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101 Asuka Langley Soryu & Shinji Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion

An extrovert confident girl and an introvert no confident boy. See ep 15 asuka kisses shinji - ronluna

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102 Elfman & Evergreen - Fairy Tail

This ship is so cute. Their arguing is adorable and you can tell they care a lot for each other.

I am pretty sure they are cannon after OVA where they went to the water park. With out that it is pretty clear they have a thing.

This one appears higher on this list, just worded slightly differently. Call the curator, this list needs work!

This is already on here

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103 Hitugaya Toshiro & Kurosaki Karin - Bleach

I love this pairing... Opposites attract. =D And I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves it.. HitsuKarin.!.

This one was a pretty cute ship and destiny calls for it

I ship those two. I love those two together.

Still a better pairing than HitsuHina.

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104 Furuya Chihiro & Sanka Rea - Sankarea

This is a beautiful couple, do I even need to say more?

105 Victorique de Blois & Kazuya Kuj┼Ź-Gosick

I wish more people would know about Gosick and this couple, beacause they are so adorable! They have to go through a lot of terrible events but they still reunite in the end, it was a beautiful ending for them.

Ahhh victorique is sooo cuteee

106 Romeo & Juliet - Romeo x Juliet

Shakespeare's play actually got made into an anime. Spoiler alert they die at the end

My Most favorite Couple of All Time.

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107 May & Drew - Pokemon

They have a love hate relationship like Ash and Misty do.

I like this couple

Yesss! This couple should be on the top 10 list! May and Drew are perfect! It's so obvious that they love each other

108 Ash Ketchum and Misty - Pokemon

The coolest and most violent couple ever. I think both of them do have feelings for each other.

Yes. I love this couple so much. WHY DID MISTY HAVE TO LEAVE?!

Wow I'm very surprised to see this so low. I mean, sure there isn't much supporting it, but I mean they held hands. I think.

I think someone all ready made this

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109 Shouta Kazehaya & Sawako Kuronuma - Kimi ni Todoke

Not about popular girl. She's not popular at all... she's scare instead. But innocent guy called Kazehaya is popular... but how I told you before he's really innocent.. so he don't care about her scary face and hair. If you think, that you don't reserve love, watch this... you deserve it, if you are just bit like Sawako-chan or Kazehaya-kun. My top 5 Couple.

They are a really cute couple. Love their stories, would definitely recommend the anime.

The anime wasnt as intresting at first but it gets better! There relationship is confusing and cute. I recommend this anime! Cute couple

This should be in Top 3 I really love this couple because their love is pure and very cute!

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110 Kagamine Rin & Len - Vocaloid

Oh god yes! I have been the biggest fan of this couple since I discovered vocaloid. You can control how you want this couple to be by creating songs for them. An awesome couple for sure!

They are the perfect match! They deserve to be together, although they don't ever seem to be together because something happens or something is restricting them. It's so sad that my heart can bear it no longer! :'(

Cutest couple ever! I know people think they're incest or somethin but it isn't disgusting at all! Cute and funny great duets too! Rin and Len all the way!

Thanks! But no, it is not anime even though it is my favorite vocaloid couple!

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111 Yamada Nina & Zero - Mamotte Lollipop

They need to be here because this anime couple follow the order of anime love and the male lover has many love rival's (including his best friend) and in the season 2 they get married and even have 2 children see the best couple

I think they need to be top ten because you can totally see they're head over heels for eachother! Te way their always fighting over little things, or when Zero or Nina get jealous of someone else. Or how Is always protecting her. Oh and let's not forget Ichii specially because he's Zero's best friend and love rival.

I loved the romance and everything and also I thoutht some of the guys were hot I really want the secound season if tere is.

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112 Daisuke Niwa & Riku Harada - DN Angel

They weren't really a close couple. Not even at the end... just one kiss...

The show was about their journey to love. The had to discover the meanings of how they felt and in the end they did that.

113 Yuuki & Zero - Vampire Knight

Zero is the hottest anime guy and I know that he is not the only one like light from death note but I like l as well and tamaki from ouran and kazuiya from gost hunt now lets come to yuki I like her but not as much as zero she is sweet out going so she is nice but the only thing horrible about is that she chose kaname ovver zero and I hate just of that reason

I think zero and kaname is best hottest guy in vampire knight but if kaname and yuuki is married there are siblings but if zero kaname there are not siblings
Idont think I hate yuuki bcos she choose kaname over zero I think if I am yuuki I'm sure I choose kaname because he is the only one my true siblings...

I LOVE them together so much and Yuuki should of chosen Zero and not Kaname and I'm reaslly mad that she did that because Zero is sooo hot

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114 Jean & Marco - Attack on Titan

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! I cry when I see ships of them

THEY ARE PERFECT! They loved each other so much!

YES! They are perfect foe each other


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115 Hattori Heiji & Toyama Kazuha - Detective Conan

I also like this loveteam too especially when heiji knew that her first love was kazuha.

One word to describe this couple : TSUNDERE.
Oh, just get together already...

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116 Sesshomaru & Rin - Inuyasha

I really really like their tandem. It's a unique one. Its very obvious that rin likes sesshomaru and we all know that sesshomaru hates humans but the question is:why did he accept rin even though shes a human? Maybe because he can feel the love that rin is giving to him.

Why the hell didn't anyone think about them? Huh? This drool-worthy pair is worth getting the a place in the top ten. This particular relationship exceeds the lord-minion stereotype... Watch episode 9 of inuyasha the final act if you wish to know what I mean. Sesshy absolutely adores rin, and I seriously wish rumiko takahashi would make them end up married in any possible future season of inuyasha

I tend to think of these two as having more of a father-daughter relationship than a romantic one. However, any way you slice it, they have great dynamics together. They deeply care about one another, and that's extremely evident in all the situations they get themselves into.

AWW they r so cute together

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117 Lenalee Lee & Lavi - D.Gray-man

I like them together. Allen is too mature for Lenalee

118 Ganta Igarashi & Shiro - Deadman Wonderland

Absolutely perfect and adorable together.

119 Chihiro & Haku - Spirited Away

It's really cute how they helped each other and I was sad when chi hiro left the bathhouse :(

This was a beautiful movie and although it wasn't "technically" an anime (movie with anime art style) who cares they were still perfect together.

Not technically an "anime" but whatever they were cute together

They are really great and are from one of the greatest Miyazaki works, but I think they are underrated because the topics here are about anime series and not about movies!
I think it deserves being a specific topic here for manga movies - sabd

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120 Ichigo Kurosaki & Orihime Inoue - Bleach V 2 Comments
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