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1 Greek Mythology

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No words

Pretty overrated at times but worth it since it is too cool to be true.

The best, most popular, and interesting kind!

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2 Norse Mythology

Easily the most interesting. On one hand there are so few sources, but on other hand the ones we have tend to be more consistent, though not always. But most of them were written by Christians, of course, as well as Arabic people, since the Old Norse people did not tend to be well-versed in written languages before the Christianization of the nations. It has amazing, epic, but also surreal tales of a creature having their feet breed with one another and birthing beings out of his armpits, and has all the trappings of modern, or 1950s, fantasy literature. Even today's fantasy literature. But only it still feels fresh and its own. The idea of a world tree with many different worlds planted on it are very fascinating to me as well. We have had mountains, humanoid bodies and many other kinds of cosmologies across the world, but I love my ancestors' idea of a giant tree the most. Then there are the people of our nations themselves. They were big believers in honour, winning honour and ...more

cause ya

So brilliantly fascinating, from Ymir to Ragnarök. So many brilliant stories, I recommend the book 'norse mythology' by Neil Gaman for anyone even remotely interested in it.

3 Arthurian Mythology
4 Irish Mythology
5 Egyptian Mythology

It should be first it is my belief!

How is This at least not in 3rd

6 Roman Mythology
7 Hindu Mythology

What's not to love about these stories? From the Pandavas to the Gods, Hindu mythology has it all!

Jai Hind!

8 Persian Mythology
9 Celtic Mythology

Celtic is awesome it should be way higher.

10 Chinese Mythology

What did chinese mythologist do

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11 Japanese Mythology
12 Christian Mythology
13 Germanic Mythology
14 Maya Mythology
15 Buddhist Mythology
16 Jewish Mythology
17 Inca Mythology
18 Romani Mythology
19 Aztec Mythology
20 Babylonian Mythology
21 Kek Worship mythology

Hail Kek!

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