I have very bad experience, because my best friend, my everything, my whole world, got this disease. It was my mother, the worst disease is Alzheimer's at that moment I wish my mother had cancer not Alzheimer, when I see commercial about or in newspaper it hurts me very much.

Every day you grieve another loss for your loved one with Alzheimer's. They loose their confidence in life and begin to follow their care giver every moment of their day. When you think it's bad enough already they only begin to get worse again until there is only a body for you to recognize. Then you begin to live with the memories of how long and how horrible and how very sad this person became and you want so badly to remember the good things and the great times you had with the one you loved so very much, but Alzheimers has robbed you and tricked you by replacing everything good with everything so unbearably horrible. So Alzheimers eventually kills your loved ones but not before years and years of hell on earth. And not before replacing all your loving moments of memories with memories of confusion, spitting, swearing, hallucinations, pacing, sleeplessness, aggression, starvation, and so much more. Alzheimers is a monster! A monster that needs to be eradicated! Please find a cure, ...more

My grandpa has Alzheimers... I can't even explain how horrible it is. It takes such a toll on you and your family. I can barely remember who my grandpa really is. Most people die physically before they die mentally. But with Alzheimers, the patient dies on the inside years before they are technically 'dead'. Pray that no one in your life EVER get Alzheimers. It changes everything forever. And there is nothing that can help it.

It's not just the victim that is affected, it is an entire group of people whom must care for their loves ones and watch them as they deteriorate. In my eyes it is the most painful disease you can get, not only physically but mentally. You loose a loved one before they ever die.

I just lost my grandmother to dementia. It was a slow and painful process and at the end the infection from pressure ulcers took over. Thank god she is in peace and no longer suffering.

You may think cancer is the worst disease, but in many cases, the cancer can be killed. The disease where you lose memory of everything, including basic life functions and those who you're closest to is truly the worst disease.

Alzheimer's is unrivaled. Although these other diseases are awful, victims will remember the good moments they shared with family and friends. Alzheimer's robs patients of everything-dignity, memory, and life. It leaves them with nothing to hang on to. You should remember your life on your death bed, as well as those who you love. In addition, this disease has no current cure. What many people do not know is that this disease can also take people in their late thirties or early forties. How awful!

You effectively lose who you are to this disease. You eventually lose control over bodily functions along with losing your mental faculties. It is truly awful.

My grandpa died of this disease. I never knew him. He had this disease and knew none of his family members so when he got a disease he just killed himself. I want this disease to be cured.

Worst disease ever. My elderly sister's brother's dog's mother and father both got this horrible condition and have been going barking mad ever since. I hope scientists can stop dogging around and try to find a cure

My grandpa died from this. I miss him.

Seeing someone fall apart before your eyes... Too sad to think about. Also imagine how scary it is for that person. It's an awful disease.

AD is needs more research funding, seriously. Millions have it and it's one of the most heartbreaking diseases out there.

Hello, who are you young man? My name is steven :) (3 seconds later) Hello, who are you young man? Oh snap :S - Fenjaa19

This should be above cancer at least with that you still have mobility of your body

My great grandpa died of this disease. When he got Alzheimer's he didn't even recognize his own family members or wife. So he killed himself when he got a disease. I wouldn't wish this disease on he worst person in the entire world.

It feels like being trapped in box. A box of pain, with no treatment nor cure. - LaST_LiGHT

I would MUCH rather have Cancer than Alzheimer's. There is no way to cure, prevent or even slow down Alzheimer's disease. There is a 0% chance of survival/recovery for Alzheimer's victims. Very little help is provided, and most of this comes from family members who don't know what to do. Alzheimer's strips you of all dignity, life experience, family, and eventually life. You forget all the happy memories you've ever had, you forget simple things you use to know by heart. You forget how to do the most basic of tasks, you can no longer perform your passion, laugh with your family, or in its own sense live life. Eventually you stop being able to know who you are, what you are,speak, communicate, walk, or understand anything. Your family watches as you are reduced to a brick, with only your looks to remind them of who you are. When you have cancer, people wear ribbons for you, give you your greatest wish, and uplift you. When you have Alzheimer's, you are often treated more like a baby or ...more

I lived through it it is not a good felling

My grandma has Alzheimer's and its devastating to the whole family but she has no idea. She can't remember that her daughters are her daughters. She thinks their Her friends and she thinks one of my aunts is her sister who hates her I mean ugh it's awful just awful. I'm 13 years old. One day I'm going to cure Alzheimer's.

My great grand mother has alzheimers:(. She has no idea what's going on whatsoever. She just had her birthday a few days ago and she didn't even know. It's so sad.

If a loved one has cancer or AIDS, you're still able to see who they really are. You can't with Alzheimer's.

I am really sad for all you people cause your parents weren't health and stupid haha losers

I beilive Alzeimers is the worst disiese I could not imagine how cruel it would be to lose a friend or family member from this...

Guys there is a cure for Alzheimer's check it up online. I have forgotten the name but I think they call it the memory loss protocol. this disease can only attack those from 45 years old and some 35 years old. I have done my best to tell u all I know about the Alzheimer's now with the cure it is not a really horrible disease and the cure is actually a really nice one I think it is a meal. I had this diseases when I was 75 years old I knew nothing but my wife and really smart brother helped me on it. some doctors will tell you that there is no cure no cause no way to prevent it but it's a lie they just want to eat up through your I am 96 yrs old and living a great life I have seen my grand children. and I am living a great life and we all forgot about Alzheimer's.