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1 Music Star

This actually really sucks, sure you get paid good and people will remember you when you die, but the pressure to always be perfect and constantly being in the public's eye is the worst, there is absolutely no freedom.
There is a reason stars have a lot of sex and drugs and it isn't because it is fun it is just a way to temporarily get away from the stress that is put on them - germshep24

Depends on the music genre. Metal musicians tend to be a lot less stressed because they are not under pressure to be perfect. - MattAffterburner

Maybe I should be a rapper lol. - Userguy44

If I become this everyone's ears would bleed. - XxembermasterxX

My dream job

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2 Actor/Actress

Being and Actor or Actress gives you the opportunity to disconnect from reality and live out your fantasies. You can experience even the most wild adventures and be anything you dream off while entertaining and inspiring others and giving life to the character you play. Its an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, to tell a story that will speak to the hearts of millions.

This should be first.

I want to do some good movies, in fact Gangsta' Movies

I really wanna be famous when I grow up - Peppapigsucks

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3 Pro Athlete

Bang broads and hit dingers

Fame. Potentially getting down in history. The money, of course. Doing something healthy, that you enjoy for a living. - TheSwagsonbeast

I wanna be like Cristiano Ronaldo

Getting paid a lot to do what we love most!

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4 Jet Pilot

Airline Pilot is the number one dream job in the world. It is the most prestigious, respected and admirable profession. The education and training to become a qualified Pilot is unrivaled. - Aeromagic

Best profession in the world. Prestigious, very highly respected and most admirable. Number 1 dream job of all time.

A civilian airline pilot is hands down one of the greatest jobs ever founded... Nothing beats leaving your house at twelve in the afternoon and being in a different country just a few hours later... It has it's downsides. There are mornings where you have early flights and so have to get up at uncomfortable times and sometimes flight hours are long but it is still a thrill and a gift to do

Greatest job in the world. What's better than flying faster than the speed of sound all around the world?! Plus pulling Gs... No greater feeling.

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5 Video Game Tester

This would sound fun, but you'll have to test all the features, components, and the elements of the game; analyzing every bit of detail and effort put on the game makes it very boring and tiring at times. - illusion

Ok this would be a cool job - codgtamk34

Wow Play Games all day and Get paid for It, where do I Sign Up anyway, Please tell me where, Nintendo or XBox or Playstaion, Please tell me.

It is a great job, no doubt, but It's not all about having fun. You are paid to find bugs, test every aspect of the game and create detailed reports. It can be very tiring. - Jukass

I want to work at Nintendo! This job would be perfect!

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6 Author

I've always wanted to be a writer. A fiction writer that is. Ever since I was in the third grade, I've secretly always wanted to be a writer but, my parents told me off a long time ago.. I made it seem like I've grown out of this, but it's always been deep in my heart to do this. The "good" jobs my parents would like me to do would be a doctor, engineer, computer scientist, etc. The problem is, everything has to do with science. I hate science.. (Please don't kill me...) Science just never interested me. Why does every so called good job have something to do with science? Right now, I have no clue where my life is headed...

I have a shot at this. - Cyri

All of my English teachers have said I'm a great writer. I'm excellent at spelling, grammar and punctuating, I find inspiration very easily (although I tend to lose it easily as well), I have a fairly broad vocabulary (although I tend to only use it when writing) and I'm great with giving descriptions. - KilljoyWithAPen

This is definitely a career I want someday. I'm already working on a book right now, and have a sequal planned for it. - KeyboardHero

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7 CEO of Whatever You Created

Amazing,then I can work according to my own ideas

I wanna this job

I want to make my own comics publishing company or something. I like creative stuff... but to also want to be the boss LOL

If I was the CEO of my own company my ideas would be so large that they would cover up half of the comment section.

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8 Inventor

You'll have to experiment with a wide variety of things, the ability to think of and create wild ideas. This usually takes a lot of patience and hard work; if you come with the right ideas, chances you'll earn up to millions of dollars but it varies depending how unique the design of the invention. - illusion

This job would be terrible. You would have to go through so much failure before you got to success. I guess some people do it and love it. I must not have a scientist in me.

invent, produce and dominate - ronluna

I would love to be paid to reinvent the World of Jobs!

