Minecraftcrazy530 100 Followers!!!

Wow! I came onto this site, around 4 months ago, and all I wanted to do was make a few lists and comments. I never realized that this website would have such good and nice people! The community on here is amazing, and it came as a shock to me that I have 100 followers after only around 4 months being here! But there are many other users who either have been around longer or have made such high quality lists that deserve to be followed! Here is a list of the users that I think deserve 100 followers:

-B.K Allmighty

These are all of the users that I could think of with under 100 followers. There are many more, so please suggest some if you know of any!

Since nobody really knows how I got here, I had might as well put it in this blog post.

It all started in the beginning of December, when I looked up the best first names for a girl (I was strangely obsessed with names back then). I found this website, and I liked how you could vote and comment on the items. I made tons of comments on that list. A week later, I found this website again looking up the top ten Minecraft mobs, and I came to the realization that this website had lists about almost everything. I wanted my comments to be recognized, and I signed up on December 23rd of 2014. For the first few days, I didn't really talk to anyone, until Nintendofan126 messaged me. I didn't really know what to do or say, but I kept messaging him and we became friends. Other users eventually started to message me, and I eventually got up the courage to message other users (I'm a pretty shy person). I made my first list about Warrior Cats, maybe 3 weeks after I got here, and I eventually came up with ideas for other lists. Now, it's April and I'm sitting here typing up about how grateful I am to have 100 followers! This website is one of my favorite pastimes and I never thought that this website would be such an important part of my life.


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