1000 Comments Special: Animefan12 on this Awesome Website

Animefan12 FINALLY, I ADDED 1000 COMMENTS! *Dances in joy* And yes, Adding a lot of comments is my goal and Why didn't I make it a follower special? The reason is that I asked 16 users to follow me. When I joined here, this was the first website I came across the term "Follower". So I thought asking others to follow won't be a big deal because there are a lot of things you can do other than followers. But after I reached 40-50 followers, I realised that you shouldn't do it. So, this proves that I'm not COMPLETELY guilt. I added my 1000th comment on the list "Reasons why anime sucks". I can't wait to receive the blue accomplishment and see my member score go up 25 points! (at the time of me writing this post)

Anyway, I joined on 15th January 2015. I was simply searching "Best Doraemon Movies" and saw this website. It was written "Top 10 Doraemon movies" and below it was written Kormo. I thought he was the creator of this website. Then, I saw a sign there "Your List". Then, I clicked it and remixed the list. Then, I signed into this amazing website. Then I realised that Kormo is a user. I noticed the Add list Icon on 17 January and I was like "YOU! YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN LISTS FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO SEE!!! I made my 1st list "Top 10 Shinchan Movies in India" on 18 January. I then found out that there was a "One big happy family" here. (Yes, that's the best way to put it) Then on 19 January, Sevenlizards followed me. Then I was like "I HAVE A FOLLOWER? SOMEONE ACTUALLY CLICKED THE BUTTON ON TOP OF MY HOMEPAGE???" I guess you were also the same when you joined. Then, On 22 January, I made a list "Top 10 Signs you like thetoptens". It came to #7 on the Top New lists. I then realised that I got addicted to this website.

I recommended my classmate Rayana Mukul to join this wonderful site. He copied my homepage which I hate. He made a great list "Top 10 words to put in front of the word Butt to make a funny phrase". Someone other than me and him favourited it. His username is Typhlosion_3011. He left this website on 21 January. Then, I made a list "Top 10 things people do before going to sleep". which made me get recognised. The list "Top 10 things to wonder about thetoptens" and "Top 10 users of thetoptens with at least one number in their username" made me get more recognition. Those two were the best from me. I then realised Quality > Quantity and started making better lists. Then I wanted to make as much comments as possible, so I set my goal as Add 10000 comments.

The best lists by me are:
1)Top 10 things to wonder about thetoptens
2)Top 10 users of thetoptens with at least one number in their username
3)Top 10 Pieces of Advice for new toptenners
4)Top 10 reasons why the chicken crossed the road
5)Top 10 thoughts kids below 4 years have in mind (That one is so underrated)
6)Top 10 things people do before going to sleep
7)Top 10 signs you like thetoptens (It was actually a slapdash list)
8)Top 10 imaginary books with the funniest imaginary authors (that isn't the title. It's too hard to remember)
9) Top 10 worst things to brush your teeth with
10) Top 10 things that you probably did on your first day on thetoptens

Then, Leo retired, Otakugamergirl retired, Sevenlizards retired. 2storm and Mumbizz01 were about to retire. They stayed. On April fool's day, I and Gemcloben made a master plan and fooled many users. I failed to fool Bobbythebrony, Positron and Turkey. I made 6 boring posts (this is the seventh). The first 2 posts were dumb. Third one was not good. Fourth was okay. Fifth was okay. Sixth was Okay. The 6th was about Positronwildhawk. On March 20, I had 373 comments. On April 13, I'm having 1000 comments! Drastic change! In The first few weeks of April, I was #2 on Most comments-Last 7 days with 231 comments (The highest I've ever reached) Pony was #1 with twice the no. of my comments. During My exams, March 5 to March 20, I came online very less. I talk with Gemcloben very often. I made a total of 101 lists, 8 slapdash and poor lists among them. This is an awesome website and I will comment as much as I could.


Nice job! - visitor

Congrats on 1000 Comments, and thanks for mentioning me. - Mumbizz01

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