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9 Video Game Designer

I wanna be a video game designer when I grow up

This is my dream job - CartoonCriticizer

I want to be a video game designer, the most. Video games have inspired me, and I would love to create my own. - thelegendaries101

I would love to be a video game designer and/or a marine biologist.

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10 Video Game Reviewer

I'd do this. Review the good games, the bad games and even share my unpopular opinions - codgtamk34

This gets my vote over one that is higher on the list, video game tester, which would get tedious and boring. But reviewing new fresh games all the time, would be great

I would be great at this

Getting paid to express my opinions would be awesome. Video Game Journalism deserves my vote. - DCfnaf

The Newcomers

? Driving Instructor
? Hydrologist

Study, analyze natural water sources. - illusion

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11 Playboy Photographer

All around good job.


Yeah but it would be pretty hard to take photos with one hand. - ParasN2000

FACT:To be a male porn star in america you have to shoot 2 gay pornos for every one none gay porno to make sure you don't fall in love and end up kidnapping one of the female porn stars.

ANOTHER FACT: you don't have to be gay to shoot for playboy, you don't have to stay in-shape for playboy, AND you get to meet all the models and out of all those women, you're likely to find one that will... Play with you. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

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12 Model

NOT exactly a dream job!

Playboy model

Fashion Model


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13 Animator

You'll have to create intricate movements on every frame; this requires a lot of experience, precision and patience that especially needs to be present in fighting animations. - illusion

It is always great to create something

I love animations! they are so creative

I would love to do this for a living. Epic!

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14 Race Car Driver

I remember being 7 and wanting this as a career - codgtamk34

I have had a passion for cars since I was 6 years old. this is probably every car enthusiasts dream job because you get to do what you enjoy the most and also get to drive fast without the pigs (cops) chasing you

A dream job can vary depending on who you're asking, so the winner of this list will just win by the background of the majority. For me however, it was, is, and always is being a race car driver. Bigger adrenaline rush than anything else, the competition of winning, and the art behind handling the beast with a motor and four wheels. You're doing what racing dreamers do, go out and race with no restrictions to noise, speed, and cops. For a car guy, this is the one. Personally, Formula-1 would be the one for me, but WRC or WTAC would be a close second.

For the speed and sense of freedom one would have dashing down the road. - wishreality88

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15 Movie Critic

As a movie fan, this would be awesome - codgtamk34

I’m a big time movie fan. Using it as a way of escapism, gives me a little time to disconnect and go on a, much needed, mental vacation. This would be a great career.

I love watching movies so would love to be paid to review them...

16 Chocolate Tester

A diabetic's true nightmare. - illusion

Quick way to get fat

AWESOME-ST JOB EVER! The only downside is that I'd probably gain a lot of weight!



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17 Movie Director

My movies would make everyone's eyes bleed. - XxembermasterxX

So true - codgtamk34


So fun

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18 Travel Advisor / Analyst

I have always dream of traveling all over the world without paying for the ticket aaah that the dream - 123wmx

Getting paid to travel all over the world so you can rate the places you visit would be awesome!

I want this job!

I want to travel the world and see new places and take tons of pictures and

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19 Marine Biologist

Scuba diving is so fun

I am a Marine Biologist

20 Biologist

The pay is well. - illusion

If I was ever a biologist, I would want to be a marine biologist. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Microbiology and Genetics

Marine biologist

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21 Computer Designer

This is probably almost every kid's dream today. Game developer, computing, coder; yes indeed. - illusion


22 Paleontologist

I love dinosaurs, so I want to learn more about them, and possibly discover a new species. - thelegendaries101

23 Animation Voice Actor

I would love to do this job!

you will do lots of crazy voices and they will not notice even if they saw you in youtube that is you - ronluna

That would be fun... Laugh out loud stay at home parent. I feel bad for people that actually want to do that. - MoldySock

24 Herpetologist

sign me up

25 Astronaut

Risky, but a great adventure for those who are willing and have bravery. - illusion

Other jobs make you famous, but only for a time. This is "have kids learn about you in school 100 years from now famous" (quote from Space Case). Also, the adventure! So cool!

Sounds cool - KingSlayer93316

Don't even need words to justify why this should be number 1. Astronaut is THE dream job.

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26 Professional Poker Player

So you're taking the gambler's path. - illusion

Easy money.

Free cash or playing cards! - supreme

Best life style ever!

