Happy New Year 2018 Special: 500+ Followers Tribute

ModernSpongeBobSucks It's been more than a year since I first joined TheTopTens. And it's only going to be two years since I first joined TheTopTens back in January 19, 2016 once we hit that same date in 2018. In all honesty, I never thought I would have made it as big as I am now on here. All it took was me wanting to express my thoughts on a list about overrated anime and then I took off from there. Now my rise to popularity as a TTT user wasn't without its flaws, as I have made several comments that I look back at and just immediately cringe at how stupid and close-minded they were. Not to mention some of my past lists that I hugely regret making still haunt me to this day. And while I still do make a few occasional slip-ups whether it be pertaining to content contribution to this website or community drama, I do feel that a lot of my improvements and aspiration to become better as a TTT user and a person make the pros outweigh the cons. Fellow TopTenners and visitors, this is yours truly, ModernSpongeBobSucks. I've been wanting to do a followers thank-you special ever since I reached each hundredth milestone of followers I've amassed over my time on here, but I never found the time to do so. However, as 2017 comes to a close and 2018 is just on the horizon, I thought I would take this opportunity to finally do something I've never been able to do even after more than one year on here as a TopTenner. Ladies and gentlemen, this post shall act as a tribute to all 500 and counting followers that I've gained and all the great people that I have talked to and become close friends with. So without further ado, let's begin!

Okay, so looking at all these thank-you posts on the list of Top 10 Users of TheTopTens, we can see that most of them were made to commemorate users reaching their 100th follower. However, you can clearly see that mine's is that milestone, but 5 times greater. But to get things out of the way, not every follower is one that I closely associate with. Some may be those who were only relevant for a few weeks and then just faded into obscurity or a few may be even enemies of mine who only followed me just for the sake of stalking my every action but thankfully faded into obscurity as well either out of disinterest or boredom. Regardless, I truly have found many kind and friendly people on here to talk to and as a result, I've made some pretty good friends that I'm close with on here. That said, I'll give a little overview on my time here as a TopTenner before giving thanks to all of my great friends and followers.

As I've said earlier, I started out small. Basically, this is how I started:

1. I find a list about overrated anime.
2. I comment on it several times, but I want to try to leave a signature on those comments.
3. I decide to make a TTT account.
4. I try to come up with a good username.
5. With inspiration from TeenTitansGoSucks's username and how interested I was at the time in Modern SpongeBob rant videos, I decided to go with the username I have now.

Thus, the TTT account you all know and love was born. Initially, I was primarily focused on making anime-based content. One of my first lists was, well... not so great. Didn't seem so bad at first, but just seeing all the backlash on that list made me never want to visit or bring up that list's name ever again. After that, I tried pumping out more anime lists, but most of them were either forgettable and low-quality or some of them were actually high-quality but could have had better reasoning and composure. Now what really got myself on track as a TTT user was talking to some of the people I first met on here. One of those people being CastlevaniaFanboy128. Now I didn't exactly see eye to eye with him on every opinion we had, but nevertheless, we had fun conversing with each other. His content was packing in quantity and quality, and it only made me want to become as great of a user as him. And so, he would become one of my first inspirations of what an ideal TopTenner should be, let alone what an ideal Gen-16 TopTenner should be considering the generation I belong to on this site. Another one of these inspirations was htoutlaws2012. Known famously as the king of stats, his content was abundant and diverse. So much so that he inspired me to contribute as much content as I could to this website. But one of the last few inspirations in my early days would have to be Skullkid755. He and CF128 were probably some of my greatest friends in my early days. Skullkid755 helped me to familiarize myself with the TTT community and I was able to figure out how to operate on the site's other mechanics, such as how to make posts and whatnot. So it goes without saying that these three are just a few of the many users who made me the user I am today.

