Best Gen-16 Users of TheTopTens

These are the best users of thetoptens who are part of the new generation of users working on the site. These users have joined the site after June 2015 and are consistently active.
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1 WonkeyDude98

@Propanda Agreed.

Me, Martinglez, you, Wonkeydude, Twilight Kitsune, Velitelcabal, ModernSpongebobSucks, and Skeletor when he was active were from this gen so yeah.

Can I be brutally honest? This gen was good.

2 velitelcabal

I began talking to him in about late May 2015 which technically makes him part of the old gen. However, he's had more influence in this gen.

3 zxm
4 ModernSpongeBobSucks

He makes high quality lists, posts, and even comments. I can relate to his in depth explanations since I go really in depth with mine too. His Cartoon Crapisode Rants are great (WAAAYYY better than Mr. Enter's Animated Atrocities, though I still like them), he's very positive, uplifting, kindhearted, etc. He even told me recently that he was the one who added me on the "Top Ten Users of TheTopTens". I never add myself to anything involving users so for him to find a user who isn't really THAT well known and put him on there is just so generous and kindhearted. This guy definitely gets my vote. Glad he's Number 9 on that list and this one. He deserves it. (Though he should be higher).

5 ProPanda
6 Martinglez
7 SwagFlicks

He truly shows people that quality is an important and vital part in contributing to this website.

8 TwilightKitsune
9 Skullkid755

His posts are very interesting to read. He has greatly improved over his time here on TheTopTens.

10 Mcgillacuddy
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11 SirSkeletorThe3rd
12 Nateawesomeness
13 Zach808
14 TheEvilNuggetCookie

At first, I thought he was just a Modern SpongeBob fanboy, but when I began to see that he used good reasoning to defend his opinions and that he made very good lists and posts, now I see TheEvilNuggetCookie as a pretty great user.

15 CastlevaniaFanboy128

Yo, man! He was one of my first friends on the website! I know he isn't as active as he was in his prime, but he's contributed a lot of great content to this website! Plus, he was one of the many users I looked up to along with htoutlaws2012.

16 DCfnaf

I'm pretty sure he should still technically qualify as a Gen-16 user since he joined in early 2016. Still awesome, either way.

17 Elina
18 Metal_Treasure
19 LightningBlade

Was one of the greatest users of that time.

20 Swellow

He's pretty close to me and we're great friends here.

21 phillysports

Can anyone please tell me why phillysports hasn't been added to this list already? He's a phenomenal user when it comes to content. It goes without saying that he truly puts heart and passion into making his lists whenever he talks about sports, movies, animation, music, and just about anything he's into. The guy's all about quality, indeed. That, and he's a pretty chill guy to talk to. Jimmy definitely deserves a lot more praise and attention as a TTT user.

22 moonwolf

Moonwolf has been on this site since at least 2014.

23 kempokid
24 BoredJeff02
25 NikBrusk
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