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401 Belgium & Romano - Hetalia
402 Asta and Mimosa - Black Clover
403 Yawara Inokuma x Kosaku Matsuda - Yawara!

The old school anime couple. This is an amazing anime of 124 episodes and 2 movies about a girl called Yawara who is a genius in Judo sport and a reporter Matsuda who identifies Yawara's potential and constantly encourages her to actively take part in Judo competitions. The plot development and the romance between both the characters is beautiful and fun to watch. I totally ship Yawara and Matsuda.

I don't know why this anime is not famous outside Japan, but this is one great show. Spoiler warning: The grandfather of Yawara is totally hilarious. The main characters "Yawara and Matsuda" are adorable and sometimes annoying because of the lack of initiative from both the parties but that also makes the romance more interesting when a side character like Kuni and Kazamatsuri enters each of their lives. I think both Yawara and Matsuda realize their love towards each other when they get jealous because of the side characters love plot. I just love this couple because of the innocence and purity of their love towards each other. I highly recommend this anime.

The moment I saw that this manga was adopted by Madhouse, I became convinced that this is a great show and it lived up to my expectations. I think the show is highly underrated and people should give it a try, although you have to bear with the old animation. The characters are very cute especially Yawara and Matsuda and I really like the romance between them.

I think Yawara and Matsuda are one of those classic anime couples. Romantic couples and I totally love them.

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404 Taichi & Iori - Kokoro Connect
405 Tatsumi & Akame - Akame Ga Kill V 1 Comment
406 Yoshichika & Athena - Luck & Logic
407 Twelve & Lisa - Zankyou no Terror
408 Abe Takaya and Mihashi Ren - Big Windup or Ookiku Furikabutte

These two should have been canon! Sorry to non-yaoi fans but they were/are/will always be my faavourite <3 The chemistry between them is real, there is tension, there is friendship, there is love, there is teamwork, there is plot, there is cuteness. What more could you want?

409 Yuma & Haruhi - Happiness
410 Arslan and Etoile - Arslan Senki
411 Uta Yumeno & Kakeru Kogure - Onegai My Melody
412 Shinji & Marian - Bismarck
413 Klein & Silica - Sword Art Online V 1 Comment
414 Wendy Marvell and Romeo - Fairy Tail

Never happened

415 Laxus Dreyar and Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail
416 Bacchus and Cana - Fairy Tail
417 Taki Tachibana & Mitsuha Miyamizu - Your Name
418 Ragna and Noel - BlazBlue
419 Kaname & Yuki - Vampire Knight

I always go back and forth on who I want Yuki to be with, Zero, or Kaname, but Kaname is definitely really hot and cool and mysterious, he and Yuki are so fit of each other! They are so the type of couple that are smart and mature about everything, plus a bunch of romance! Yuki's also super cute and makes Kaname look even sweeter! Yuki and Kaname for number 1!

Kaname and Yuki are a beautiful couple. Kaname would do anything for Yuki, even if it means giving her up so that she can be happy. He's willing to taint himself in the blood of others simply for her sake. On Yuki's side of the couple she's always loved him even when he's done terrible things that should have made her hate him she never stopped loving him. They share a deep loving bond that will last forever.

They are a great couple but sometimes Yuki can't say to Kaname she likes him and instead saying I LOVE YOU KANAME she says I don't know to Kaname's confession... Uhh Yuki what is just the problem? , but you must admit they really are the best couple ever but I feel little sympathy for Kaname because of Yuki but I LOVE IT always when Yuki and Kaname become lovey-dovey... KANAME X YUKI-BEST COUPLE IN HISTORY

While they are brother and sister, as pureblood vampires they have no reason not two be with each other. They were quite literally made for each other. That was why their parents even had Yuki, so Kaname could have a wife!

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420 Uehara Anko & Noboru Yoshikawa - Great Teacher Onizuka

a bully and the one who was being bullied fell in love with each other - ronluna

successful attempt to confess her feelings to yoshikawa helped by onizuka - ronluna

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