Sasuke & Sakura - Naruto


Sakura and Sasuke are an amazing and dynamic couple. Sasuke now has a family to come home and Sakura can fill Sasuke's heart with love and understanding. She is the only girl that can complete him and he is the only one for Sakura. He cares about her and their daughter and he loves them so much... I just love how they behave while being together and they're definitely a couple full of moments and angst, they've been through so much that they deserve to be happy. It's not about Sakura or Sasuke deserving each other, is about how they complement each other, how they understand each other's needs and how after all the pain they formed a family.

It's about how Sasuke could die for her even if he put his revenge aside, how Sakura can protect him even when she might die, her crush blossomed into real love, and to be honest no other person (alive) could love Sasuke as much as she loves him. She never doubted her love for him, she never changed feelings, even if Sasuke was under the ...more

Live sasusaku! One of my opinions not to insult narusaku but I think that if naruto was to love sakura I think he wouldn't know how to love her. And I think sakura wouldn't know how to calm down naruto from being rowdy. First of all one of sasuke's ambitions was to restore his clan I think he is going to go back to sakura in the battlefield and ask her for forgiveness. Okay people who are reading my comment I need you to spread this message around! :). People who are big obsessed fans like me need to spread the word of sasusaku! Long live them! Because without sasusaku I think it would be a true nightmare. I don't care what people say that sasusaku isn't true IT IS!. No doubts about it!. If you people don't think sasusaku is alive! Well I am going to tell you something WE FANS LIVE FOR SASUSAKU HERE! We don't just carry on so easily. No words can explain how long we've wanted sasusaku!. I don't care I am proud of of being a sasusaku fan! And I hope the rest of you that like sasusaku ...more

Sasusaku is so awesome because sasuke helps Sakura grow by being a jerk to her! Unlike Naruto who babies her! Sakura helped Naruto grow what? No it only is good if the man is a dick to his womans it’s abusive & mean what Sakura was doing to Naruto! But sasuke chocking & chidoring her is fine, because he didn’t mean it! He was lost in da darkness! He secretly luved her gaiz! And Naruto has Hinata! And well she babies her... but who cares Hinata likes that and is perfect the way she is! She doesn’t need rudeness to help grow! Sakura deserves sasuke because she loved him and always loved him & filled his lonely existence! He called her ‘so annoying’? Don’t you get that means ‘I love you please have my babies’?

Sasusaku is so realistic people it’s like my relationship! Like my boyfriend chases me around with a knife & chokes me & I need my lil bro to help me with our issues because he’s so violent because his past! But his handsome profile is good enough for me ...more

If you like this couple, vote for them. They should be nearer the top like they deserve to be. Their story is ultimately one of the saddest I can think of in Naruto, Sasuke being the last of his clan and Sakura trying to be there for him, even if she nearly killed him she thought she would be saving him. Sakura deserves him, so get this to the top so maybe there's that bigger chance Kishimoto can see that he needs to prove Sasuke also deserves her...

Their story is a classic in which every girl can relate to in the sense that they both represent the two psyche in loving. One is a typical hopeless romantic girl who is full of dreams and bursting with idealism when it comes to the world and love. She is open and vocal and showy when it comes to her emotions because she believes that is how one achieves and how one should fight for the one you love. The other one is dark, and cynical and doesn't believe in love because he once loved so much that when life dealt him a devastating blow, he lost all his faith in life, love and happiness because he believed that they were nothing foolish fantasies- fleeting and useless. I believe everyone is either a sakura or a sasuke. that's also why I think that if there was a love story between this two, it will be epic and hella deep because they represent the coming together of the two psyches and the resolution to both of their opposing ideals.

Sakura always stayed beside Sasuke and believed in him more than anyone else and I find that to be incredibly beautiful. Sasuke struggled with the savage ways of the world at the time but he still had someone who loved him truly for who he was that whole time. Sure, Sakura first started liking him because he was cute, but then she discovered more about him and realized that he actually had a pretty sweet and caring personality under his cold exterior. Sasuke admitted that he was falling in love with Sakura by the time he left when they were 12/13 and it must have been difficult for him. Although he didn't show this, he isn't really one to display his emotions. Sakura remained loving and waiting for him all those years and I believe Sasuke really does appreciate her for that. He has described Sakura to the sunshine in the spring and the one who brought love back into his life.