Speaking of posts, the first post I ever made on TheTopTens would have to be my Sword Art Online review. It was one of my favorite anime series that I just finished watching that year, and since I loved it so much even to this day and I felt enamored by CastlevaniaFanboy128's anime reviews, I thought it was a good idea to make my mark in making posts. I put a lot of time, effort, and research into making my review for SAO, and when everything was done and all set, the end product was definitely something to be proud of. Of course, I think the review could have been more composed and mature, but for what I accomplished in that review, I will always be proud of it. Thus, this set off a catalyst in inspiring me to contribute to TheTopTens in more ways than ever. New anime reviews, new cartoon episode reviews (or rants, to be more specific), new lists, new image uploads, new remixes, and most importantly, new friends were what highlighted probably one of the biggest peaks in my time as a TopTenner. But of course, I did find myself stumbling upon adversaries, whether they be anonymous visitors who bashed me for some of my opinions or even users that were either distasteful of me and my content or users who intentionally wanted to make me and everyone else's lives a living hell. I even found myself getting caught up in all these TTT controversies whether they be on here, on what used to be a wiki dedicated to TheTopTens, and more recently, a social gathering website called BAND. Despite all this, I've always managed to find the strength to keep coming on here. Even in spite of all the community drama, the administration's controversial decisions and changes to the website, frequent glitches, and anything else that may have made me ponder to myself if it was even worth staying on here and if my legacy meant anything, I still never gave in and continued to strive to make more content. Especially content that was high-quality and not something that I just pumped out for the sake of stats. I remember there was one day where I just pumped out lists non-stop just to get a silly achievement, but thanks to the new 3 lists a day limitation and the criticism of quantity over quality, I made it a priority to put quality over quantity first and make sure my content was worthy of high-quality and even something able to be featured and given the ultimate level of recognition on TheTopTens.

With that overview out of the way, now I would like to give all my thanks to all of my friends and followers who have supported me throughout my time as a TopTenner:

Male Users:
DCfnaf: You're without a doubt one of my greatest friends, DCfnaf. The day we first met was probably one of the best days of my life on TheTopTens. With your kind and outgoing personality along with your amazing potential displayed through your detailed comments, it was a pleasure having you gain recognition in the TTT community and talking to you as a close friend. As the years go by, I hope we continue to be great friends and that we continue to contribute highly to this website in spite of its flaws. In other words, greatest of kudos to you and for the future to come.

Skullkid755: Even though we don't talk to each other as much as we used to, I still enjoy talking to you whenever we can and I still cherish the most golden days we've had together. Prime or no prime, we've both aspired to improve ourselves as TopTenners in one way or another, and it was that attitude that made us better for, well, the better. Keep on doing what you're doing, my man.

htoutlaws2012: Even to this day, I still greatly admire you for your drive to contribute content to this website. And the fact that you're continuously incorporating more detail and quality into your content only makes me look up to you more. As perfect of a user you already are, all I can say is to keep up the good job, our stat king. And I mean that in the sincerest of my heart.

CastlevaniaFanboy128: We may no longer be in contact with each other, but I'll never forget the contributions you've made to this site and the friendly conversations we've had with each other prior to your retirement. Whether you've changed for better or worse after your retirement, I'll always remember you fondly, Boris.

CrimsonShark: This list wouldn't be complete without you, CrimsonShark. What you bring to this site is truly thought-provoking and inspirational. I couldn't appreciate you any other way whether it be for your mature and kind personality, your willingness to express your thoughts on heated topics like politics and global issues, and prioritizing quality over quantity in your content. I couldn't imagine my TTT experience any better without people like you or any of the other people I've mentioned on this post. I give you the greatest of my gratitude to you, CrimsonShark.

Mcgillacuddy: I know you may not be able to come on every day, but for what you manage to bring when you are able to do so, I always enjoy reading what content you contribute to this site. It's quite intriguing that we have a lot of similar interests and I'm always poised to see what's next in store for it. In addition, it's cool having you as a friend to talk to whenever possible. We need more chill people like you. But other than that, you'll always be a great user and friend in my book, my man.

PeeledBanana: If my comment praising you on the best Gen-18 users list isn't anything to go by, then I don't know what is. Your consistent activity and content contributions are praiseworthy, and the friendly conversations we've had together are just the icing on the cake. It goes without saying that your work on here wasn't in vain and I hope you continue to do great on here. Keep it up, PeeledBanana.

MegaSoulhero, phillysports, and Phillip873: Since I see all three of you guys as some of this site's best critics, I decided to feature all three of you in one mention. It goes without saying that I admire all three of you for your quality content and constructive critique in your reviews. Not to mention that I've had the great opportunity to talk with you guys at least once on some occasions. Either way, I want to thank you all for the contributions you bring to this site and to keep up the good work.

WonkeyDude98, SwagFlicks, and ProPanda: While SwagFlicks may be gone now, I always perceive the three of you guys as being some of the greatest music critics to bless this site. While I wasn't always there to praise them, all of you guys' music reviews and reviews in general are always well-made and enjoyable to read. Not to mention I can consider all of you to have served as an inspiration to me in one way or another. For WonkeyDude98 and ProPanda, keep up the good work. And for SwagFlicks, may you never be forgotten.

