Top Ten Worst Things About TheTopTens Community

TheTopTens community is great, at least everyone thinks it's great, even when everyone in it is shooting daggers at each other. So many users have "Users I Dislike" lists on their profiles it's ridiculous. TTT is a place to share opinions, but why would you make a list of people you hate on your public profile? Why does anyone CARE? Speaking about opinions, some people just can't understand that everyone doesn't have the same opinion as them, and then add them to their "Users I Dislike" list. It's fine to disagree with someone, but dear God, don't be whiny and comment "This list is bad because ______ is number ____ and should be higher/lower". TTT is a place for sharing opinions, but only if you can handle other people's opinions, and some of the community can't seem to get that through their heads.
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1 The Users with No Notion that People Have Different Opinions

There is no point in reasoning with someone who is going to berate you for having a different opinion, force their opinion on you, and then call you a nine year old when you try to defend yourself. I'll admit that I'm not perfect. I have my issues. But when someone has to resort to cyberbullying you just because your opinion is different than yours, it can make you want to just leave and never come back.

And certain opinions backed up with stupid reasons asserted in a persuasive position do not deserve respect, and we have the right to make the "opinion" look stupid. That doesn't mean we have to attack the person, and if that person gets offended over rebuttals, then that's his/her fault.

2 The Flame Wars

"Users I Dislike" lists are like firing shots, but those shots are just referring you as a jerk. It's one of the one opinions you should keep to yourself on this site.

Flame wars kill the community. Also, am I hypersensitive if I don't like flame wars? Yeah no, they ruin this site.

These sort of things are overused throughout the whole website.

3 The Drama

I got into the personal stuff with the community while I was just supposed to go on this site to make remixes and blog posts. So yeah, it drifted me away from what I was supposed to do in here.

I just want to make lists. I don't care who's dating who or what is going on with users, I just want to share my opinions to other users without being slammed with tons of TTT drama.

4 The Pointless Bickering

It's called "debate." If you believe in nothing strongly enough, have insufficient or no knowledge to back your opinion, and cannot tolerate being challenged, then by all means, avoid it. Just don't blow it off by labeling it "bickering." Some things are important enough to argue tenaciously, pro or con. This is hardly "pointless."

Debates are fine, but taking it to a personal level like what is mostly happening here is the total problem.

There is no need to argue with someone over a topic for hours on end, just share your opinion and move on.

5 The Cliques

Apart from the "Users I Dislike Lists", there are "Users I Like" lists. While they may be a sign of friendship, all you're doing is make people think you don't like them because you aren't on the list (unless you have an extremely legit "and all my followers entry"

6 The Bad Newcomers

That is because they see that they could simply get popular by interacting with other users through featured cliche lists.

I'm not sure if I was that good of a newcomer, and I'm trying my best to improve and become better.

7 The Good Users Leaving

That's not the problem since it's natural. The problem is how many newcomers just come here to make cliche lists and not actual content. However, it could take months for them to change to being a better user, which means we have to be patient with them.

Between this and the argument about the policy.

8 The Character Obsessions

So true especially since some sell their souls to these characters forever

9 The Main Way to Interact with Users are the Featured Lists

I guarantee you that this list will not be featured or even become popular, which is a shame because this is one of the lists I'm actually proud of making. Most of my Featured or Popular lists I view as boring. And while some Featured lists are great, some of them are just spam or specific lists on a T.V. Show, Movie, Book, etc. that not everyone knows and enjoys about, making it a limited apeal list.

I totally agree with this. This is why the forum has to be revived. Great list!

I think the best way to interact with many users at once is blog comments.

10 The Argument About the Policy

Honestly, the policy debate was made to silence people who keep on complaining about it.

Shut up about the policy. If you don't like it, then leave the site.

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11 The Stressfulness
12 The Lack of Mutual Opinion
13 The Haters

I've seen so many people who treat Chris Savino like he's the spawn of Satan! All because he ruined Powerpuff Girls (which I find extremely overrated, not as much as MLP). They say he "ruins" stuff! I'm tired of these butthurt nostalgist putting flame comments about Chris Savino.

I agree especially Justin Bieber haters. Are there any other sites where the community thinks that Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Bronies is just as bad if not worse than Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong?

The Teen Titans fan base will hate me for this, but I wish the fandom on this site would be more respectful to those who may like TTG. I’m not defending the show itself, but this needs to be said.

14 The People Like Bboymakinwiththefrekfreak

You can't expect something to happen over night. Dude, stuff like this takes time. Slow and steady wins the race. In due time, I'm sure this website will improve. You just need to give it some patience. 2 weeks is not patient enough.

I took a 2 and a half week break from this site and came back only to dind out it didn't get any better. If anything, it got better because I wasn't on their ranting about TTT and it's many, many flaws.

15 The Hostility
16 Lack of sense of humor
17 The Fighting
18 The Biased Lists
19 The People Who Take This Site Too Seriously
20 The Lack of Respect for Artists and Their Fans
21 People's Bad Voting Tastes
22 Justin Bieber in Every Single "Worst" List
23 People Creating Worst Lists
24 "Reasons Why My Opinion is Correct" Lists
25 People Who Make Lists When They Know Nothing About the Topic of the List
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