This is probably one of my favorite pairings in Naruto, and, even though I first found Sakura annoying, I do quite like this ship. Sasuke had a one-set mind. He was alone and angry, and he felt that he had to be better, achieve vengeance, and become so much stronger to feel like he was worth something. Sakura strove, not only for Sasuke's affection, but also for her own success. It seemed that, at first, her love for him was just as empty as any other girl, but then she truly showed care for him, risking everything and wanting his happiness. Both have matured through the development of the series, and I can see them together in the future. There are plenty of moments that hint at their canon pairing, and I sincerely hope those hints become a whole picture.

This couple is just wow... It's truly Kishimoto's greatness how he written them it's really deep and meaningful. You need to give yourself a chance to understand them, they started off shallow and very one-sided but throughout the story it became deep and meaningful that you could not imagine them not being together. I started off hating this couple but once I understand it, I just can't stop shipping them. Just give yourself a chance, find the real translation and find out the subtle meaning of "You're annoying scene" all three of them. And find out where Sakura had reached him.

Up until the near end they've become mutual through a roller coaster ride of hardship and emotions. It makes Sakura stronger, brings out the best of her character. It makes Sasuke far a better person, he finally find home and love that he deserved.

If I have to sum it up this couple is about reaching, healing, understanding, unwavering, comfort, sacrifice and devotion. They're just beautiful

Maybe if some people actually had more than a 1st grade level reading comprehension, SasuSaku being endgame would've made a lot more sense~

I thought the ending was really beautiful. Sasuke was finally freed from the hatred and guilt of the Uchiha Masscare and was able to (finally) open his heart again to love... (Both romantically and platonically, speaking.) In regards to Sakura, it must have touched him greatly when he realized for the first time since the massacre that someone actually cared enough about him to cry so hard over him (Zabuza arc). It wasn't just about him anymore. He had people who cared about his well-being and without realizing it, he started to care about them, too. Sakura's love started out as a shallow crush, but despite seeing his weak and "uncool" sides, her feelings only grew stronger and more sincere to the point where it wasn't her own happiness that she cared about, but his. He became her inspiration to become stronger and to be a better person. ...more

SasuSaku is plain beautiful. I mean, their relationship is so unique, Sakura genuinely loving Sasuke and even now, when he's a crazy bastard, she's still trusting him, she still believes that he will come back. Also, Sasuke deeply cares about her, even if now the revenge has blinded him and he claims that his goal is to crush Konoha, we all know that deep in his soul, he still treasures his friends.

I can't wait for Naruto to snap Sasuke into his senses and to make him realize that he is not alone, that he has friends who always had faith in him and loved him.

This pairing was undoubtedly the most problematic of all the canon pairings. Though, I'd be lying if I said it weren't my favorite. In the end, it wouldn't have worked out anyway else. These two, no matter what they went through, could only have ended up with each other. At first, what Sakura felt was only infatuation, but it developed into real, tangible love. On the other hand, Sasuke probably felt something like that for her in part one, but all development for him was halted until their infamous forehead poke.
I only wish I could have seen what happened after he came back from his journey, and when she went with him on the next one. Well, whatever happened, we know when they came back, they brought their baby, so...

Sasuke and Sakura's love story is as deep as the core of the earth. I saw what they went through during the chunnin exams. Sakura is his weakness as shown when she stopped him and made the effect of Orochimaru's curse vanish when she cried and hugged him. Some people say that Sasuke is a user and doesn't deserve Sakura. Well, if he is really a user, he should've allowed Sakura go with him when she offered to stop him from leaving the village. Sasuke never used Sakura because she's dear to him. He admitted it when he asked Naruto to save her whe they battled the sound Ninjas in the forest. Sasuke asked Naruto to save Sakura whenever he could, to carry her and run as fast as he can for her. I won't forget thoae lines. He cared for her but couldn't let it show or live with it since all that he wants is revenge for his clan.

Sakura's dedication and unconditional love for Sasuke is very endearing. Sakura saw him at his worst but still loved him. Indeed, it takes a strong woman to ...more

This love story is simply exceptional, a love that wasn't weave from a simple gravity of attraction, not even rainbows and balmy weather have witnessed the start of the sparkling love, but of how the pitter patter rain and chilly wind made them wake from the long lost comfort they'd missed for a span of years. They'd survive the raging storm of impossibilities to be together (the pain, odd nightmares, countless tears, hate, anger, faith, loyalty, hope, dream, and love) those are the positive and negative bricks they'd built to make an unbreakable walls of being the greatest set of reflection of the unwavering love. They are the King and Queen inside the castle of their own phenomenal love story.

