Top Ten Most Underrated NBA Shooting Guards of All-Time

Most underrated shooting guards in NBA History. These player will either be underlooked or underappreciated in their playing career

The Top Ten

1 Tracy McGrady Tracy McGrady Tracy Lamar McGrady Jr. is an American retired professional basketball player who is best known for his career in the National Basketball Association, where he played as both a shooting guard and small forward.

Personally Tracy is one of my favorite players of all-time. He was just so well rounded. He was pretty much the equivalent of the ideal player you would want on your team. It's just people won't even put him on the top ten SGs list or even the top 100 players of all-time. - 2storm

McGrady no doubt was a great player, but I think injuries first robbed him of some years, and then robbed him of his athletic ability. He's a great player to idolize. He probably would make my list of top 100 players - Ned964

2 Jerry West Jerry West Jerry Alan West is an American retired basketball player who played his entire professional career for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association.

When you say "most people", you mean children like the members of TTT. All actual basketball fans older than South Park know exactly how great he was. Essentially the same career scoring average as Durant and Lebron. As one of history's greatest long-distance shooters, he managed this without the 3-pointer.

Most people don't even know who Mr. Clutch is and it makes me so sad. He was one of the greatest Lakers and one of the best players overall ever. - 2storm

3 Reggie Miller

I just checked the Top Ten Shooting Guards of All-time list and he is number 26. What the heck he should at least top 10. Probably one of the best all around players ever. - 2storm

4 Ray Allen Ray Allen Walter Ray Allen, Jr. is a former American professional basketball player who is currently a free agent.

People think Steph Curry is better than Ray Allen. Enough said. - 2storm

5 Tony Allen Tony Allen Anthony "Tony" Allen is an American professional basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association.

I think he is the second greatest defensive shooting guard of all time behind only Jordan. He is a great 3 point shooter also. THE FACT THAT NOBODY THINKS ABOUT THIS GUY MAKES ME SO MAD!

Two Allen's on this list interesting. Tony was probably one of the best defensive shooting guards ever. - 2storm

6 Gail Goodrich

No one even remembers Gail one of the greatest shooting SGS of All-time. - 2storm

7 Hal Greer

Played with the classic 76ers - 2storm

8 Klay Thompson Klay Thompson Klay Alexander Thompson is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association.

Klay don't play when it comes to his talent. He is really underappreciated. - 2storm

9 David Thompson

One of the best dunkers competed with Dr. J a lot. - 2storm

10 Eric Gordon Eric Gordon

I know early in this career he was overrated, but late in his career he was underrated. - 2storm

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