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61 Lyme Disease

Steals your body, mind, and years of your life. Extremely difficult to get a diagnosis. You can barely move, but worst of all, you can't even think. You don't get any sympathy or cards, but it's said to feel just as bad as going through chemo or radiation

Lyme is absolutely horrible. I had it last summer and I still get really paranoid when a bug is crawling on me, thinking that I'm gonna get Lyme Disease for the second time... - kaitlynrad11


Some of the diseases above are actually manifestations of this disease. Ex: Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Colitis, Alzheimers, Lupus, MS, ALS etc... all can be caused by undiagnosed / un-treated Lyme.

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62 Ricketts
63 Harlequin's Disease

A horrible yet extremely rare skin disease that occurs within the womb. The skin of the baby is not able to keep moisture and thus it hardens an cracks in diamond shaped scales, much like Victorian harlequin clown outfit.

64 Eczema

An extreme case where your skin looks horrible and people look at you as if you are some alien... It oozes out your confidence and you are never free from the itching tendency.. Wonder why it is not in the top ten...

It runs in my family. but we didn't know what it was (even though we all had it) until my brother was born. (he is five now) the doctor told my parents he had eczema and they got scared because they didn't know if it was serious

Eczema is horrible, but can be controlled and is not fatal.

It's not deadly but it's annoying

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65 Chicken Pox (Varicella)

Horrible big ugly spots

66 Spanish Flu

Spanish flu really should be in the top 25, maybe even the top 10. The worldwide outbreak came just after WW1 and killed more people than the entire war. Instead of attacking the elderly and the young like most influenza epidemics, it attacked young healthy people. Tragic.

Some scientist injected some healthy lab mice with Spanish flu and they died in three days!

100 million people died from Spanish flu in a week! - SuperBacca

67 Locked In Syndrome

This is an intense disease. You get it from being locked in places, do not laugh until you have contracted this disease. I can not even lock my car door with me in it without the f out.

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68 Hemophilia

My friend has this. One time, she had a pretty bad wound and it started bleeding a lot. She passed out, but she was okay.

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69 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

I had this disease when I was 11 and it was horrible. I had blisters all over my body, including in my mouth and down my throat. I also couldn't breathe that much. It is caused by medicine and you can get it by any medicine and any age. It was the worst pain of my life.

Horrible my coison had this disease the doctors said he's going to die but 10 percentage he could survive but he did survive. Its all your skin peeled of and bubbles form up (caused by your white blood cells) I'm eight years old and I happy I not to have this disease

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70 Arnold-Chiari Malformation
71 Kuru

The other 100% mortality rate

Kuru kuru kuru miru ponponchi -lenny-

72 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I have a weird version of this. It only really comes out when there are a lot of uneven (you will probably laugh at this, but go ahead) holes in things. Walls, melted cheese, you name it, I'll break it. It also causes me to overthink other things more than normal. I know, it's a weird version of it, but it's a version and I have it. - username34

I have such bad OCD, that when I walk into a room, ONE THING that is just out of place, I get all twitchy and can't stand still. I cannot STAND "messy" rooms that are actually clean and when I eat a candy like Skittles (go ahead and laugh people who don't have this) I have to separate it all by color and they all have to be the same number. Anything on the floor, I get all twitchy. I absolutely HATE this disease, but I'll deal with it.

I have this when I am writing some times a word wont look write so I have to trace over and re-write the word about 50-60 time before my brain thinks it looks write it sucks so much on school tests and on homework

OCD is not a disease, in my opinion.. It's a disorder, it's not harmful.

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73 Anxiety

Why does no one warn you that this is a debitating life sucking illness that can be impossible to recover from- it can begin with just being nervous around something/someone and end with the most terrifying depression in which you have no positive feelings whatsoever, nothing to feel anymore for family and friends - look it up- the worst attacks can make you believe you're dying and get you locked in mental hospital- and another warning:-antidepressants can make you get like this - they can worsen any depression to the point you want to due and gave nothing g to live for. You can lose EVERYTHING- family friends job house.. , enjoyment if life, confidence, independence, confidence to drive it go anywhere in your own ever again; you can end up hiding from the people you live because you can't feel love - or anything except sadness and terror- ever again. For gods sake why isn't there education about ANXIETY- so easy to prevent it if we knew it was possible that something as simple as ...more

I already have pretty bad anxiety. I used to have reoccurring anxiety attacks when I was younger. I sought therapy and it helped. It didn't get rid of it completely and I still suffer from it. I'm 13 now. - username34

I had anxiety, sort of. I still have it, but not as much as I had before. I used to wake up everyday with some anxious thoughts. Not anymore. I hope you get better.. - MusicalPony

A really serious mental disorder

Fear of humans and Agoraphobia is sick - Strobo

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74 Hypothermia

How old are you, dude..?

My mom got it and she almost died but she did die but god brout her back to life

75 Impetigo
76 The Mumps
77 West Nile Virus

I'm 13 years old I had West Nile virus when I was 12 by mowing a lawn with my brother west Nile weakens you a lot and you don't want to eat anything in the time period that you have it for me it was for a week and a half and in between that time I lost a total of 10 pounds 98% of people with this disease survive it I am one lucky kid thanks to my family and friends I got over this deadly disease

78 Avian Flu
79 Anthrax

Anthrax is a deadly desiese where you have to fight to survive. The only medicine is the vaccine, which some people are allergic to it.

80 Hepatitis

Autoimmune hepatitis

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