Sasusaku will be canon, I think it's quite obvious, after 688 chapters and Sakura still is very in love with Sasuke, she loves him so much it's touching and inspiring, she loves him so much she even tried to rescue him from his path of evil by trying to kill him and even after everything she still loves him so much, you ain't gonna get more true love than that, not to mention she's the only female to get close to Sakura and the female he cares most about besides his mother of course, so much of Sakura's development is thanks to Sakura, he planted the seed in her to grow into the cherry blossom she is today, there's a reason Kishimoto has made Sakura still in love with Sasuke after 15 years of the manga and if you haven't figured that out then laugh out loud.

This was a really painful one to choose. I was hung up between choosing Sasuke and Sakura, Hinata and Naruto, or Tohru and Kyo. They are all super cute, and I love all their characters deeply. In the end, Kyo and Tohru probably wouldn't get to the top 10 and above, because it pains me to say this, but Fruits basket isn't as popular as it used to be. Naruto and Furuba were both INSANELY popular, but Naruto was instantly a huge hit, whereas while Furuba was pretty popular, it never got as high. (Sorry Natsuki Takaya, I love the series.) So I had to choose between Hinata and Sakura (I love Naruto and Sasuke equally, but the girls are a whole different story.) They both SERIOUSLY got on my nerves in the beginning of the manga and throughout the entire anime. I've personally favored Sakura though, because while Hinata is adorable, she's just way too... no. For me. So I ship all three, but I had to choose Sasuke and Sakura. And also, while they were both pretty easy to infer at the ...more

The love Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha shared in one unique bond that might not be easily comprehended by some people. Theirs is a love story that's not mere vanilla and rainbows. Many people still cannot comprehend their story because it involves struggles, denials, separations, tears, but I think if you read the manga carefully as a neutral you couldn't have agree more with the author himself who stated that Sasuke and Sakura's love IS the real deal.

Terrible couple. Their relationship just doesn't make sense. At all. - Goku02

I feel like I'm commenting on all the ships. I actually really don't like this ship. I mean I'm fine with Sasuke and Sakura, for the most part, personally but they just don't match. Like Sakura gets who she wants in the end, yay for her, but I mean how could Sasuke possibly like her? I mean she may as well be Ino, because all she does is fangirl around him in her mind, always worrying about him, totally forgetting that Naruto is in her team, who needs more worrying because like all main characters, he acts before he thinks. I just don't like the pairing. Lets leave it at that. - ScarletBlade

I really love this couple! I especially like the story of them. Sasuke doesn't like her but she likes him. Right now they are still not together which creates curiosity and stuff to the fans. I am a huge fan of this couple and really hope they end up together!

When they were younger, Sakura first began liking Sasuke due to his 'good looks' and mysterious-ness. A while after spending more time with him, she began to realize how hard his life has been. She sympathized with him and always wanted to help him with any problem he has. After everything that happened, Sasuke realized how caring and understanding Sakura is and began to develop feelings for her.

It's weird, to think that someone can actually like this ship, there is nothing between them except the dumb episode where they had to wear cat ears and meow around a building together. Anyway they actually #2 on the worst ships list. But everyone has their own opinion I guess. - creepy

Sasuke just married Sakura so he could revive his clan. There is no love between this couple. I hate Sakura, but she deserves better than this one sided relationship.

I love them... The undying love of sakura is so amazing... I hope there's a chance between them... Sakura waited sasuke for a long time. All she wished is to be at his side... I'm looking forward that time will come sasuke will return back sakura's love for him. That he will love her too

Sasuke is the most interesting character ever. I can relate to him, this guy is basically why the story gets so interesting. People want to see how a guy like him ends up, he was lied to his whole life, honestly Sasuke and Sakura are the most interesting characters.

They are so awesome together. They make a great couple. I wish that sasuke, one day would open his eyes and relaises that revenge it is not everything. It would be great if sasuke comes back to village and stays forever with sakura! ( anyway this is just my colorful imagination)