The Future Of The Panda

ProPanda So, hey guys. I'm writing this because I am really happy with how far I've gone on here. I've become among the 50 most popular users on here, accumulated a good one hundred something followers, putting me on the all time most list. In addition, my member score is so high to the point where I've contributed more to this site, than thousands of other users combined. I may be no htoutlaws with the lists, or any Wonkey with posts, or Puga with popularity, but I do feel that I've made somewhat of a mark on this site, and may have even been influential to some. So I've come here to say that I want to expand further. I'm gonna be real here, a majority of my content is heavily music influenced. That's why, I'm planning on expanding to topics more broad, some of which are even new to the site itself, and I hope can trend to influence more posts and content of the newer generations. So, welcome to The Future Of The Panda, where I'm gonna talk about what I'll be doing now.


As, you know, I'm a music guy. Have been for a while, and I doubt this craze will be stopping anytime soon. So, here are my upcoming musical endeavors.

RANKED: I'm gonna be continuing this. For a while. I'm gonna explore year end charts from all over time, in many countries. I'll be exploring through paragraph reviews, and one sentence commentary to produce system that can include multiple music opinions in one post, as well as show opinions in the mainstream and indie scenes simultaneously. In addition, I'm considering starting artists ranked posts as well. I'm going to pick an artist, and rank the songs they got on a certain chart. I'll be doing this for albums, and artists as well. This has been by far my most successful series, and I hope to expand it further as time moves along.

SpotlightOn: This will be very similar to ToddInTheShadows' One Hit Wonderland segment, and ryansliao's Artist Profile series. I'm gonna pick an artist, and do a retrospective in a specific format:
- Early life
- Musical career (album, single choices, etc.)
- Post retirement/Current endeavors
- Legacy
- Critical Acclaim
- Opinion on them
- Addition notes
This will give me a chance to talk about establish music acts, and connect with fans, as well as help me introduce y'all to some new acts whose stories and accomplishments may interest you.

Album Reviews: This is self- explanatory. As per usual, this schedule will be influenced by your requests, and will be judged by my willingness. My schedule can be found here: If you'd like to request something, add it to this list: and I will approve it from there.

Chart Analysis: I'm gonna consider bringing this back. I'll try to add details to make the posts more HighQuality this time, but I'll also be talking requests for any chart week in the past. The format is still the same. This segment's return is still tentative, but consider it a possibility.

21st Century Breakdown: This one is a special treat. However, it can only be found on RYM and my webpage (more on that later). This is a retrospective series which will tackle each year of the 21st Century, and compile a list of the best, worst, and occasionally the most neglected hit songs of that year. Production for the 2016 lists has already begun, and the series will most likely start this summer. About 40-50 top ten lists will come to RYM in that time period, and I'll do my best to inform you all who don't follow me on RYM about it.

Movies: I'm not as huge on movies at most, but I too enjoy a nice flick every now and then. And I love to talk about them even more. So here are some of my upcoming projects in this field.

Movie Reviews: Again, self explanatory. I'll have a request list for these as well. The same criteria as the album reviews, except these will be less often, mainly cause I have no idea how movie reviews work.

MovieMashup: This is a series where I take two similar movies in style and concept, and compare them in terms of many many factors.

TV: If there's anything I like to talk about more than music, it's television. While I mainly enjoy analyzing cartoons, because that's what I did before musical obsessions. I'd like to come back to that, and here are some ways I will do so.

Cartoon Retrospective: A series where I take a cartoon, and look back on it. I go through the seasons, talk about highlights, include trivia, and analyse exactly how it all worked out. Right now, I'll probably start with Total Drama, but I do think I can take it to Regular Show, Johnny Test, Spongebob and more.

RANKED: Basically just ranking the main cast of a TV show, or all the episodes or something, idk.

Politics: Where I take a stab at the political state of life.

PoliticianRestrospective: Basically, the political equivalent of SpotlightOn. I look at their early life, political achievements, and legacy/retirement. Def. be doing Trump as well as some former Presidents.

Science: This is where it gets interesting. I want to make science posts a trend on here. I don't wanna make this school, but I thought it was be interesting to get something like this on the site, for the sake of variety.

ExpirementExploration: I post an experiment. It's a fun activity for one to try at home and it teaches you a bit on science. Here's the format:
- Related vocabulary to get you familar with what you're working with.
- Materials
- Procedure
- Science behind it.

Scientist Schools: The science equivalent of SpotlightOn. I talk about a scientist the same way I talked about everything else. I'll actually have a request schedule ready for it this time around though.

Books: I like to read. So what?
Book Reviews: Self explanatory. Request schedule coming soon.

Series Retrospective: Look back on a series from my childhood, or maybe one I'm reading right now. Again, pretty obvious at this point.

