TheTopTens Has Changed So Much, And It Will Only Change More...

Turkeyasylum This post is part of the One-Off Threesome, by the way. The blog post here is about the changes I've personally seen on TTT. It branches all the way from my times as a visitor, to when I first joined in early September of 2014, to the crossing of the new year, to today's TheTopTens.

When I first went on this website, I started off as a visitor. I sometimes went here for some lists to read just to pass time. Sometimes I'd make a comment or two on a list. At this point, I had an issue where I was kind of a loudmouth, and I didn't know when it was OK to say certain things. So my solution was to take it out on TTT to express my opinions freely. I put comments down about what I personally liked and, of course, what I didn't like. At the time, Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, MatrixGuy, and Funnyuser were the big hits. It was a quiet website, Dreamformusic was still around, and maybe HezarioSeth was, too, but I am unsure. This was in July and August 2014.

Then, one day in September 2014, I decided to see if I had to reveal a lot about myself to join. Turns out it didn't want much info, so I singed up under the name of Turkeyasylum. MatrixGuy was on his downward spiral out of popularity, and his Ice Bucket Challenge list was new that week. I personally remember seeing PositronWildhawk comment saying he'd do the challenge, and I later found it on YouTube months after the fact. Everyone was so merry and happy, and I had met Pug early, and became friends quickly. He was a new user, along with Garythesnail. We had joined around the same time. O wasn't popular at the time, and didn't have a profile pic for a while.

Then the peace on TTT was about to break. A new user named SevenLizards sparked up controversy and divided TheTopTens into three factions: one with Puga's fans, one with SevenLizards's fans, and a third faction that just didn't care. I was part of the last one. My list of TTT TV came out while tensions were rising, so lots of War of Hypocrisy propaganda items were added, in a manner similar to the Rocky IV movie, where one side is forced to lose, or there would be a draw. I today coin these items "Rocky IV Items". The site was disjointed, but Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, SuperHyperdude, Puga, Garythesnail, and SevenLizards were the most popular. Between this war were some incidents (the Britboy incident, SelfDestruct's incident, and many others).

Tensions continued, and users like Animefan12, BDFN, Cosmo, and Keycha1n had joined. And now, the day that will forever live in infamy on TheTopTens: February 26. This was the day Admin added new policies that deleted numerous blog posts and lists. And some o these blog posts were helped created by the blog post renaissance by Puga, Simpsondude, and I'd like to say myself a little. This renaissance had made blog post series become a big thing that almost any new user would try out. The policies made users happy at first, but they turned out to be far too rigid and strict. They censor the Internet. I know this is turning to a "Rocky IV Post" but I don't want to convince you to believe that. I'm just expressing my opinion freely. Some of the most popular users were PositronWildhawk, Britgirl, Keycha1n, SuperHyperdude, Puga, and I'd like to say myself, but... I'd feel a bit guilty.

And today, TTT remains a great website despite all these hardships it's faced. The users are supportive and the Admins were smart enough to cancel No-Hate Week. Thank you for this amazing community. But now, I have to *sob sob* retire.

HAHA! JUST KIDDING! I'd never retire until I die! And that concludes this blog post.


This site has changed. - visitor

Hey, I became a visitor the same time as you were. - FasterThanSonic

No policy will truly get me retired, I believe, but nonetheless. Even as a new user, I've experienced the changes on this site, and hope any future policies are all for the better! - keycha1n

I don't think I'd fully retire but I'll probably come on less often when I get married, get a job, and have kids - bobbythebrony

Think it's changed a lot in the past year? You should have seen it back in the summer of 2013--before Britgirl and PositronWildhawk were popular. No follow button, no members online, no custom profile pictures, no comment replies, no feed, and one godawful messaging system...

Nice post, Turkey--it's neat to look back, especially as I was inactive for some of that year. - PetSounds

2013- early-mid 2014 were the last good days. I was happy to be on back then - happyhappyjoyjoy

To this day I regret nothing, apart from making him popular in the first place. - Puga

I remember when I put you on a list ( at number 1). You were one of those users I admired! - Pony

Keycha1n's right. Many changes happened since January. TTT is starting to (maybe it's just me) get gloomy. - Animefan12

Everything changes - Mewtwo_

I fell for it lol - RockStarr

Who's sevenlizards? - SamuiNeko

He was a user that was a internet friend of mine.But in the war,I didn't care about who would win. - visitor

Wow, TheTopTens sure had a big history, and this is just from September 2014 - Martinglez

It changes and goes I miss the old top tens - visitor

I found out about this website in May or June back in 5th grade, and have seen some changes.
I'd comment every now and then, and then in summer of 2015, made an account called Skullkid755, with a username my mom did not like (and made without her knowing, well she knew when she got the confirmation email, but she was fine with it), and made some lists every now and then. I began making equally great lists to try to at least be unique, and eventually added to my profile info on my page,and had a profile pic,and eventually over several months, start being more social with other users on this site, and made posts more often.
Now I have over 25 followers and have made friends on this website like Martinglez and SirSkeletorthe3rd.
Hope you liked my website origin story. - Skullkid755