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21 Shinichi & Ran (Rachel & Jimmy) - Case Closed Aka Detective Conan

For me, they are the greatest couple of all time! Hands down! Their love storyy simply represents all the essence of true love; patience, kindness, and the undeniably deep feelings for each other. No one can match Ran's love for Shinichi for she stays loyal and continues to love him despite the many times (in fact, all the time! ) he bails on her, leave without any remarks, and never seems to be there when she needs him (Cause she doesn't know his Conan ) I especially love Ran's words when Conan asked her if she was scared to jump in the building in one of the movies.
Conan: Ran-neechan are you scared?
And Shinichi? Well, despite the fact that he can't stand seeing her cry and always rescuing and worrying about her, it's pretty darn obvious how he's madly, crazy in love with Ran Mouri.

I didn't think anyone else would actually vote for this! This was actually my first anime, one of my peers introduced me after discovering that I loved murder mysteries. Maybe an 800+ episode anime wasn't a great starting anime, but it worked for me and now I'm totally hooked. I usually despise romance between characters, but since this anime has such a long run-time, it was unexpectedly naturally paced and not a rushed romance. I love the whole "childhood friend" idea and soon became enveloped in not only the mystery aspects, but the romantic ones too. These two truly care for each other, and I love that Ran isn't the typical girl who always needs rescue. Shinichi, also, isn't very typical. He's a memorable protagonist with amazing motivation because of the girl he loves, Ran. There's this amazing bond between the two, and I love the tension that occurs when there's a chance of Ran figuring out Conan's true identity! Ran's incredible patience and trust in Shinichi is ...more

For me ShinRan is the best. They show the true love. They have patience, trust and love. They are the best. They are the most perfect one.

They are sos cute together! The way they can sense something is wrong with the other is amazing and they care for each other so much. - upgradermunchkin

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22 Eren Jaeger & Mikasa Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin

I would love to see them get together it would be awesome. How much she cared and save him. He also protected her. Makes me want to scream. I just hope eren will know about her feelings. But I doubt they would be together, because of all the titan around, there will be no time for them to date each other. Still love them, so cute.

I get this all the time. "Oh my god why do you ship them there siblings" NO THEY ARE NOT. I was watching a video and it said that Mikasa is not actually adopted cause she never went to a orphange so Eren's parents never signed any papers. Eren's family just took her in so she can have a place to live. SO SHUT UP ABOUT THEM BEING SIBLINGS CAUSE THEY AREN'T SO SHUT UP AND SHIP THEM

This couple is sort of like Yuma and Kotori's above - the girl likes the guy, but the guy doesn't even notice. But still, the way Mikasa is so protective of Eren is adorable!

I love these two they are goals eren saved mikasa life and mikasa would easily sacrificed her life just for eren they would die for each other

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23 Sakura Mikan (Yukihara Mikan) & Hyuuga Natsume - Alice Academy or Gakuen Alice

Their love isn't skin deep.

We have Mikan Sakura, a cheerful, bubbly girl. She's not smart, but she has her kindness to compensate. It is then later on in the series that she realized she is one of most powerful alices (magic) and people are after her.

Then we have Natsume Hyuuga. A prodigy that has a strong alice that is brought up to be trained as an assassin. His alice is so strong but it is the type that feeds on his lifeforce, so every time he uses it, he dies a bit quicker. He knows the darkness of the world, the people. He is smart, handsome, hot, but well feared. He distant himself from others because of the sole wish of not wanting those whom he treasures to get hurt.

Natsume was born in darkness and Mikan is his light, his light that he doesn't wish to taint. It is so heartbreaking to watch him struggle between letting his best friend Ruka who also likes her take her and claiming her as his own. He understands that she will not be tainted by his darkness ...more

This couple should be here because not even just in the anime and manga there always seen fighting quarreling but just like in the same order in romance anime's they always fight but in the end the confessed their LOVE to each other (but the style in the manga was even better because the style was like Romeo X Juliet) and the guy lover has a love rival and bad because his love rival is his best friend and more love rival's pa see they should me there and be NUMBER 1

They are the best couple ever! It should be in the top ten. I absolutely adore this couple because it's like Mikan is Natsume's sun, and Natsume is Mikan's dearest person. They love each other very much and what I love about them is the fact that they share such a deep, very deep love for each other (The deepest and most touching that I've seen so far) and that's why I think they make the best couple. I love how Natsume is completely devoted to Mikan and he'll even risk his life for her and he wants her to be happy. And I love how Mikan is always worried about Natsume. She seems to be oblivious of her feelings for him, but it's not like that. I think that she realizes she loves Natsume in chapter 26 of the manga. She blushed so hard. She's very innocent and wants him to keep living and not forcing himself. They want the best for each other! And that's why it's my OTP of my OTPs.

