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41 FBI Agent

There's nothing cooler than this!

42 Sports Broadcaster

You get paid to sit on your ass for a few hours and talk about what your watching and your opinion about it. AWESOME!

wanted to be one since I was a kid - bigmike52

43 Songwriter

I'd love to do this and I wish the bands I liked could look at my song lyrics and be impressed by them. - AnonymousChick

Yes, it comes naturally. Especially, heartbreak songs.

44 Music Composer
45 Ethologist
46 Animation Voice Actor

That would be fun... Laugh out loud stay at home parent. I feel bad for people that actually want to do that. - MoldySock

you will do lots of crazy voices and they will not notice even if they saw you in youtube that is you - ronluna

47 Fashion Designer
48 Zoologist


49 Comedian

I already am... at school...

50 Professional Dancer

Without injuries, dancing all day would make life good!

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51 Pro Skateboarder

Really would be an awesome job and it would be really cool to do this for like my job who wouldn't want to do this - ballaboi17

this is a cool job, a job that is full of excitement - ronluna

Just would be so awesome to be like the pros

I'm talking about job of Tony Hawk - ronluna

52 Web Designer

I want to have a job in art or computers

53 Gondolier
54 Researcher
55 Marine Geologist
56 YouTuber

I just starts making video on YouTube. Haha I really wanted to be like them someday

This is the same and entertainer - venomouskillingmachine

Like danisnotonfire, amazingphil, smosh, Veeoneeye, Pewds and Lukeisnotsexy,

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57 Nurse

I love this job 4 ever

58 Biomedical Engineer
59 TV Host

OH ya

60 Sports Coach

I can teach people how to be professional footballer and bring them in tornuments

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