27 Artist

Create detailed bizarre things. - illusion

A job based on your imagination and creative perspectives. I would love this. - NightJinx

No one at Art School sleeps and survives on coffee. Sounds fun - InstantNoodles

This should be way higher! I love art! Doesn't it look beautiful? - Pokemonfan10

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28 Stunt Person

I wanna die


Me gonna die

Haha. I would do anything for a buck.

29 President of the United States

That's gonna require a lot of steps

I'm good, thank you - codgtamk34

Yeah, good luck with that - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

The US is doomed if I become president. - XxembermasterxX

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30 Scientist

Unravel the secrets of nature. Now that's a job right there. Oh hai, yeah I discovered how you can fly that thing.

This isn't on top 10 list? Guess more and more are getting dumb today.

This is definitely my dream job! I cannot wait until I'm older and apply for NASA. - RockFashionista

I have a PHD in Marine Biology

31 Astronomer

We wouldn't be here if the universe didn't exist, and I work in a closely related field ❤️

32 Stay At Home Parent

Ugh being a stay at home parent is nothing to be proud of it just shows you are too lazy to get a job. - XxembermasterxX

Not a job. When people get offended at hearing that this isn't a job, they're forgetting that just because something is difficult, doesn't mean it's a job. You have to have a paid position of regular employment

When did sitting at home all day become a job? - 3DG20

Only people that don't have kids could vote anything besides stay-at-home-parent as the best job in the world!

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33 Engineer

Electrical Engineering is the best career in Engineering! God bless this profession!

I would like to be a space engineer because I love Legos and I love spaceships and I would combine those too!

I believe that it is the best proffesion because If you intelligent and creative you can design something unbelivable. - Alex_Sandra

34 Tour Guide

I would say WELCOME TO ALCATRAZ to people all day and like it

35 Meteorologist

Something like a Marine Biologist or a Meteorologist is definitely an option for me. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

My dream job. I want be a meteorologist that goes out and chases the storms

My dream job. I would want to chase tornadoes and have this job.

36 Sports Broadcaster

You get paid to sit on your ass for a few hours and talk about what your watching and your opinion about it. AWESOME!

wanted to be one since I was a kid - bigmike52

37 Baker

This is Pantheon's dream job. - Bookin

I can't even coook - potatogurl

I can’t even microwave leftover food! - KingSlayer93316

This would be an amazing job- all you ever do for your job is bake! Not to mention you get to taste the cake batter

38 Soldier

This is what I'm preparing for right now and I've driven for this occupation; I always wanted to serve my country ever since I was a little kid. Being a soldier also means various benefits (e.g healthcare, education) to you and family. Being a soldier is not simple as you thought; you'll need discipline, physically fit, and in times you'll sacrifice yourself into situations dead or alive, you need to get well prepared first before considering joining to the military. - illusion

I wanna be an airforce piloted if surfing didn't work out for me. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Its not the best job in the world its more like the worst job in the world. The crap outweighs th

39 YouTuber

Just post entertaining videos and make millions of dollars.

I imagine being a great YouTuber that is rich and no one knows my identity. And I don't have to go to school so I can make money by doing fun things with Legos and gaming. But you have to be a good YouTuber to have good money.

My dream is to become a youtuber as good as Prestonplayz or even better!

I just starts making video on YouTube. Haha I really wanted to be like them someday

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40 Entertainer

That could be a variety of different things. A singer, musician, performer, animator, actor/actress, comedian, talk show host etc. - 3DG20

I would be a comedian. I’m already one among my family!

41 Dog Sitter

I love doggy

42 Illustrator

I mean this will be the most exciting job for anyone... Fusion of art and tech. Will be awesome - Neeoo

43 Toxicologist

Study properties of toxic substances. - illusion

44 Clinical Psychologist

YES I love analyzing weird stuff that my family does!

I really want to be a psychologist because I find it to be so interesting. I don't really care about the money. - MusicalPony

a really high pay and something i really want to do =D - Jeheffiner

45 CIA Agent

Always wanted to be a CIA Agent

46 Music Composer


47 Pilot

Great as a passion. Not so great for a profession

Spaceship pilot

48 Graphic Novelist
49 Video Game Creator

It is a popular trend, and many people dream developing games. - illusion


50 Disney/Pixar Animator

I would revive Disney's Hercules

This would be the greatest making the movies we fell in love with as a kid - Bubblepopqueen

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