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1 Music Star

Doing something creative
And do something what we really love
Living the life more than just born
trying to survive and die
Make some legacy
Dream big
And use this opportunity to give something to the world - robertlead37

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, baby! Even Jon Bon Jovi said that this is the best job apart from being Santa Claus.

You get everything... Fame, recognition, money, women, fast cars, drugs, booze... What else does one need?!

I’d love to do this because you get to play music and turn even the downs in life into a fun song that could be enjoyed by millions. Unfortunately though, my songwriting is very limited and I sound like a cat being strangled when I sing so it would be impossible for me to make a living from this or even make it into the music industry so it would have to be a hobby for me. - 3DG20

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2 Actor/Actress

Well, personally, I would like this because you can become someone you aren't. Like Robert Englund. Normally a nice guy (based on some interviews I've seen). But he was in Nightmare On Elm Street as a killer. And you get paid lots. For basically saying some lines and playing a believable role as a character.

Would love that but only if I get a contract but wouldn't wane be famous but my life is ruined anyways so why not. I did a lot theater in school and made a a lot pales but got laughed about it

My name is Christina Hampton-Ricci and I'm auditioning for the roles of belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast The Movie Musical and I am Nine Years Old. Just Kidding.

This is my plan B - toptendudes

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3 Pro Athlete

This would mean suddenly I have the health and ability to really do what we secretly dream of. Running without getting tired in the fresh air and sunshine. Smacking a ball or diving into a pool just feeling the success and freedom. Having the body and winning attitude of a pro-athlete. There are so many sports to choose from Olympic swimming, rock climbing, running, softball, martial arts etc. - wishreality88

Huge Salary, Fun as hell Job, Lots of Girls throwing themselves at you... What guy wouldn't want a Job like that? - VADERtheIMPALER

This should be the best job #1. playing hockey is awesome this is good because you can have a job that isn't a job because thats how much you like it. GO SPORTS

Nope. Not me. I’m too fat, haha - KingSlayer93316

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4 Jet Pilot

A civilian airline pilot is hands down one of the greatest jobs ever founded... Nothing beats leaving your house at twelve in the afternoon and being in a different country just a few hours later... It has it's downsides. There are mornings where you have early flights and so have to get up at uncomfortable times and sometimes flight hours are long but it is still a thrill and a gift to do

Greatest job in the world. What's better than flying faster than the speed of sound all around the world?! Plus pulling Gs... No greater feeling.

You don't have to work many hours, get a high-pay, and get to travel the world. - HarCher

Kinda boring - toptendudes

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5 Video Game Tester

Wow Play Games all day and Get paid for It, where do I Sign Up anyway, Please tell me where, Nintendo or XBox or Playstaion, Please tell me.

It is a great job, no doubt, but It's not all about having fun. You are paid to find bugs, test every aspect of the game and create detailed reports. It can be very tiring. - Jukass

I've always wanted to be a video game tester since a kid, and still Want to be one.I think it would be an awesome job have.

What about do something you love to do and be payed to do that? I willing to pay (and already payed) for this.

You get payed to play video games. That is awesome - KingSlayer93316

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6 Inventor

invent, produce and dominate - ronluna

This job would be terrible. You would have to go through so much failure before you got to success. I guess some people do it and love it. I must not have a scientist in me.

I would love to be paid to reinvent the World of Jobs!

This would be cool just invent some good - toptendudes

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7 CEO of Whatever You Created

My dream job ever in hiring ceo at any concern.because iam studied administrative am I status work provider and looking that hierarchy.but now not get in atlest one job.because my places is that I know as insight myself have in many talent and conceptual skill and perfect employee skills but no one concern giving me mandatory.that it first un experienced opportunity because now I am beginners of communication skills. But I hope one day get in perfect fluent communication skill stand time must share us one matter.many peoples thoughts of communication is perception.iam say it not perception because "what is the communication...communication is understand the matter is receiver to sender proper every child beginning studying life in the class room teacher first ask to him or her.they are reply "mam I will became the doctor and engineer and district sad.but who had the different attitude has gone and achieve the carrier and long term ...more

This job is great, my dream is an airline CEO, as I already am interested in planes and like airline manager games, it will be fun ordering planes! "Hey! You, the pilot, today you will fly Flight QC845 from Montreal to London, and let me ride in 1st class, thanks! " Pilot: "yes sir" oh the power! Not to mention you get to fly in your airline's planes at ANY TIME! You get to paint the planes the way you want! Charming

I am just a girl who is trying to write a comment before my computer instructor walks in and it will be awesome to be a CEO... And blossom to write it before he walks in...

