle - Fairy Tail

I like this ship. It's insanely funny and cute.

Cutest cat cupple ever. Exspecely during the Edelus Arc when Happy stands up to the other cats for Charle.

340 Tifa and Cloud - Final Fantasy VII

The most beautiful couple in Final Fantasy

MY VERY FIRST SHIP, shipped them since I was a little girl!

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