Female Users:
SplashMoun10: Of all the people I've talked to personally on TheTopTens, you're probably the one that I've conversed with most this year. And for the most part, it's been a delight talking with you whenever possible. It's truly something to cherish that I have you as a close friend to talk to even outside of TheTopTens. Best of wishes to you on more contributions to TheTopTens and I hope 2018 has more good in store for you.

Elric-san: Though you may not be much of a content contributor, I still enjoy talking to you on a daily basis. You're truly one of the nicest female users I've talked to on TheTopTens, and it truly pleases me that we can now talk with each other outside of TheTopTens on sites like Twitter. In addition, it's a fun experience having you as a friend to play Fate/Grand Order with. All in all, it's a great pleasure having you as a friend, Elric-san.

TwilightKitsune: What can I say? Even to this day, you're still one of the kindest female users on this site. Addressing the elephant in the room, I once again would like to apologize for my silly behavior against you that I had earlier this year. In addition, I can only continue to feel nothing but genuine sorrow for the hardships that you have to go through in your personal life, and I can only hope that it manages to get better one day. That said, whatever you're doing, keep it going great and I hope we can continue to not just be on good terms, but to also be close friends as well.

MLPFan: Even if you may not come on often (though, your recent online frequency may say otherwise), what you bring to the site with your consistency in posts and lists always makes your content fresh to explore and find interest in. Even if we aren't on the same page when it comes to opinions, your kind nature and friendliness always makes you an enjoyable friend to talk to. And like TK, I really do feel sorry for what you have to go through in life and I hope it can get better one day. That aside, it's great having you as a friend and I do hope we can continue to be friends as well.

Absolite: I could name several of the nicest female users I've come upon on this site, but I could never forget to mention a kind soul like you, Absolite. Whether you're reading this or not, I want to say I appreciate the times we've spent together talking to each other and being able to see eye to eye on certain things. Seeing what you have to say always brings a glimmer of joy to my heart as does talking to you in general.

RoseRedFlower: We may not have the same opinions all the time, and while some of your opinions may sometimes bring a bit of a downer on my day, your hard work and effort combined with your kind and outgoing personality manages to overshadow that. Considering it's actually hard for me to make friends in the anime community nowadays, it pleases me that I have you as a friend and one that I can consider to be a genuinely nice person and respectful anime fan in contrast to most close-minded elitists in the anime community these days. Other than that, it's nice having you as a friend and keep up the good work, RRF.

Honorable Mentions:

My apologies if I've forgotten a fellow friend that I should have mentioned here. Otherwise, you know who you are. That out of the way, from the bottom of my heart, I give the biggest of thanks to all the people who have supported me over the years on TheTopTens! And here's a toast to 2018 as we usher in a Happy New Year!

Sincerely, your fellow TopTenner MSBS

Until then, peace!


Didn't expect myself to be making a notable impact during your time as a TTT member. It has been pretty tough for me, and I am sure you've gone through as well. Furthermore, its nice to see you acknowledging individuals here as friends rather than just users.

Lastly, I will continue to support and interact with you as much as possible. If you ever need help, I'm always available :). - CrimsonShark

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Hey thanks for the shoutout MSBS! I feel like I should make one of these at 50 followers because you are actually one of the users who gave me some form of support on this site and made me want to continue making lists and posts, despite not many people being interested. Honestly, thank you very much and don't be afraid to message me if you ever want to talk! - Phillip873

Great post, I think you improved a lot as a user throughout 2017 and I'm interested to see what you have in store for the future. Also, thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it. You're really nice to talk to and it's nice having you as a friend. Happy new year! - SplashMoun10

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"With your kind and outgoing personality"

A compliment I didn't deserve.

Anyways, amazing post, thanks for the shoutout, and happy 2018. - DCfnaf

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Thanks for the shoutout!

Dammit it was really brave of you to say that apology ;). Here's to 2018

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Yo man thanks for the shoutout. I think I'll make a New Year's resolution...

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I didn't expect to see this but it's made my day brighter. I know what it's like meeting close-minded anime fans but I always like meeting the open minded ones, including you. And thanks for the praise on my hard work. - RoseRedFlower

Happy New Year bro. Keep it up, mate.
Can't believe I used to hate you last time but I'm glad I don't now. - AlphaQ

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Aw, did you want me to give you more credit or you just don't feel that you really had an impact on me that much? Come on, I always see you pushing for HQ posts and lists, so in a way, you kind of inspire me like the other ones I take inspiration from. Or is it something else? I know we're not really close friends, but I just wanted to give you a shout-out since I know you're quite underrated for your content. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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