Another really cool one - toptendudes

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8 Model

I'm model and its like just my favorite job

A hard job but looks really fun

I could so be a model

nah - toptendudes

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9 Author

I love writing! Everyone always says I should be an author when I get older, and I totally agree. I actually recently just won a writing contest for a poem I wrote and for a short story. I would either want to be this or an artist, which I also just won a contest for a drawing of the rainforest.

I'm 11 and I have a book written and made into a real book it's like 167 pages. I'm hoping to become an author the most inspiring author to me is Erin Hunter I love her books!

That's really awesome, especially for somebody your age! Good luck with your future career!

My number one dream job! My dad says it's unrealistic, but he wants me to fly a plane -_- Pretty damn sure I ain't flying a plane.. I also recently won a contest and advanced. I have no idea where I stand right now, because I haven't heard from anyone about it.

This is my plan C - toptendudes

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10 Porn Star

That would be an awesome job to have because you get to touch touch and feel something - bones

Unlike the photographer you get to feel and touch something - manya93

It's not like it seems. Lots of people around, cameras and lights up in your face and other places, stop and start ever 10 to 20 seconds, physically exhausting, take forever to film 1 scene.

I would get to bang a chick everyday awesome - toptendudes

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11 Video Game Designer

I want to be a video game designer, the most. Video games have inspired me, and I would love to create my own. - thelegendaries101

I would love to be a video game designer and/or a marine biologist.

My dream job since I was 8.

I would love to make a video game it would probably be a horror one - toptendudes

12 Playboy Photographer

Yeah but it would be pretty hard to take photos with one hand. - ParasN2000

Come on guys. Enough with your middle-schoolish humor. This isn't funny and it never was to begin with.


yep - toptendudes

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13 Animator

Best job ever

Yaaasss! I wanna go to japan to draw anime - Manlypants

Nah not for me - toptendudes

14 Chocolate Tester

AWESOME-ST JOB EVER! The only downside is that I'd probably gain a lot of weight!

Someones got to do it!
I have the next best job. I work for a chocolate company as a sales rep. Any food tester would be bomb! - beckihrh

perfect for the chocoholic in me! - pinkified


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15 Travel Advisor / Analyst

I have always dream of traveling all over the world without paying for the ticket aaah that the dream - 123wmx

Getting paid to travel all over the world so you can rate the places you visit would be awesome!

I want to travel the world and see new places and take tons of pictures and

I want this job!

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16 Race Car Driver

I have had a passion for cars since I was 6 years old. this is probably every car enthusiasts dream job because you get to do what you enjoy the most and also get to drive fast without the pigs (cops) chasing you

A dream job can vary depending on who you're asking, so the winner of this list will just win by the background of the majority. For me however, it was, is, and always is being a race car driver. Bigger adrenaline rush than anything else, the competition of winning, and the art behind handling the beast with a motor and four wheels. You're doing what racing dreamers do, go out and race with no restrictions to noise, speed, and cops. For a car guy, this is the one. Personally, Formula-1 would be the one for me, but WRC or WTAC would be a close second.

For the speed and sense of freedom one would have dashing down the road. - wishreality88

This would be pretty cool I guess - toptendudes

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17 Movie Critic

I love watching movies so would love to be paid to review them...

I do this a bit but nah - toptendudes

18 Video Game Reviewer

Getting paid to express my opinions would be awesome. Video Game Journalism deserves my vote. - DCfnaf

I would be really unpopular because I like some games no one likes and I hate some games everyone loves - toptendudes

19 Movie Director

So fun

I might do this - toptendudes

20 Engineer

Electrical Engineering is the best career in Engineering! God bless this profession!

I would like to be a space engineer because I love Legos and I love spaceships and I would combine those too!

I believe that it is the best proffesion because If you intelligent and creative you can design something unbelivable. - Alex_Sandra

nah - toptendudes

21 Paleontologist

I love dinosaurs, so I want to learn more about them, and possibly discover a new species. - thelegendaries101

This honestly would bore me - toptendudes

22 Computer Designer

This would probably be cool - toptendudes

23 Marine Biologist

I am a Marine Biologist

no - toptendudes

24 Biologist

Marine biologist


boring - toptendudes

25 Professional Poker Player

Free cash or playing cards! - supreme

Best life style ever!

I would do this - toptendudes

26 Astronaut

Don't even need words to justify why this should be number 1. Astronaut is THE dream job.

I'll cut it short; Why not?

Ha, this should be one. I would love to die from jumping into a black hole (assuming I would die, but probs) - Hmv1998

I would do this it sounds cool - toptendudes

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27 Stunt Person

Haha. I would do anything for a buck.

