Top 10 Pieces of Advice for New TopTenners

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1 Stay. Don't retire.

I don't even know how the whole "retiring" process works, so to the best of my knowledge, I couldn't retire if I wanted to.

Yes, this website is like the human race, if there aren't any new users, the population will fall untill it reaches zero.

Always happy to see another member stay a while.

I'd like to stay.

2 Don't add yourself in any user ranking list.

Generally speaking, I adhere to this rule, but early on I submitted myself to Top 10 Users of TheTopTens, out of curiosity as a pose to arrogance, seeing as I was a nobody at the time.

I wish I read this in December 2017. I made a fan account for myself to add myself to good user ranking lists, that was not a good idea.

All you prove is that you like yourself. Which, while it's good to like yourself, means nothing.

Yes thank you. Wait a while until you're popular enough for other people to add you.

3 Be yourself

The only way I was not myself at first was because at first, I was very partisan and did not like people who like Barack Obama, but that changed both in real life and on TheTopTens, for the better.

4 Try to get amazing achievements

Can't say I worried about this that much, at first, since I didn't know how to get said amazing achievements, but I'm doing pretty good with that.

5 Be creative and funny in making lists

I find it easier to make creative and funny lists. Thinking outside of the box is easier than making lists like "Easiest Ukulele Chords". It might sound weird but that's simply my strategy.

A better thing to say is think outside the box. Think of something that would make people notice you, and interested to see more. That's what got me so popular here.

Creative? Check. Funny? Uh... maybe? I'm definitely funnier when commenting on lists than making them.

So my nonsense lists are better than my old, sensible music lists?

6 If you stay for 3 or 4 months and you still have no attention, start Inboxing other users.

That's a good way to start. Talk with other users, follow them and surely they will follow you back.

Okay. I mean, I'm not that concerned with being popular, but messaging people seems to be the way to get said attention

That's what I did

7 Make a list Involving something to rant or laugh about
8 Don't worry about being popular

I'm not worried about being popular. I just do what I want, make lists and posts, and visit other people's lists and stuff. If I become popular then whatever, if I don't then who cares. So this piece of advice is definitely worth remembering.

Never have worried about being popular. Apparently, I am kind of popular anyways, though.

The only item that deserves to be number #1 on this list.

9 Don't get addicted to TheTopTens

The reason is you get addicted to it and you miss other things in life and later you feel that you need your life back so you retire.

If you visit this site less often, you won't "retire", right?

Might be a bit late for that.

Well, I am addicted...

10 Moderate your post comments

I commented on a lot of posts, but some users don't know about it. It is one of the most unnoticed things on TTT. They think no one commented on their posts.

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11 Be kind to others.

The most important thing to do on TheTopTens is this item, to be kind to others. People hold onto those who are really sweet and caring. If you're the complete opposite of that, then you won't get friends that easily. Just be nice in general to everyone, even those who are jerks. There are lots of TopTenners on here that are loved and are popular mainly because they're nice

I don't think I said anything very mean. At first, I wasn't very considering of opinions, and I would call that time period "the Drunken Days," because that's exactly how I imagine I acted, but now, I'm quite the pacifist.

Yes. I didn't think it was any sort of rocket science to be a good TopTenner. Just work hard to make good content, and be nice and respectful.

12 Make a blog Post
13 Don't make lists like "Reasons why I suck"

Lists like "Why I Suck" seem to be popping up everywhere (or maybe have been around for a while and I just never noticed in some cases?) and I'm starting to feel like I'm damage control. So far, I've uplifted one user, and tried with two.

All you're doing is making people pity you, no one really wants to do that.

That's a way to get a lot of attention,but not necessarily positive.

I might do that.

14 Give respect to others' opinions

You don't have to hate a user for liking a different song.

15 Don't poke your nose into user wars.

I like being a voice of reason, but I admit it's the smart thing to stay out. That's not to say I'll refrain from speaking a strong opinion. It really depends on the situation whether or not ill butt in.

While other people might not like that, I love it. I love entering myself in the tension and creating it. Sorry if you don't like me, that's just the way I am.

This is something I try to follow, and since I've never had a dispute with another member, it seems to be working.

I like to poke my nose into it. Some of the things that actually makes this website interesting.

16 In some list, if an item is "your cat gets lost", don't add comments like "I don't have a cat"

If what people say doesn't apply to you, you don't have to make that public knowledge.

It would be annoying for the person who made the list.

17 Follow everyone

Okay, I get the logic behind this, but if you follow literally everyone, not only would that be a hard thing to consistently do with new users always joining, but as Kiteretsunu said, that's just attention-seeking. But if you follow your own followers back, I don't think that's such a bad thing.

The only reason someone would follow everyone is that they want to be followed by everyone. Which means it's for attention seeking purpose.

When you see the "online users" box, just click on all of them and click follow. It's a good way to boost your status as well as others'.

I only follow about sixty people. Certainly not almost everyone.

18 Read the Top 10 Pieces of Advice for New TopTenners list

Where's that, exactly?

19 Try to get along with everyone

This should be number one. I highly doubt I'd be where I am now- which isn't that far in contrast with others, but you get where I'm coming from- if I were some obnoxious d-wad

20 Add 10 items in your lists

The minimum is 4, but those kinds of lists never get attention.

21 Don't hold grudges against other people
22 Avoid spelling mistakes
23 Don't try to hack
24 You can't please everyone

Exactly. I didn't come back to please everyone anyway. I came back because I wanted to. I make lists for me, not for random internet people (but if you need to give me constructive criticism then I'll pay attention. Just don't be a douche about).

25 Don't spam lists
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