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Because hinatas love for Naruto is the type of love any man would love to gain from a woman, hinata loves Naruto for who he is and everything he is flaws and everything, she has proven that we'll. While Naruto truly has shown to care about her since they were young such as the time that he show undying fate in hinata when she fought nevi during the Chunnin exams even if factually she was gonna loose Naruto never lost fate in her winning and when she lost he was not disappointed but worry about her. That alone shows true care for her, then he later on admits to liking a person like her despite the fact that he considers her not perfect do to the fact that he thought she was weird, yet he admits to really liking her personality. Naruto has yet not admitted to not have feelings for her nor has he denied not having them for her the fact is that Naruto feelings for hinata are a mystery, but despite that Naruto has shown true care and admiration for hinata not to mention that he has shown ...more

A beautiful pairing that is an exemplary model of what true love is. Some of the most significant progression for the manga comes from scenes between these two. These scenes also serve as progression for both Naruto and Hinata's character development. Both of them have shown throughout the manga that they're able to lift each other's spirits and they've also seen each other at their worst (see the "proud failure" speech as example for both the former and the latter). Despite their lack of panel time together, all their interactions are worth mentioning. Remember, it's always quality over quantity. It's a couple that will tug at at your heart strings and leave you wanting for them to be together in the end.

When Naruto made a vow to Hinata by taking her own blood in his hands I started shipping them. Even after all the chapters I can't recall a single moment as powerful as that that Naruto has done for someone by using their blood. It is the ultimate gesture you can do. The way he looked at her before she lost consciousness and how angry he was.

He cared so deeply and was so extremely protective about Hinata and they made an instant connection. Making a promise to her on her blood to defend her honor and then do it...just wow. They only had positive interactions that were very sweet and heart warming to watch how close they became.

I waited for them to get together since then and they did and I'm so happy. There was always something so special about their connection even if it wasn't in abundance, they are still so fresh in my memory.

People who say this had no development are just Hinata haters. I'd admit her character could use some work, but that isn't the point. For those saying he always loved Sakura, he clearly stopped chasing her & accepted sasusaku at the end of the original naruto (even though that ship sucks) Where were you?

But to my main point, there is a lot of development for this ship. You want to say what she did for Hinata he'd do for anyone else? Hinata is the first person he'd went out of his way to help! He could see that she really wanted to change herself, but neji refused to care, so he took it upon himself to prove neji wrong, & all it took is Hinata showing that she'll fight for not only herself, but for their ninja way! She allowed naruto to see that others are out their suffering & need help. In which, he connected to people from Hinata to not only help Hinata, but neji, gaara, tsunade, & others probably missing.

With Sakura, it was a crush as naruto showed less desire to be ...more

These two deserves each other, rightfully so. Naruto always appreciated her, despite thinking she was a bit weird. Hinata has always loved him for who he was despite his flaws. They always managed to inspire each other to stay strong against whatever obstacles come their way. The chemistry between these two works so well that it truly feels natural. Their love is so pure that I have a hard time believing either of them would fall in love with anybody else. The Last: Naruto the Movie wonderfully, spectacularly, and magnificiently showed why their relationship belongs among the greatest love stories of all-time. Heck, this might be THE greatest love story of all-time, not just of anime, but of any work of fiction.

I don't think this pair supposed to be explained more. Both the two of them hold opposite personalities and that different part complete each other. They provide the other what they don't have. Naruto gives Hinata the confidence she seeks and Hinata gives Naruto the love he always wants. His words build her courage and her words slap him back to reality. She can move forward bravely because of him and he can stand strong when he is down because of her.

No matter how many shoujo manga or romance movie I read and watch, I couldn't found such true love as these two share. They stand for each other, ready to die to protect each other. Both of them respect and admires each other. Naruto and Hinata are the kind of couple everyone would envy for. Well, at least for me.

Naruto and Hinata love story was one of a kind. An admiration from childhood in that she has the same feeling of isolation and disappointment from those around has made their love story one of the most unique and beautiful in the history of anime. The fact that an extremely shy girl like Hinata was able to trade her life to protect Naruto is something which can only be fueled by true love. My absolute opinion is that they are very cute people and to me they are probably the best looking couple I have ever seen in my entire life.

P. S I wish there are more stories that focuses on their relationship. They are so amazing. Hinata is very cute and beautiful and she deserves a guy who is willing to protect her, cares for her and as handsome as Naruto.

Naruhina has always meant something special to me. I really enjoy how well Hinata treats Naruto, and how every time the duo is together there are some pretty deep moments. Like in the proud failure moment or the "its all in your eyes moment" each time it shows how the two characters are connected and can really feel what is going on inside each others head. Naruto I know will be happy with Hinata, and this is evidenced when he took her hand and smiled at her exactly like his dad smiled at Kushina. Just a beaming smile of happiness, as he says, "my life is not only one its thanks to you that have been by my side the whole time" A very romantic gesture if I do say so myself

Happy to see NaruHina is #1 and rightfully so. It's hard not to ship them because they were the most obvious ship in the manga. Their relationship is probably the most positive and healthy in the entire story. They're like yin and yang, but also extremely similar at the same time (both of them being described like the sun). Hinata risked her life two times for Naruto, and even though Naruto thought she was weird, he loves her too. Even the movie Naruto the Last is completely dedicated to the two of them, and we got to see them kiss. This is the only ship that has been able to pull my heartstrings countless times. Also they made two wonderful, beautiful, babies who are adorable.