Eurovision: I might bring this back. Although, I'm only doing it with Martinglez. And I might just make it the Voice, since that's alot easier and more interesting to do. I'll need judges as well. Oh well, we'll sail that ship when it comes.

ProPanda Analysis: I pick something and analyse it.

Schedule's up there.

Collaborations: I am available. PM me, and we'll sort something out.

that collab account with jack and Wonkey: idk anymore.

Objective Outroar: Should start once school ends.

Mario Kart Retrospective: Going back and reviewing all the MarioKart games. It should be fun, I gues.

Elimination Games: Not doing any of these for a while, but I will go back to the ones I had and do RANKED posts on them. That's one of my next posts actually.

Website: Gonna spend the next couple of days transferring everything I literally mean everything. And I'll try to organize the layout of it all better. Meaning not just music, despite the URL. Here it is, btw:

Might do something similar for art. Idk, this is a bit overkil, and most of these will be rare. But I'll try to do this as much as possible.

Why am I doing all this? To get HQ posts! I feel discouraged that I'm not making good content, so I'm organizing myself in order to make my contributions to the site as good as they could be. Not stat padding or anything.

Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for all the support. I hope you like my plan right now.

I'm ProPanda and bye for now. You can find me here btw.

TheTopTens: ProPanda
Twitter: @ogkillerpanda
RateYourMusic: ProPanda
SoundCloud: ProPanda (I make mashups)
GoComics: ProPanda
Disqus: ProPanda

yeah, I think that's it.


You deserve the popularity. You're definitely one of the best gen 16 users. - visitor

Thanks man, that coming from someone as widely respected as you on this site, I feel very humbled. - ProPanda

I agree with what Therandom said. You deserve much more popularity since you're such great user. - Powerfulgirl10

Thank you! You're more underrated than I am though. You deserve lots of popularity as well! - ProPanda

*such a great user Dang it.
And thanks for saying that. I'm trying to be more productive. - Powerfulgirl10

You're definitely one of the most level headed users here. I like your judgement and content very much. - IronSabbathPriest

Thank you man, the same thing goes for you. I've always respected you both as a person, and as a user and I appreciate your endorsement of my content. - ProPanda

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Please don't ask why. I tried to be 'edgy'. - PhenomentalOne


Hope to see more of you in the future, you have serious potential. - ProPanda

Original - Martinglez

I'd still really like to see the collaboration with Wonkey.

Anyways, you deserve the popularity. Good luck on the future projects. - visitor

Now, you're new. Still, hope to see more from you in the future. Of all the new users, you have more promise than most, and I can't wait to see how you turn out. Had fun collaborating, and the Wonkey collab will be out this summer. - ProPanda

Also, looking at you at this point, you're kinda where I was at this point. Somewhat popular, but not one of THE most popular users. - visitor

So in like a year, I'll be top 5 on the best users list. Noice. - ProPanda

That is a great possibility. - htoutlaws2012

Yay! I'm glad you've gotten this far, fellow curry muncher. You're almost at the highest point of your popularity. You deserve it pal. You're one of the best users of our Gen!

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Sorry that was me trying to be edgy - TwilightKitsune

PhonementalOne beat you to it lol. Also, if there's any user on here that rose to fame along with me, it was probably you. We joined around the same time, and sort of rose alongside each other. Either way, I appreciate your comment friend. - ProPanda

I got here before a beeg user. Admin, where's my 100000000000000000000 points? - PhenomentalOne

Congratulations on the popularity you've gotten. - visitor

Thank you. - ProPanda


(music reviews are my guilty pleasure) - Teravolt1422

Why guilty though? - ProPanda

I don't know - Teravolt1422

They grow so fast *sniff*
Congratulations Panda! Ever since the beginning of the year, you've matured greatly as a user and your focus in the music you love stands strong on the site. Keep doing what you are doing. I expect great things to come up in the future. - cjWriter1997

Thank you. Although, I'm expecting a continuous possession of greatness from you as well - ProPanda

Congratulations! - Martinglez

Thanks man - ProPanda

Movie Reviews: Again, self explanatory. I'll have a request list for these as well. The same criteria as the album reviews, except these will be less often, mainly cause I have no idea how movie reviews work.

You can always ask me a thing or two if you ever feel like reviewing a film you liked or disliked. - DCfnaf

Thanks. If you wanna collab, I'd be down. - ProPanda

Collab? Interesting idea. We'd have to have a similar opinion for that to work though. - DCfnaf

I forgot we have almost nothing in common lol - ProPanda

We don't need to collab then lol. Point is, you can always ask for advice of you ever feel like writing one. - DCfnaf

lol - ProPanda