I love this couple

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24 Tsunayoshi Sawada & Kyoko Sasagawa - Katekyo Hitman Reborn

on the manga, kyoko felt warm when tsuna bid his goodbye to her, and I thought that means she felt something romantic on it.
and for me it was so romantic when tsuna told kyoko that "i will protect you even if it cause me my life to do so" that sounds sweet right and for me tsuna will do everything for because he don't want to lose her..
thats all... thank you!

I love their love team, tsuna who cannot express his feelings and kyoko who didn't know tsuna's feelings but she have a feeling to tsuna too as I see in previous episodes, I love the way tsuna risk her life for kyoko and the amulet who's he always taking care and kept inside his clothe as a lucky charm because it is made by kyoko! @!

kyoko calls him tsu-kun, tsuna has a crush on kyoko and kyoko does blush when she looks at tsuna being matured person. - ronluna

This couple should on top 10. This is the one of the most reason why I love KHR. They're moment even can't called 'romance' but it's still. I'm really hope someday this manga Will come back with really good performance and really great tsunaxkyoko romance

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25 Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba - Sailor Moon

My favorite couple of all time! Their love story is the very first one that I've watched and fell in love with.

They are my most favorite couple in the whole anime world. They were made for each other!

I love how Usagi and Mamoru are dating I mean they are the best couple ever and those two are my first anime couple too. I mean they even had a cute little child named Chibiusa. Come on you have to admit that Usagi and Mamoru are the best couple ever.P.S. wATCH SAILOR MOON AWESOME ANIME SHOW!

They are definitely the best couple!

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26 Shikamaru Nara & Temari no Sabaku - Naruto

Guys... Shikamaru Is Amazing... And For Crying Out Laud Temari Is THe Hottest Girl I Have Ever Seen! Those Two Are So Much Different Than Any Other Couple... The Are Beautiful In Their Own Different Way... SHIKATEMA THE BEST!

There is so much proof. It will happen for sure.


Love this ship! my favorite ship ever! the only thing I don't like about it is that Temari is older than Shikamaru by 2-3 years. she looks younger!

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27 Android 18 & Krillin - Dragon Ball Z

This tandem is a unique one too. They're not the type of couple you expected them to be. Krillin really cares for android 18 cause even though he was commanded to destroy her, he didn't do it because of his love for her.

Lets be honest now; Krillin didn't kill her because he thought she was hot, not because he loved her. He barely knew her.

This pairing is so odd and cute. I love their story!

A guy who is dating a robot has only one description and that's LONLEY

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28 Naruto & Sasuke - Naruto

I think Naruto and Sasuke should at least be in the top ten. They both have such tragic past and both understand each other. Naruto is always thinking about Sasuke after he leaves the village. Trying to figure out ways to save him from Orochimaru, and once Sasuke leaves Orochimaru Naruto tries to save Sasuke from himself and revenge. Naruto is ready and willing to give his life if it means saving Sasuke. While Sasuke doesn't show to much thought about Naruto once he leaves the village there are moments like when Sasuke asks Naruto why he so absorbed in him Naruto states it's because there friends Sasuke looked so touched. Sasuke has also jumped in harms way to protect Naruto like when Haku purposely shot needles at Naruto, Sasuke knowing it was a trap still jumped in harms way to protect Naruto and basically almost dies for him and his last thoughts were of Naruto and their fun time together and about his revenge on his brother. So that's why they should at least be in the top ten ...more

They were sort of rivals as children, but it wasn't that kind of rivalry that they actually wanted each other dead. It was that sort of a relationship you might have with someone in real life in elementary school, hatred mixed up with jealousy. When they were put together in a squad they started to communicate and collaborate better and in the anime even Sakura noted how well the two worked as a team. The element of jealousy was still present, but Naruto could sometimes push those feelings aside in order to work better. Both Sasuke and Naruto are both very competetive, and they often competeted against each other, thus pushing themselves further and further... I really liked it how they're relationship evolves from elementary school rivals to best friends who still have hatred between them... When Sasuke left Konoha, even he admitted that Naruto really was his best friend. Plus, he spared his life even though he could've easily killed him while Naruto was unconcious. Then follows the ...more

Naruto and Sasuke have by far the most romantic love story I've ever seen in a shounen albeit a tragic one.

They understood each other the most and could really empathise with each other. They both healed each others tormented scars selflessly and brought light and life into each other's existence.

