Top Ten Interesting Facts About the User Supernatural

I haven't done much on the site since I joined about a week or so ago. So I'm starting with this list so maybe other users can get to know me.
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1 I cut my hip-length hair into a pixie cut for my aunt who had breast cancer

My aunt from my father's side, Maria, battled cancer for 2 years. Ever since her treatment made her start losing her hair, I wanted to do something about it since her hair was something she took pride in. It wasn't until October of last year when I finally gave in and just cut my hair off. I got it made into a wig, and gave it to her as a present for her birthday in November. Sadly, she passed away in February of this year, but I was happy I did something for her while I could. I miss her dearly, but I hope she's finally resting in peace.

2 I have received two President's Awards for Educational Excellence

The first one I got was back in 5th grade during promotion, (graduation if you want to call it that). The second time was in 8th grade during promotion as well. Along with the certificates signed by President Barack Obama himself, I got two really nice pins.

3 I am bisexual

Pretty self-explanatory. I like girls and guys. It took me so long to come out of that closet, that I was sure I would have reached Narnia at some point. So if you don't like me being how I am, then you're just gonna have to deal with it.

4 I love to dance bachata

So before I learned to dance bachata, I pretty much hated the concept of dancing. I'm awkward and practically have two left feet. It wasn't until the second semester of my freshman year, when our unit in physical education was Latin social dancing. At first I was hesitant about it because I can be very shy around people. It didn't help that I was really clumsy and stepped on my partner's feet A LOT. But he was patient with me and walked me through when I was on the verge of giving up. Halfway through the bachata lessons, I got really into it and so did my partner. We both ended up getting an A+ when we had to perform for our Final at the end of the semester. To this day, I still pretty much hate to dance, but bachata is my only exception.

5 I have moved 6 times in the past 10 years

The first time I moved was when my 6th birthday was in its way. My family immigrated from Mexico to the U.S. back in 2006. From then on, my family continued moving from state to state. These states included New Mexico, Wyoming, and Arizona. We finally moved and settled, and I hopefully assume, permanently to California. First city we settled in California was the small city of Oxnard. My dad then got a new job three years ago, and now we live in a small town an hour and a half from L.A.

6 I fainted while climbing The Pyramid Of The Sun

Two years ago, my dad took my sisters, my aunt Nena, and I to Teotihuacan where the Aztecs built their pyramids. The day we went it was over 95°F and we were in the State of Mexico, so the elevation was already really high. So halfway while climbing the pyramid, I started feeling a little dizzy and my aunt commented that I was looking pale. After a few more steps, I fainted. And boy was I glad I did not go tumbling down the stairs. I was fine afterwards, but my aunt, whose a nurse, said it was due to the elevation and heat.

7 I have a deep love for mathematics

I have always had this hunger for learning. And that hunger has always been focused, since from when I can remember, mainly on math. Numbers have always fascinated me and they make sense to me. Equations, expressions, rules, just everything about it is wonderful to me. Whenever I feel stressed, I like to search up some math equations to solve and chemical formulas to balance (not really math, but I still enjoy them). It's a weird way to relax, but it distresses me. If I don't get into an art school for computer animation, I would more than gladly enjoy studying to become a computer engineer.

8 I write a lot

Just as how math has been a metaphorical lover to me, language arts has been my mistress. I am fluent in both English and Spanish, and I currently read at a college level in English. This love of language arts has brought on to me this writing craze where I can go on and never seem to come to an end. I love to write just as much as I love to solve complex math problems, and from my comments on this list, you can see what I mean about writing a lot.

9 I was diagnosed with clinical depression and severe anxiety

Since the posting of this list, it has been 5 months since I was diagnosed with these mental illnesses. In these past few months, I have been getting better in my opinion. Taking medication for both conditions and my therapist have helped a lot. I've been getting out of my room more and talking to others quite well. I hope that I will be able to overcome these 'obstacles' in the near future.

10 I am notoriously insecure

This partakes mainly to my physical appearance, but it does delve into my personality as well. I am not the prettiest rose in the garden in my opinion. My personality could be better, for I am closed off and distant, but once I get to know someone well, I cling on as if they were my lifeline. Hence why not many friends stick around. I have a very low self-esteem, so I am insecure about almost everything about myself. It'll take time to start loving myself and being proud of how I look like and all, but once again, it's gonna take time and effort on my part.

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