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41 Motor Neurone Disease

I think motor neurone disease should be at the top because it is a wicked disease that ravages your body in a matter of months it is incurable and usually fatal. It takes away your body movements and even your eating and speech are affected as well.

Can't understand why this illness has not previously been listed.A dreadful disease with no cure..leads to death.
The mind remains intact whilst the body slowly fails to function

One of the greatest people. Stephen Hawking, has this illness

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42 Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

You get this virus by mosquito bites, similar like malaria

43 Sickle Cell Anemia

This is one of the most PAINFUL diseases on earth.

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44 Colitis

I have Ulcerative Colitis and there's blood, so.

45 Lupus Nephritis

I live with lupus I'm in constant pain ( every joint in my body) the fatigue is a killer, I have constant head aches, I have constant rashes over my body which become worse when exposed to sun light. I have the rash across my face, no pain relief seems to work. When a flare occurs I can't get out of bed some days.

My aunt died from lupus when I was five or four and she had three wonderful sons

The constant pain, migraines, rash, fatigue, getting sicker longer and easier than most, and the flairs can attack suddenly anywhere in your body. I've had my lungs attacked so bad thatvthe EMTs thought I was having an aneurysm, I couldent breath well enough to walk 10 feet for a week I was bed ridden anc had to crawl to the restroom and kitchen.i think it should be lot higher on this list.

#44 are you kidding me?! only because it is a little known disease. trying to get diagnosed is as bad as the disease its self taking an everage of 6 years.

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46 Congenital Heart Disease
47 Arthritis

Hey "Akshay Kamra", this website is not for sharing phone numbers! If you want help, call a doctor! Is it like WE CAN HELP YOU?!?!

Because of the meds it would make the person have a low immune system and they could get sick very easily from any other diease in here and die from that diease

I m just 22 and have arthritis.. Not just arthritis but thyroid, oesteoporisis in neck, knee, cervical spondylisis, determitis, eds syndrome.. I am so unhappy with life..that I m thinking of a suicide please help doctors 7404130372 India Akshay Kamra

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48 Mad Cow Disease V 2 Comments
49 Polio

Those kids are so not lucky too have that cauze when you can't walk for a long time and those kids is like 5 years and they can't walk for the rest of ther lif, they can but they can only walk with some help and that's why I took this one :o

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50 Migraine

The most difficult disease can be infected by and is in the degree of cancer, can not work, you hate everything, wish for death, to live by, the pain and dizziness all the time, not Thhtml light, you hate your life, fatigue and failure and nausea with the morning, become your life suffering real, it's in the same degree of risk of cancer in terms of Aaltather on yield, but it is not deadly like him - belarbi

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51 Lassa Fever
52 Scurvy

I'm a pirate and I got it while we were out of apples

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53 Fibromyalgia

I have a very bad form of fibromyalgia, but I'm in constant agonizing pain. When I get sick, I can't even move my joints because of the pain. I'm lucky if I can sleep 3 straight hours. I'm also plagued by chronic migraines (they don't go away, they just waver in their pain levels. All of this leading to anxiety and depression. My skin feels like it's on fire whenever anything touches it (including clothes), my joints constantly ache, and widespread body pain at a pain scale (1-10) average 7.

I was severely disabled by this when I was first diagnosed, but I've learned to live with the pain. It hasn't gotten better, but it's a fact of life now. Though I'm still and forever will be a burden on any friends, partners, and family.

Now I know I said I have a severe case of fibromyalgia, but this disease/disorder disgustingly underranked. Fibro is chronic and incurable, and if you're lucky enough to find medications that help you... Well you hit the jackpot, but we're not all ...more

54 Pneumonia

Pneumonia is very scary, your lungs start to fill up, making it harder to breathe, my regards to people have/ Know people that have (or had) pneumonia

I had this when I was about 2 months old and was so close to dying. That was just one of many times I was very close to dying in my 16 years of life.

My mother almost died from this when she was a kid... - JakePlaid

I have this,and it is the worst thing to have.I am constantly coughing,have a high fever,etc.And it makes it so hard to breathe! I am also almost dying,and I just hate it!

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55 Necrotizing Fasciitis

This disease is nasty as hell no joke my friend saw images on this disease and he threw up

The only way to cure this is surgery. It kills all cells it touches and is fast spreading. It starts out as a bruise and then kills all skin cells and tissue. There is no vaccination for this and surgery to remove dead skin is your only option. This is one of the worst desieses ever

This list is dumb, how is this below schizophrenia

WOrse than cancer

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56 Fatty Liver Disease
57 Zika Virus

This disease is one of the worst I have never encountered. I can't believe that unborn people get their minds messed with from a bite. It's just so sad.

Schizophrenia my ass, THIS is the deadliest disease!

I saw a baby seize out and die after being bit by a mosquito, and it was so sad!

Ugh, I thought the mosquitoes that carry malaria were bad, but this messes with your unborn child... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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58 Lyme Disease

Steals your body, mind, and years of your life. Extremely difficult to get a diagnosis. You can barely move, but worst of all, you can't even think. You don't get any sympathy or cards, but it's said to feel just as bad as going through chemo or radiation

Lyme is absolutely horrible. I had it last summer and I still get really paranoid when a bug is crawling on me, thinking that I'm gonna get Lyme Disease for the second time... - kaitlynrad11


Some of the diseases above are actually manifestations of this disease. Ex: Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Colitis, Alzheimers, Lupus, MS, ALS etc... all can be caused by undiagnosed / un-treated Lyme.

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59 Harlequin's Disease

A horrible yet extremely rare skin disease that occurs within the womb. The skin of the baby is not able to keep moisture and thus it hardens an cracks in diamond shaped scales, much like Victorian harlequin clown outfit.

60 Eczema

An extreme case where your skin looks horrible and people look at you as if you are some alien... It oozes out your confidence and you are never free from the itching tendency.. Wonder why it is not in the top ten...

It runs in my family. but we didn't know what it was (even though we all had it) until my brother was born. (he is five now) the doctor told my parents he had eczema and they got scared because they didn't know if it was serious

Eczema is horrible, but can be controlled and is not fatal.

It's not deadly but it's annoying

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