Top Ten Ways to Annoy the User Selfdestruct

Come on people be brave this is going to be a awesome list
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1 Praise Jackie Evancho

Personally I think Jackie Evancho is overrated when it comes to this site. So many great voices and talents throughout the years and I have to have some singer that's younger than me that I've never heard before shoved down my throat. Sorry fans, but she's not my type.

2 Say Rick Ross and Sage the Gemini suck

Sage the Gemini? More like Sage the Cancer!

3 Say Classical music is way better than Rap Music

Be adament, people! Create a detailed, irrefutable case in favour of this solid fact, which is certainly more than he's ever done.

This argument is un-necessary to make, because Rap is not "music".

4 Say Uptown Funk is awesome

Bruno Mars, at one point, shout shut up about having sex with girls in the 80s.

The song was overplayed, and now I hate it.

Yes it is a awesome song it is the best song ever you should listen to it

5 Praise Deadmau5

A hard working hardcore perfectionist of a musician. Shame he malfunctions whenever someone says that.

6 Say Need for Speed sucks

Or just praise Legend Of Zelda or any Nintendo franchise other than smash bros.

The game or the movie? If it's the movie, he probably doesn't like Fast and Furious.

7 Make him give his money to charity

Go to the list that's about Justin Bieber and Jackie Evancho,he said Jusin Bieber uses his money better than Jackie Evancho because he buy awesome cars and clothes while she WASTES it on charity and animal shelters!
SelfDestruct is so cold hearted! No wonder his name is selfDestruct!

I hacked your bank account and gave all your money to charity!

Can't we just go Robin Hood on this "rich" jerk?

8 Diss Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd are talentless hacks who can't make a remotely good song to save their lives. There. I've dissed Rae Sremmurd.

Rae Sremmurd sucks. Period. Worst band ever.

9 Praise Shawn Mendes

If SelfDestruct likes Taylor Swift why's he write the list "Top Ten Reasons To Hate Shawn Mendes"?
Read below why he's a Taylor Swift "soundalike". PS His vocals are so high-pitched he sounds like Taylor Swift from Fearless and 1989.

Oh I forgot to tell you! This teenager now does country-pop and pop music, like Taylor Swift. Hear Shawn sing country music in "Air".

At least praise Taylor Swift. If you praise her, especially for her Ou2008 album, you might be praising Shawn because he got some of his inspiration for songs from her songs, like "Tim McGraw", "22", "Bad Blood", I Wish You Would", "Sparks Fly", "You're Not Sorry", "Red", and A LOT MORE TAYLOR SWIFT SONGS. He looks like Taylor Swift except for dark hair (He does wear at least cherry lipgloss.)

10 Say Lupe Fisasco is the best rapper out
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11 Call Jiemma from Fairy Tail Useless
12 Say Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Z is the best female anime character EVER!

That would be perfect! Throw in Lucy Heartfilia as well!

13 Praise Kirei Kotomine
14 Have everyone play Kim Kardashian Hollywood
15 Praise Justin Bieber
16 Praise Kendrick Lamar
17 Praise Code Geass

You know. It's actually quite funny because I also like Code Geass! It's just I loathed the main protagonist so much he deserved to be in the worst anime characters list!

18 Praise Lucy Heartfilia

I don't like Lucy Heartfilia either, but think praising her would really get the job done of annoying SelfDestruct.

19 Say Sword Art Online is better than Overlord and Log Horizon
20 Praise Nintendo, hate EA
21 Say Nintendo is good
22 Praise Elle King
23 Diss Meek Mill
24 Praise Adele
25 Praise the Beatles and Queen
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