Top Ten Most Frustrating Things About Being a TopTenner

Being a TopTenner is very fun. While it doesn't pay any actual money, there is nothing more satisfying than publishing a list for all the world to see. However, there are certain things about being a TopTenner that are just annoying and can tick anyone off!
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1 There are too many lists that have already been made.

Easily the hardest part about being a TopTenner is coming up with a list. With so many users on the site, there's pretty much a list for everything now. It's especially frustrating when you come up with a good idea for a list and go to create it, just to realize that it's already been made.

I'm confident there are still thousands of lists to be made. The world is big, and we've got only a mere fraction of lists already made. That's not to say it wont come with the cost of quality. That may be the scariest part.

2 You can't edit lists once you publish them

Say you make a list and then publish it. Then, a couple of weeks later, you want to change it. Then, you find out that you can't change the actual list! The only way to change the actual list is by voting on it, and I'll explain why that's bad in a second. You can edit your remix of the list, but nobody cares about your remixes most of the time.

3 When you make a good list that nobody votes on.

My most popular list Top Ten Thing To Do To A One Direction CD doesn't have a lot of votes. That's one of the downsides of not being a popular user.

I can think of a few lists I have made like this. Ahem, ahem (top ten stabbing westward songs! ) ahem, ahem.

This is just so frustrating. You'll spend hours on one list and no one even glances at it.

4 Some users get too much undeserved attention.

These are the ones who either say something bad and get hate bandwagoned on, or the ones doing the hating and gaining a bandwagon. In other words, bandwagoning pretty much will = undeserved attention and recognition.

It's not that PositronWildhawk, Britgirl, and Turkeyasylum are bad users, but there are other users out there people! Come on!

Maybe they inbox a lot of users.

5 Barely anybody knows about the site, so you sometimes feel like your work goes unappreciated.

TheTopTens is an amazing website, but with so many people getting wrapped up in things like instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, it's hard to come across someone who knows about TheTopTens. The fact that there are only so many people on the website can sometimes make you question if all of the lists you've made are really worth it. If nobody knows about your lists, what's the point of making them?

Reason number 1, there's too many people on this site so it's impossible to find anything new to add. Reason number 2, there's nobody on this site. New reason, people want things that are literally impossible.

6 Your remixes barely get any attention

Actually, a few of my remixes have gotten some decent attention. (Best Book Characters, advice for Gen-20 users, Nicest TopTenners, and a few others.) It may be kind of a sales ploy, but if you say something about your remix on the actual list, it gets some pretty good attention. Or at least that's how it worked for me, anyway.

As I just said, more often than not, nobody looks at your remixes! I don't know if people realize that making a remix of a list is just as hard as making an actual list!

I actually pay quite a bit of attention to remixes on albums/songs/bands if I need something new to listen to.

7 You can't delete a list

I made one called "reasons why The Wall is better than Dark Side Of The Moon". The reasons on that were ridiculous, I really want to delete it.

I would love to delete about five of my lists. I feel ashamed about one of the lists I published ages ago.

I've wanted to delete many of my lists.

8 Most of your replies never appear

My experience - maybe 10 out of 100 appeared. This ratio isn't good.

9 When your list gets merged
10 Many of your comments never appear

That's my case - about 50% of my comments never appear. No coarse language, poor formatting or spelling, or something like that. I don't write non sense or offensive comments, they are mostly informative. They are often results from some research I did. Some comments appear after the 3rd submission, some don't - even after the 5th try. Most of the info was lost because I didn't have copies of these comments to re-submit them.

I'm not talking about comments of this type: "Love it, enough said."
I usually write long comments. And I write lots of comments so the number of the lost comments is big, too. The Top Ten Stats say I've written 2,551 by far.

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11 You have been on here for years and still didn't get noticed

I didn't get noticed before I have been at least 8 months on TTT, but if I didn't got noticed, I could care less. I didn't had the intention to become popular, but I became pretty popular anyway so yeah...

12 People are unaware of your existence
13 It takes too long for your lists to be approved

Yeah, it took roughly 12 hours for "Words You Can Make Out of the Username 'HaiThere'" to get approved, but "Celebrities Who Surprisingly Use Stage Names" was almost instantly approved. Admin, how drunk were you when I made "Words You Can Make Out of the Username 'HaiThere'"? A few beers too many, I'd say.

At one point, it takes about 20 minutes. Sometimes, it takes about an hour. And there are times where it could take you about 6+hours.

It's not a problem - 12 hrs max. Some of my lists were approved within 5-15 minutes.

14 It takes forever to level up

I actually leveled up pretty quickly. Did I level up the fastest? No, but I'm pretty close to "Le Grand Schtroumpf" and I've only been a TopTenner for a little more than a year.

Yes it does, take a long time and effort.

15 When you see somebody else's page and it's full of accomplishments

Really? I'll be honest, I've never put effort towards achieving an accomplishment. they just happen as time goes on. It actually just occurred to me that those were things you want to achieve... Wow I feel stupid.

I hate it when this happens! I normally don't get jealous, but when I see users that have a page full of huge accomplishments, it really makes me feel smaller.

I try to get a lot of achievements but it takes time.

16 When you publish a list that has a typo in it

Don't worry - you can use an option, which is always available on every page:
"List Error Reporting
See an item on this list that's misspelled, duplicated, or doesn't belong? Let us know. Click here to report the error."
However, it can take forever for your items to be corrected;
and sometimes you have to send the error report several times (periodically) but in 90% of cases, it works.

I still laugh at the title of one of my first lists "Top Ten Interesting Facts About TheTopTens User Tyrkeyasylum". It's probably the most embarrassing typo on the whole site...

17 It takes forever for new added items to appear on a list

This happened to me a lot. It's very frustrating

18 When you make a list that just sucks

If this site ever gets a delete button, I'll probably delete at least four of my lists...

There are a couple (or a lot) that come to mind that I wish I could delete... So badly... !

Every TopTenner has made a subpar list before, and it's no fun. I hate going back and seeing one of my lists and thinking, "Wow… this reeaaally sucks! "

19 It takes too long for your comments to be approved
20 You can vote on your own lists

Why is this a bad thing? Because it gives you the ability to give yourself a false sense of accomplishment. Think about it. If you vote on all of your lists and then look at your voting chart, you'll think "Yay! People love my lists! " Then you'll realize that nobody voted on your list, and it was just you.

21 When you spend hours on a post and nobody comments on it

I guess that depends on the subject and the way the post is made

22 People hate on you simply for making a large amount of lists
23 Being suspended

It is just unfair when they want to do something which requires an account!

Especially when you were suspended for no reason, which happened to me

24 The images that you add take too much time to be approved or they never get approved at all

Actually, most of my images have been approved pretty quickly. About a day at the longest.

25 Trying to add a new item but it doesn't go up
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