ALS is horrible because it is so unpredictable and much worse than some of the ones gone before it here. TB, Aids, Parkinsons, etc. are all manageable conditions that used to be much much worse. Cancer as a generic term hides the fact that some cancers are much worse than others. Probably, pancreatic cancer, brain tumours and other such cancers are as bad as ALS but you have to get specific with cancers. But ALS usually offers no hope at all. While rare, there are pancreatic cancer survivors who make a full recovery. The lucky ALS victim is the likes of Stephen Hawking: alive but totally paralysed. So, this is a disease that kills you in 3-5 years usually or else leaves you completely paralysed in rare cases. Lovely.

The problem with ALS too is that it is not mainstream and wellknown. The very name amiotrophic lateral sclerosis has been considered difficult to remember, hence the term ALS or the even more generic term 'Motor Neurone Disease' (there are a number of less fatal ...more

Most cancers can be treated. AIDS medication has come a long way, and aids isn't a death sentence anymore. There is no cure for ALS however. Your brain remains perfectly normal as your body decays, leaving you helpless without the ability to speak, eat or move until eventually you can't breath anymore and die. It truly is the worst illness imaginable.

My father has ALS, and is dying from it. There are treatments for cancer, rabies, ebola, and even aids. Although they may not work often, they at least give you hope. With ALS there is no hope. You cannot speak. You cannot move. And the in the case of Bulbar ALS, (the type my dad has) it can affect you emotions and mental capacity. It is like being trapped in a sinking ship, knowing that you will die, only much slower.

Every disease is the worst disease, but this one is just so hopeless. It is so awful because you can at least move and do things and speak with other diseases, but ALS literally takes away your power as a physical person. I honestly would like there to be some way to help these souls in terrible suffering. It really just breaks my heart.

With cancer you have a chance of living but with als you are slowly doomed to die. You can have a surgery to help you live a few months more but there is no proper cure so you will die. It must be absolutely horrible because you deteriorate over time with paralysis in your arms and legs and fainting or passing out at any moment.

No cure... No treatment.., no hope what so ever... You lose all mobility until your nothing but a wet rag. Oh yeah, after all that... You suffocate to death because your lungs don't work anymore. Let's not forget ALS does not effect your brain so your fully aware.

The difference between ALS and any other disease, is when someone has heart disease or cancer or aids, doctors first talk about treatment, like chemotherapy, or surgery, or pills. When a person is diagnosed with ALS all a doctor can say is, "I'm sorry."

This the most horrible dosease. Someone diagnosed will be given a matter of years to live, but no (or very few experimental) treatment options. They won't even be told what causes the disease as it is not know. Eventually a sufferer will be trapped in a body where they can't move, despite their mental state remaining perfectly healthy. It is heartbreaking.

This is horrible. Your mental state is intact people who have aids have to suffer through it to die at least people can beat cancer!

It's so sad to see my best friend of 15 years just recently died to see her in pain killed me do not know how else to explain than sick and sad I will mourn her till the day I die all I have to say is FIND A CURE.

Watching your body slowly waste away, as you are trapped in it, unable to help yourself...Is terrible.

With no current hope, and the diagnosis of becoming a prisoner in your own body, this is the worst disease you can get.

ALS should be number one for worst disease. It is fatal, and leaves its victims to watch as their body stops working and generates.

My great grandma has als and she forgot my name she calls me Anna and my name is Emily

We do the Ice Bucket Challenge for a reason. For support of the loved ones with ALS or have been lost to AlS. - username34

By far the most terrifying and destructive illness, no hope at all for patients. No one survives this.

ALS is like getting buried alive.

Your going to die no matter what

This is the worst disease. Knowing what is going to happen. You mind intact in a useless deteriating body. Gradually loosing the ability to speak, eat, walk and watching your muscles eat away. Until you can no longer breath.

To watch someone go through this is absolutely horrible! It should be #1

This is one of the worst disease, because you know you're gonna die

Stephen Hawking died because of this

A very slow death. It's terrifying. - Userguy44

ALS/MND is the cruelest disease out there...especially when there is not a lot of research funding to find the cause and or cure!
Patients usually contract Pneumonia or some other sort of respiratory illness in the last stage of this disease in which they already can't eat or swallow because they have lost their neck muscles, (so they starve), they can't breath or cough up phlem because they have no diafram muscles and lungs are too weak to breath, (so they constantly breath with a crackle from phlem in their chest) Pain is experienced at the end in which morphine is the only comfort...Death is so horrific at the end!...I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy!

My father died from ALS, it is a cruel, rude, mean disease.. He was diagnosed on December 1st of 2009 and died January 12th 2010. It is a fast progression disease. He was fine then a few days later was gone, yet was aware of everything that was happening. The worse part was that he knew he was dying and ther was no hope for any cure. He was in a coma but was aware of everything that was happening, yet could not speak.
It is the worst, there is no Hope!