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Best flag design in the world could even be an old flag.

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61 United Nations Flag
62 Lebanon

Hell ya it has the nicest addition of colors and a beautiful tree (the cedar tree) which has so much history behind it. From first being used to build the first boats in the world to helping build Soloman's Temple. As for the red represented the blood shed from its people, beginning in the 75's were the Civil war had started and 1000's of people died and never forgetting the military and militia that had to fight back Isreal out of its country. Last but not least its white, For it's courage the courage for such a small country to fight of countries such as America, Isreal, Syria, Etc... Therefore a beautiful combination of all three colors all combined to make the nicest flag in the WORLD!

63 Bangladesh Flag

The red part of this flag represents the bloodshed suffered during the liberation. The green represents evergreen Bangladesh.

Most meaningful flag, red represents struggle for freedom and green represents the lush greenness of this beautiful country

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64 Indonesian Flag

Indonesia is the best. In Indonesia Flag Red means Brave and White means Pure seems pretty bravery flag

Simple made easy to recognize. by the way Indonesian flag twinned with Monaco flag.

Simple but, very great flag (i won't telling about history from this flag that I call bendera merah putih because I hate history) - ComelCumil

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65 France

Blue, white, red the best colors like Union Jack or US flag.

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66 Flag of Kazakhstan
67 Seychelles Flag
68 Libyan Flag

This is one of my favorite flags.

69 Uruguayan Flag

because its beautiful, ands represents a lot of things

70 Imperial Russia

Yellow with the Russian coat of arms in the middle.

71 Galician Flag
72 Saudi Flag

I agree it's the most beautiful flag because it has good Arabic writing and there's a
and awesome SWORD!

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73 Cuba

Spirit of freedom, che and revolution

74 Kurdistan

Best flag out there

75 Dominican Republic Flag

By far the best FLAG, CROSS in White, PEACE, GOD, COUNTRY, LIBERTY, Olive Branch, Laurel Branch, Red for the blood of the Patriots... Blue for the Sky, White for Peace and The BIBLE with a cross and opened to the reading of John..The Truth will set you Free.P.S. I am not Dominican..

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76 Swiss Flag

The Swiss flag traditionally stands for freedom, honor and fidelity. In modern times the Swiss flag has also come to represent neutrality, democracy, peace and refuge. It's a perfect square which is unique amongst the flags.

77 Norwegian
78 China

Simple, minimalist and striking. Use of red and yellow charged with emotion and energy. Looks stunning behind diplomats on world stage.

79 Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala, is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, Honduras to the east and El Salvador to the southeast.
80 Azerbaijan

Moon in the middle like Pakistan huh

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