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1 Domino Crown

Stop with all the dominus stuff. dominusses are just found scams to mAke you seem cOoLeR... (I'm this is domino hat, not dominus. Just wanna say that though.)

It looks like a ice cream cone that’s rare and yummy

The domino crown is very rare it is a limited you item, and it is a lot of robux. When I say a lot I mean a lot! Only some people have it like TheGamer101.

It's a epic, funny hat! I'm planning to save up for it.

2 Dominus Vespertilio

Buy this now

This is actually more expensive than #1 now

Wow that sounds awesome I wish I had a dominus

Death is the final limit of things - that's what the description says when you translate it to inglish

3 Dominus Aureus

It looks so golden and shiny and it is very rare. I wish it was for free


It golden and it very rare on ROBLOX.

Don't know anyone that has it. And you can't buy it currently

4 Valkyrie Helm

I have this love it

Way better than every other hat on the cata.

It should be CHEAPER I don't know why it's so much for just a HAT

Love it!, Goes Great with everyone's avatar

5 Bighead

Come on its big head. Everyone will love you.

Haha noob I turned into a lego person noob

I wish it was on every single sale there was so we wouldn't have to wait on 1 specific sale to get it

It is very fun I have it it makes u very wired and I like that

6 Dominus Messor

Watermelon dominus

I love this dominus! It really looks cool and I am saving up for it. :D

Messor is awesome. When I go in a game with mine people are like, MESSOR.

I love my messor.

Another ugly Dominus making it into the top ten because its rare. - idkdan

7 Golden Top Hat of Bling Bling

It looks nice and also is a fair price than before.

Your giving me eye cancer for goodness sakes.

I have it, this and Golden crown are best. - doodie

The ugliest limited yet. - idkdan

8 Dominus Frigidus

My favourite cause it’s blue

It's crazy expensive but it's just SOOO great looking and has a high RAP

I literally confirmed that if I got this hat it would be my one and only Christmas present, that's honestly how much I love it.

I think this hat is so amazing! I just wish people wouldn't sell it for so much as soon as I can buy it I will! It's great

9 JJ5x5's White Top Hat


It's quite cheap comparing to some of the hats. Some of the hat's are worth over a billion. When you wear this hat it makes you look like a superstar, a real superstar. I love the way black and white blends.

JJ5X5 hat is the best hat.. I want to buy it but my I don't have much money to buy it so sad :( JJ5x5 hat still the best hat

I personally have the JJ5x5 and I can say it's better than most hats I had/have. It goes with EVERYTHING

10 Hood of the International Order of Buildmasters

epic hat

I got this but I got hacked...

Isn't that Telamon's? I'M GETTING IT!



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11 Dominus Infernus

This hat I believe is amazingly spectacular! It is highly coated in quality details, and it is beloved by thousands. Who'd not want this?

It's so cool like fire is on the maximum reach can't I can't notice why they put it before it was 100

This the lord of flames we are talking about

This should be #1

12 Golden Crown

I own it. Goes great with anything that your bored with. Goes good with gold Visor

Piss off guy who said nobody likes this

Is it rare because I got it

I love it.

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13 Headrow

I has it its pretty dank

Come on guys it gotta be Headrow.

14 Orange Banded Top Hat

I have the hat and I love it 10 / 10 would use 2000 robux again

Barely anyone has it! Rip halloween 2k13

15 Uncle Sam's Top Hat

Eat my butt crack

77 existed 3 years ago + most are collected by rich famous people who won't sell.

16 Bluesteel Bathelm

It has the word blue in it. There is no reason not to love it because of that.

To me this is like wearing a garbage bag over your head.

Such a epic hat! It's a must need for any user that likes the bluesteel hats.

It works with quite a lot of clothes also quite cheap!

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17 Dominus Empreyus

Best one ever but its too expensive

It's my favorite hat of all time I really want it I've been trying to save up but it costs so much

My favorite and expansive hat that I don't have yet but I will get it some day...

Best, with a classic style. Deserves more attention here.

18 The Dusekkar


The best hat, the one I also want to get!

Matt dusek, my deer uncle, is better than all of you! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~!

19 Teapot Turret

Clockwork's scripted hats which gives you super powers and a gear spawns at 0,0,0

You can't buy it but it gives you 3 awesome weapons when you wear it

The teapot is dead but still the teapot will return no more dominus more teapot

It is the most special unique hat, no doubt about it.

20 Red Sparkle Time Fedora

How isn't this first

21 WW 2 Hat
22 Platinum Sparkle Time Top Hat


23 W's Top Hat

good like

W's top hat isn't for sale anymore making it extremely rare and awesome!
Not to mention it looks amazingly cool.

