Top Ten PC Video Players

Which type of media players we use to play our video files?

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21 Tiger Player

Nice quality with time manager for audio time management..

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22 Splash Pro

In my opinion this should be the best :/

If you like HD 1080p and BluRay video, then it's the best of all. Perform very strongly in 4 core.

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23 Mplayer

I mean the old one, the classic media player, the WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC, for sure

24 QQ Player

It has every thing that you need try it now

Nice in volume. It is in limited language

TOP Player at world

25 123 Player

Great simple and easy to use video player becuase of its shortcuts
Even though you have to load the dvd its a great video player

26 SPlayer

Superbly fast an d uncomplicated video file player with evnormously effective on-demand video improvenent and filtering. Pitty that the development amd bug fixing stopped.

27 Crystal Player

Crystal Player - On-screen controls, video kernel allowing high-quality playback from any kind of video source adnd uncomparable ability to improve the quality of the videos you're watching. Check Video filters, Video Postprocessing, multisampling and supersampling features.

28 ALShow Free Media Player
29 Siliconcoach Pro 7 Player

The best player which is containing many features when compared to all the other players.

30 DAPlayer
31 UMPlayer
32 MX player

MX player is the best

33 Jet Audio Player
34 ExMplayer
36 JRiver Media Center

Very good video quality and sound quality. expensive though. great controls and great music playback capabilities

37 GSM
38 SKD
39 Raza Player
40 5KPlayer
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