People think Hinata and Sakura are good for these two, girls who never try to understand their darkness or their pain. They think chasing them and wanting to be with them is enough. But ultimately these girls just think about what these boys can do for them, not what they can do for these boys. Hinata watched Naruto suffer, never showed support and just wanted to impress him for herself no matter the cost. Sakura didn't even try to understand Sasuke or his pain and expected him to put everything aside for her, go back to a village that wronged him so mercilessly and then was ready to kill him.

People try and say Sasuke is abusive to Naruto and that he hated him (because ...more

They are canon soulmates and the story was about the two of them. The story throughout was about them making up in the end so it can't get any better than that.

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29 Soul Eater Evans & Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

Aww, they're so canon, cute and lemon, laugh out loud.
I love them.
The way they protect each other is beautiful!

Who eles wouldn't like a especially hot and amazingly cool guy with a worthwhile annoyingly serious nerd I ship these two in the manga but not in the outside world O. O

This is my OTP to end all OTPs. Seriously. They are so perfect for each other.


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30 Hikari Hanazono & Kei Takishima - Special A

I adore this couple way too much. Even though it was clear from the beginning that the two would end up together, it did make me squeal like a little girl again when they did. It amazes me how perfect these two are for each other, and how Kei is so unwavering in his devotion to Hikari even when she's completely oblivious to his blatant feelings. The best parts are when Kei thinks that Hikari's confessing or acknowledging his feelings, and she's in reality talking about something completely different. It's also particularly amusing whenever Kei's in a good mood because Hikari is doing something or the other for him, and the other members of the Sā€¢A start commenting about the literal flower garden sprouting around Kei. All in all, I think their characters really compliment each other, and they fit together so perfectly it's almost painful.

I think this is the best couple ever! They are so romantic... Especially when Kei is teasing Hikari by calling her Miss Rank Two and Hikari will get mad at him. Hikari is just a thickhead that she don't noice kei's feelings for her...

I have watched this anime several times and it never gets old. I love the relationship between Kei and Hikari. The voice acting is spectacular and the feelings they have for each other is very believable and sweet. I also like all of the supporting characters and their stories.

They're so damn cute together! I have no other comments because I'm sure what I wish to say has already been said. All that's left is to yell "I SHIP IT! "

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31 Urahara Kisuke & Shihouin Yoruichi - Bleach

"Best Characters & Couple ever" all I can say...

This couple is SEXY. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This show sucs

32 Minato Namikaze & Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto

Kushina is always being teased by her classmates all time but she talked back and hurted her lassmates making her very powerful but when she is kidnapped minato was the only one that found her and he said from the first time I met you I quickly noticed your beautiful red hair and that is how they fall in love - minanaru

Kushina and Minato are best couple ever. I don't understand how anyone can't fall in love with them. Minato saved Kushina in a life or death situation. He even saved her beautiful red hair! And they both died together protecting Naruto. This is the ultimate love story. I cried so much during this arc

Minato is awesome and saved Kushina from getting teased at by the other kids. Minato had a liking to Kushina in the first place so they should be first.

Why this isn't higher? Their lovestory is so beautiful amd sad. Anyways my 3rd OTP. Plus they're canon anyway. - Haterssuck

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33 Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) & Asuna Yuki - Sword Art Online

"They're so cute! Kirito wouldn't give up until he found Asuna in Alfheim Online, and the only way Kirito was able to beat Sword Art Online, was because he thought of Asuna, and how much she believed in him. "

They are the best looking anime couple I have ever seen. Who can't agree they aren't perfect for each other. Right when I first saw them together I thought "well this is gonna be a good love story, can't wait to see how this ends" asuna and kirito are also 2 people that will fight till the end of the world for each other. That's what u want in a perfect anime couple, or any couple in general:-D

Laugh out loud Kirito and Asuna ended up on the list twice (they're also number ten I believe)

Why is this #32? This is a great couple. - AStumpedHuman

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34 Kaneki & Touka - Tokyo Ghoul

I really want them to end up together! They are so cute together! But the only problem with the anime is that they have removed most of the Kaneki and Touka moments which were there in the manga. Those parts where Touka made Kaneki wear a school uniform and dragged him to CCG and the part where Touka taught Kaneki to do a back flip were just too cute! - ToukaKirishima

They are awesome. I hope they will be together at the end of season 3. Or, those who are making it, it will be bad

I wanted them to end up together and be a happy ghoul couple but the stupid rules and reza made kaneki be driven away so the ship never came true but I still have hope for them lol

Yasss Queen

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35 Gohan & Videl - Dragon Ball Z

I think this couple deserves to be in the top 10 list..Really enjoyed every moment of their interaction scenes...They really make a nice pair

Gohan and Videl is my favourite dbz couple. They are so cute together.

