Top Ten Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Ten extensions that make the best browser on the planet even better.

The Top Ten

1 Adblock Plus

UBlock Origin is way better. Less memory usage, more customizable, doesn't sell out by allowing ads of those who paid the extension creators, is available on Firefox Android too.

AdBlock was the reason I got Firefox, but I stayed for everything else! Makes me feel a whole lot safer and makes the internet a lot more fun to be on. AdBlock FOR THE WIN!

I can now go onto the (DeviantArt) thanks to this little Add-On, I feel much safer now too! AdBlock for the win!

Should come as standard with firefox. (Apart from then my own site wouldn't make money from google ads but oh well) - woneo

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2 Download Statusbar

Eliminates the pop-up download window and gives the ability to monitor and control downloads via the status bar

3 Tabbrowser Preferences

Adds tab options and functionality that probably should have been included in the first place

4 StumbleUpon

Fun search/networking tool you can use to find sites that match your interests that you may never have found through standard web searches

5 CustomizeGoogle

Beefs up the Google page and Google search results by adding relevant links and suggested searches. Also, as is indicated by the name, allows you to customize many aspects of your search results including whether or not ads are displayed.

6 Web Developer Toolbar

Adds a toolbar with a whole mess of interesting tools for creating web pages or simply dissecting whatever page you are currently viewing

Use it all the time. A timesaver with lots of tools. Big help in tracking down markup errors. - mgenet

The "disable images" is really good for getting rid of image adds

7 PDF Download

Another add on providing functionality that should have been included in the first place

8 SessionSaver

Close (or crash) Firefox and the next time you open it up, you are in the same place as where you left off

I tell you this is the BEST feature. This has saved me many times with kids who like to press buttons! - Sera9573

9 Duplicate Tab

Allows you to clone a tab. Nice when you want to go back to a previous page without losing the page you are on.

10 FireFTP

Clean and easy FTP client that opens in a new Firefox tab

The Contenders

11 CuteMenus
12 McAfee SiteAdvisor

Tells what sites are Bad & Good - krsrinath

13 WOT - Safe Browsing Tool

Make Internet Browsing Safer. -

14 NoScript

Blocking all unwanted scripts & screens saving time and bandwidth - krsrinath

15 Flag Fox

Flag Fox is an addon which says to you in what country is a web-page you are looking, and what is it's IP address. - IceCream

Shows country and IP address of the web site - IceCream

16 Firebug
17 Web Mynd
18 DownloadHelper

The best extension ever made for Firefox

19 The Panic Button

Can save any one just try it

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