They are so cute together, I always wanted them together from the very beginning, this couples is the most beautiful paring ever. Hinata's love is the love that any man would want, she loved him from the beginning and always supported him even when no one did. Naruto you are a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife to love and support you. They are the best and their love is one of kind, they deserve each other for what they done for each other. From a one sided love to true love, just like his parents love story.

Perfect. belong together forever. There is not a single person in the world who has more compassion, loyalty, love, admiration, willingness, sacrifice, hope, strength, or undying affection than Hinata has for Naruto. They fulfill each other, and make eachother so strong. They would lay down their lives for each other unquestionably. Thanks to Naruto, Hinata has become such a strong and beautiful young woman, they are who they are today because of each other. Hinata is so adorable, beautiful, thoughtful, and loving! I love her so very much, I desperately wish I could have a girl just like her, she is so true to herself and to Naruto! It is outstanding. I am So So in love with her!

Personally, I like the kind of love Naruto and Hinata share. It's more than just attractions. It's compromise, sacrifice, purity and genuine care for each other's well-being. Their love story is beautiful in the The Last: Naruto the Movie. And it has been inspirational through-out the series too even if they did not had interaction in the Manga or the Anime. Their moments were strong enough to be remembered.

Hinata and Naruto. Hinata is the perfect girl in my opinion. I think every heterosexual male would be happy if they were to find a woman that loved them for who they were. I know I would. It may have taken Naruto awhile to really appreciate her, but he finally realized what was waiting for him in the end. Of course, Some people will find problems with this. Personally, I would prefer a girl who loves me for who I am rather than what I have. Hinata is my definition of a perfect woman.

"... I want to be with you. From now on, I want to spend all and every single one of my days until I die with you, and only you, Hinata! " Naruto's quote in The last Naruto the movie

I think they're a feel good couple, when I see them I get all giddy. Naruto deserves a girl that is sweet and kind, and Hinata has the most obvious and purest love for him. They may not have as much interaction as Naruto and Sakura, but that's what I like a bout them, they have grown much closer from before, with such little interactions.

I just think they are adorable, and epic together

Probably one of my favorite couples of all time, through all my years as an anime-fan.
This couple is pure and really sweet. A good combination of crazy Naruto and shy Hinata who've always admired him. Truly beautiful! - sockersoppa

To all you NaruSaku fans, I respect and understand your ship, and I used to ship these two. but if you look realistically at the manga and anime, Naruto is 1) over sakura and 2) over being lied to. Hinata has never lied to Naruto and has loved him from day 1. this fact alone should be enough, but to delve deeper, there is a bond between Naruto and sakura that is real, but she will never love him, and he knows that. my theory is that he has some amnesia about hinata's confession. he would shortly fall in love with her if he ever got a break from saving the world.

This might just be my love for Hinata's unrequited love that she never gave up. Through everything, even when she saw he was in love with Sakura as a kid, she loved him and wanted his happiness. She is completely selfless, and is insightful and wise as well. This paired with Naruto's everlasting immaturity would completely complement each other. She would show him true selflessness over time and he would teach her to come out of her shell along with confidence.

They both want to be acknowledged for their abilities and they're both driven by what they believe in. If only Naruto would give up on his ridiculous childhood crush on Sakura he would be much happier. For one thing Sakura used to hate Naruto and thought he was a loser, mostly because of her obsession with Sasuke. However, Hinata always knew that there was more to Naruto than the way he acted and his appearance, and for that I'm proud that I'm proud to be a fan of the Naruhina pairing!

Well duh! Naruto and Hinata are the best couple (anime couple) when Naruto was fighting pein hinata had stepped in to try to help him and stuff and then well she did almost die but when Naruto saw her like she died right in front of him he couldn't control himself and went all nine tails on him- in long story short Naruto has a soft side for hinata!

Personally I love this couple.. and hate any other crack pairings that they make about Naruto or Hinata.. uff they make them just to annoy or bother us and seriously they haven't seen nor want to admit the proof that has been given to us all that Naruto has cared for Hinata all along, but couldn't express his love because he in reality didn't know what love was.. and Hinata has always loved him, true Hinata could have fallen in love with anyone else but she isn't superficial, she isn't a kind of girl that tends to fall in love with the wrong person.. no she is very perceptieve and knows what to choose to for..

Hinata has always admired Naruto even when he was young and shunned out by others. She would willingly die protecting him and help me with whatever problem he has. Overtime, Naruto realizes all of this and begins to slowly fall in love with her. The moments they share together are truly beautiful.

Come on the shy, good girl, who no one really cares for, and the crazy, eccentric, boy, who will always be hated and feared in someway, what could be better or more original for that matter. Naruto will bring Hinata out of her shell, and Hinata will give Naruto the love he's always needed. A match made in heaven for sure. GO NARU/HINA!

Just one thing: Naruto almost broke apart and released his nine tails completely after Pain injured Hinata badly because he felt the worst feelings he ever felt after watching that. He had not done that for anyone else ever. But he did it after witnissing that even after he made a promise to never use his kyuubi power again it happened unknowingly when Hinata was in danger. If that's not the truest form of love what is.
Seriously naruhina is relationship goals

Naruto needs someone who understands him and has loved him even when everyone hated him. Hinata fits this description perfectly. Hinata needs someone who inspires her to push herself to become stronger and someone with a good sense of humor to show her the fun in life. Naruto fits this description quite well.