Most Sweetest Couple Ever! My 2nd favorite Couple Right After Goku And ChiChi

The most realistic couple in the show

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36 Haruka & Michiru - Sailor Moon

Also known as Sailors Uranus and Neptune, they are one of the best anime couples ever.

Both of them are cool, badass warriors and women, and the two of them both love other so much they would sacrifice even themselves to help save the world. They don't always think or do the right things but they're still likable and wonderful characters. - SailorSedna

37 Tomoe & Nanami - Kamisama Kiss

You could see the connection between Nanami and Tomoe.

Tomoe, He's a cold, blunt guy who could care less since episode 1.. But as he slowly gets to know Nanami he turns sweeter each episode. No matter what the situation they could always rely on eachother.

Nanami, A sweet, friendly person.. At first she thought Tomoe was a jerk since they first met, Although.. She learns to trust, love, and see him everyday of her life.

This is truly my One True Pairing.

Tomoe and Nanami is the best, their love story is so romantic, to know that their destined to each other, from the past, and even in present, gosh this is really nerve wrecking... no one will ever break this relationship, I will be this love teams protector... so anyone who hate this love team... WHICH EVER GAVE YOU THAT IDEA, FORGET ABOUT IT AND JOIN TO LOVE THEM... ayyiee to the maximum level

This is my favorite which mean I love this couple more than others

I am looking forward for the episode in manga

But I have a crush on Tomoe and I don't know why I never get jealous

My friend has a crush on Kurama and she likes Ami chan

Nanami Momozono and Tomoe should me first I get a little upset about this they are at 40 impossible but in my heart they will always be 1

It's hurt to remember this series is over. I'm not a romantic person but this show made me feel very deep.I really loved their chemistry.Why the hell I am not nanami! šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

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38 Sango & Miroku - Inuyasha

They're so cute together! I like this couple! :D

Best couple, it is the only anime relationship that actually develops as time passes

They should be higher

They need to be higher on the list come one at least in 3rd place

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39 Yui and Hinata - Angel Beats

I knew from the moment I saw Hinata teasing Yui and visa versa that they would make the most adorable, perfect couple. Their relationship reminded me so much of my relationship with my boyfriend it was scary, but also nice to know I wasn't the only insane one out there. When Hinata proposed to Yui and she disappeared, I cried for HALF AN HOUR. Not five minutes, not two minutes, but HALF AN HOUR. Don't even get me started on how much I cried at the end of the series, though. Even though I can imagine Hinata going out with other people (my twisted yaoi hentai comes to mind) I think it is impossible for me to ship anyone but Hinata with Yui. Therefor, they are the perfect, cutest, most innocent anime couple I have ever seen.

Yui was brought into the anime as an energetic and hyper teen who loves to play the guitar and tease Hinata. Later, she tells Otonashi all 4 of her dreams just because she was paralyzed in the real world. In the end, HInata's proposal made me so sad!

Hinata's confession / proposal is so romantic, his words make me sure that he really loves Yui that much and promised that he would marry her no matter what happen to Yui either she can't move / can't have any kids, it's just so romantic!

Beat couple ever thair so cute and care for each other

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40 Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

These two are the best couple in Fairy Tail. Heck even in all anime. Gray didn't like Erza the first time they met because he thinks she's arrogant and always wears an armor. He kept on fighting Erza and people thought he has a crush on Erza (which is true) and when he saw her crying in the riverbank, dang that was the IT moment, he saw her crying and he stopped fighting her, instead in the later chapters, he is fighting FOR her. Almost every battle he has are dedicated to Erza and let's not forget the day Erza came to Fairy Tail, Cana told Gray he has brilliant luck. And Cana's fortune are all spot on.

The best couple in the whole show...

While Gray is a serious and cold guy, Juvia is a sweet, funny and generous girl that loves Gray so much that it's almost an obsession.

I hate when people compare Juvia to Misa Amane!

Juvia can get a little annoying and creepy, but she is good, bubbly, clumsy and one of the sweetest and cutest girls in anime, she also makes nice things to Gray and protects him, even if he doesn't always reciprocate these feelings... She actually gives Gray a reason to love her.

While Misa's argument for anyone to like her:
(Not that I care about Light's stupid life)

And while many people think that Juvia's a little stupid for loving someone that doesn't loves her back, they're wrong. Gray actually loves Juvia, but he's too embarassed to admit so. If he didn't loved her, he wouldn't have protected her so many times (often risking his own life for her), or he wouldn't get so angry and jealous every ...more

Way too much chemistry to ignore. And the way they care for each other, even though as comrades, is admirable. They would give up their lives for the other and nothing else makes any relationship so pure.

One of the best of the best!

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