Top 10 Facts About McGillacuddy

I wanted to make this list so people would get to know me a little better. I also thought it would be better to make a list instead of filling up my profile bio.
The Top Ten
1 I take Tae Kwon Do classes

If you want to lose some weight, take a martial arts class. They'll work you to the limit. It's also a fun hobby to get into and very positive when using the Korean codes of honor for each belt.

White: Discipline
Yellow: Respect
Orange: Courage (I'm currently at this one)
Purple: Modesty
Green: Honesty
Blue: Love (My first goal. This is where my Master said I'll be ready for tournaments)
Brown: Cooperation
Red: Perserverance
Advanced Red: Responsibility
Senior Red: Leadership
Black: Humbleness

I also love TKD because it raises the hell out of my confidence. It makes me feel accomplished.

2 I adore clothes

Walking around with clean, good-looking gear on always makes me feel good and brightens my day. I'm into mostly casual clothing. I like hip-hop clothes, designer clothes, and skateboarding clothes the most because it's what I look best in. I also wear a hat on my head most of the time; either skateboard hats or fedoras.

3 I love wallabies

I never mentioned this because I thought people would be confused but yes, I really like wallabies. Basically, a wallaby is like a miniature kangaroo. Main reason I like them so much is because they look like cool pets to own if it was legal. I really like pets, by the way. They're like little buddies for me to have when I'm feeling lonely.

4 TheTopTens is my personal Facebook

I rarely use Facebook and I'm actually not too sure why, but ever since I've been on TTT it just made me feel more comfortable with using a social network.

5 I hate pepper vegetables
6 I wish to visit my dream destinations

Which would be Italy, Orlando, Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan.

7 I want to try becoming a rapper

I've always thought about rapping, to be honest. I really have the voice for it, actually. I try to freestyle most of the time but it's harder than it may seem, although, my voice sounds pretty unique and I can actually get into a good flow, so I thought it would be pretty coot to at least give it a try one day. I don't want to be anything major, really. Just some small Soundcloud star or something, mainly because my lyrics probably wouldn't match what the public would want. I've never had a life in the ghetto streets or a life of nothing but wealth, so I'm thinking that maybe my lyrics would be more about myself personally, my thoughts, and the way I feel about certain things, which may not interest people so I have to get some good music production in to pull listeners in. I also have a lot inspirations that I can't name all of them.

8 I have vampire teeth
9 I look like a cartoon character

Many people said that I actually look like someone who would be in a cartoon, and I think it's because of my big eyes. It's kinda the reason why my profile picture is Huey from Boondocks. My sister said that I look like him, even though I really don't, but he's probably the closest representation of me, I guess.

10 I am black
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