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341 Renji & Chihiro - Ff A Tale of Memories
342 Miku Hatsune & Len Kagamine - Vocaloid

I absolutely love this pairing!

Vocaloid is not even an anime... - Yumi24

But they aren't anime characters

343 Kisshu & Ichigo - Tokyo Mew Mew

I love this couple I mean, kisshu saves ichigo all the time they are so cute together.

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344 Ikki & Akito - Air Gear
345 Bossun & Himeko - Sket Dance

People, just vote. I don't need to say anything extra.

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346 Kasugano Haruka & Kasugano Sora - Yosuga no Sora

Twincest anyone? No, but in all seriousness, I think they are one of the best couples out there. It might be because of the fact that they are twins and that the love between them is considered taboo by most, that I find it intriguing.

347 Teito Klein & Roseamanelle Ouka - 07-Ghost

They are best anime couple ever! Because Teito really loves Ouka! They are love is true! They will love forever!

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348 Happy & Fish - Fairy Tail

It going to end up like Erza cake. On the ground and then step on. The turn into a fight.

This relationship is just the same like Erza & Cake..

Do you know any get FISH quick schemes?

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349 Io Otonashi & Tsumiki Miniwa - Acchi Kocchi

I totally vote for them! They re so cute together and the romantic moments in this show are just so cute! I recommend this show to fans of lucky star.

- Tsumiki Miniwa

350 Mikan and Natsume - Gakuen Alice
351 Kanbara Akihito & Kuriyama Mirai - Kyoukai no Kanata

They're both in a situation that doesn't allow them to live like normal people and they're always there for eachother and are willing to do sacrifices to do so.

352 Hazuki Nagisa & Ryugazaki Rei - Free!

They're adorable and hilarious together and Rei wouldn't be a part of the team without Nagisa. According to Rei, Nagisa "changed his world".

These two were meant for each other
Every scene they are together you can feel the love. Every Reigisa moment is just way too beautiful for our otaku lives.

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353 Kaname Madoka & Akemi Homura - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Their bond is through all the different timelines.

354 Takatsuki Ichika & Kirishima Kaito - Ano Natsu de Matteru
355 Ohmuro Sakurako & Furutani Himawari - Yuru Yuri
356 Shizuo & Izaya - Durarara

Shizuo shows his love through denying his love for izaya

357 Nanami Takahashi & Yano Motohoru - Bokura Ga Ita
358 Sana Kurata & Naozumi Kamura - Kodocha
359 Nova & Sparx77 - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
360 Hatsune Miku & Kaito - Vocaloid

You can just look at these two and tell they are meant to be together. If vocaloid was as anime it would be obvious that this would be cannon. They would make some nice, nice kids together. KAITO ON that MIKU!

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