Me gonna die


Yeah I'll kill myself for a movie why not - toptendudes

28 Scientist

Unravel the secrets of nature. Now that's a job right there. Oh hai, yeah I discovered how you can fly that thing.

This is definitely my dream job! I cannot wait until I'm older and apply for NASA. - RockFashionista

This isn't on top 10 list? Guess more and more are getting dumb today.

nah - toptendudes

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29 President of the United States

Taking control of the most powerful country would be the best - JesusChrist

But being everyone's savior, like you, is better. Plus, you get to live in heaven. - ethanmeinster

Yea almost anyone can do it but that second grader bush is doing it now lol.

I guess I can understand why someone would want to be president, but the stress would be enough to kill me. - Elric-san

Really powerful country I would do this - toptendudes

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30 Bill Gates' Job

He owns Microsoft and if you want to be the new owner it may cost more than 1000000000 dollars I don't think you want his job

THis should be the second (not first since amazon is a richer company and the owner has more money). YOU GET $107 EVERY SECOND. Sooo...

Bill Gates' Job? - zxm

Yeah I'll take over Microsoft happily - toptendudes

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31 Stay At Home Parent

Only people that don't have kids could vote anything besides stay-at-home-parent as the best job in the world!

Not a good job it may be easy but it will get boring

No offense but it's not even a job and you can't live without job how can you earn money for food,water and the tuition fee for your child?!

When did sitting at home all day become a job? - 3DG20

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32 Herpetologist

I don't even know what this is - toptendudes

33 Astronomer

We wouldn't be here if the universe didn't exist, and I work in a closely related field ❤️

Yeah I would do this - toptendudes

34 Tour Guide

boring - toptendudes

35 Meteorologist

My dream job. I want be a meteorologist that goes out and chases the storms

My dream job. I would want to chase tornadoes and have this job.

This is an okay job - toptendudes

36 HIt Man

You get to go around and kill people! For Money! And Hit Man never feel bad about it, so your could go around and take care of all the people you hate! You could be like someone from the Bourne Movies or Kill Bill.

Everyone dreams of killing someone specially if he is your enemy, more good looking, smart ass, and ass.

Hell yeah i'd wanna be a bald black suit wearin' red tie sportin' hitman!

Yeah I'll go around just killing people sounds fun - toptendudes

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37 Baker

This would be an amazing job- all you ever do for your job is bake! Not to mention you get to taste the cake batter

I can't even coook - potatogurl

Sounds boring to me - toptendudes

38 Clinical Psychologist

I really want to be a psychologist because I find it to be so interesting. I don't really care about the money. - MusicalPony

a really high pay and something i really want to do =D - Jeheffiner

I don't know what this is - toptendudes

39 Entertainer

That could be a variety of different things. A singer, musician, performer, animator, actor/actress, comedian, talk show host etc. - 3DG20

I guess I could entertain people - toptendudes

40 Food Critic

Uh huh I would support it because I'm a food critic


Me: food is awesome
i get 1000000000000000 dollars - toptendudes

41 FBI Agent

There's nothing cooler than this!

This would be cool - toptendudes

42 Sports Broadcaster

You get paid to sit on your ass for a few hours and talk about what your watching and your opinion about it. AWESOME!

wanted to be one since I was a kid - bigmike52

nah boring - toptendudes

43 Songwriter

I'd love to do this and I wish the bands I liked could look at my song lyrics and be impressed by them. - AnonymousChick

Yes, it comes naturally. Especially, heartbreak songs.

I’ve written a few songs but I’ve pretty much stopped for the most part because I have very limited ideas and pretty generic lyrics and we already have enough of those as it is. - 3DG20

I wrote a couple songs nothing good though - toptendudes

44 Music Composer

nah - toptendudes

45 Ethologist

Don't know what this is - toptendudes

46 Animation Voice Actor

That would be fun... Laugh out loud stay at home parent. I feel bad for people that actually want to do that. - MoldySock

you will do lots of crazy voices and they will not notice even if they saw you in youtube that is you - ronluna

nah - toptendudes

47 Fashion Designer

hell naw - toptendudes

48 Comedian

I already am... at school...

lol - potatogurl

I’m already one among my family. I make my family laugh all the time. Unfortunately my mom sometimes find my humor a bit too offensive...

Bu...bu...but I'm not FUUUNNY - toptendudes

49 Zoologist


Sounds to boring for me - toptendudes

50 Professional Dancer

Without injuries, dancing all day would make life good!

Pole dancer

I suck at dancing - toptendudes

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