W's top hat is incredible. I'll wear it with Ancalagon sometimes, it's great. :-D Also, if you want to know how you get it, it went offsale in 2008. -Zane0407

I love it!

24 Uncle Sean's Top Hat
25 Golden Shaggy

Someone should rename this to "Rock Star with Side Swept Bangs"

I'm pretty sure it's called the rockstar, but it's really legit!

I really like the tix shaggy hair and I want it more than enything

26 Erik Cassel's Hat

Rest in Peace, Cap'n.

In loving memory.

This hat is epic

In loving member of Erik!

27 Traffic Cone

The Traffic Cone hat goes great with the Retro 3D Glasses!

I like the looks!

Goes GREAT with Cute Orange Sparkle Time Traffic Cone Overalls (The catalog item spelt overawls)

Guess who has it :D User: Trent1606

28 Uncle Bunny's Top Hat

I don't have it but it's cool I want to know how to get it.

Lol uncle bunny that's awesome I wish I had it though.

so awesome but uncle bunny has not left yet o_O

29 Clockwork Shades

Nice I have good glasses

Honestly don't know why this hat isn't on the list.
It may be pricey, but it goes with practically every hat.
Looks retro but stays classy.

These are amazing, just amazing

Top notch banter

30 Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat



31 Blue Snipers Visor

Owned by people who wanted the snipers to win also a visor

I always wanted this hat - wrests

This hat is just perfectly epic.
I don't know why a lot of people don't like hats from 2007-08


32 2010 New Year's Top Hat

You die in a hole. It's not as bad as you think it is :/ - Roblox_player

Really? Really? Its just a stupid cheap ugly asf hat that should be gone. Go die in a hole noobs

33 Dominus Praefectus

Cheapest Dominus. - Kambochia12

Why so low?

Why is this so low it looks cool :(

Really hot, I wouldn't say other domini are better, it depends on personal opinion. I'm not going to go for empreyus just because it is worth the most. I personally have loved the overseer theme because it's so lit 🔥 Therefore praefectus for the win!

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34 Naruto Headband

I Love Naruto :D Go watch the movies/T.V. shows THERE SO GOOD

35 Blackvalk

Basically, the goth valkyrie helm.

The Guards of Freya's order.

36 Dominus Empyreus

I liken this Dominus because 1)I have it.2)Its plain/white but cool.And 3) It has a Rainbow name under the hat. that's my opinion

cool hat

Hot af fap material-tonyflame0

Are you kidding me ROBLOX? 30 MILLION ROBUX?!?!?
Meh. Just trade it for 50k USD and use the 10M for something else

37 Sword Pack

Its beast, and at first you look at it, you think: 'bo-ring! '

then you try it, its your favorite.

I love sword packs! The main reason is becuase I love swords.<.

Noobs be wearing this .

38 Timelord

It's the best hat for bandit hat. And if you have white clothes with it. It will look great! I tell you best hat in the game!

Is great, I own it and it's almost to 15k

Doctor who just doctor who :D

They should have a bowtie hat because bowties are cool

39 Kitty Ears

So cute :) Goes with almost any look I make! :D - Roblox_player

It is epically cute.

40 GoldenHeadphones

Very stylish and cool looking

41 Buddy Baseball Cap

Too many people wear it, even me

Good but cheap and oders wear it - venomouskillingmachine

42 Cinnamon Hair

Thank you for sharing your offensive opinion blonds,reds,pink and more what about them.

Blonds have more fun but blonds are fkin dumb

43 Rainbow Shaggy
44 Wicked Top Hat

High rap and swordpackkid123 owns it

45 Inaugural Top Hat
46 Darkseed the Fallen

You mean: Darkseed - The fall

47 Black Iron Warhelm of Pwnage

Best. Hat. Ever. No arguments.

So epic like 112 sales

48 Ghosdeeri

This is really rare like the other hats that cost over 40,000. RooBuck (Robux) This hat is really big and also change the color Black or white of your head so it won't be that bad or wear an Ninja mask of light so that you don't need to change the color of Person.

This thing is sick, it was only in a gift for 31k robux of Halloween 2014. it sould come back on sale! It's a white pumpkin with antlers and it projects blue flames out of the top of it!

me likey

49 Whipped Cream Hat

It's goes great with the cinnamon hair!

50 Leopard Fedora

Cheap, and makes you look like a pimp. Where are my hoes? -

Great for the cities, glad to own this hat!

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