Top 10 Most Underrated Pixar Movies


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1 A Bug's Life

Many say it wasn't as good as the similar Antz, but it wasn't bad. - Gunner224

I love this movie! I even loved it as a kid. I remember first seeing it and being STUNNED at how good it was. Too sad many people just don't know this masterpiece

2 Cars

Why does this movie get so much hate? - Gunner224

I think it's more underrated than A Bug's Life.

This may be the worst Pixar movie, but the Cars duology does not deserve that much hate. - The Ultimate Daredevil

3 Monsters University

This movie wasn't bad, but it was nowhere near the magic of Monsters, Inc. - Gunner224

4 Ratatouille

This movie was actually REALLY good. - Gunner224

So much better than cars which both of them were garbage - lolsy

5 Brave
6 Toy Story 3
7 Cars 2

The only Pixar film with mixed reception

Please see Bobsheaux's review to see why Cars 2 is literally good.

8 The Good Dinosaur
9 Wall-E

Underrated because people say Toy Story 3 is better when it's not. Wall-E is the best Pixar movie, but people don't give it the credit it deserves. - LarkwingFlight

They're on par in my opinion. The characters I, Kieran Glen Harris Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil am EVE, James P. Sullivan, Lightning McQueen, Colette, Ellie Frederickson and Buzz Lightyear of all Pixar characters.

10 Monsters, Inc.

This one is better than: Up, Wall-E, and Id sat it, its even better than the Incredibles. Only Toy Story surpasses the classic-ness level and genius film-making of Monsters inc. its genius.

The Contenders

11 Big Hero 6

It's extremely underrated because it's warm, very specially animated and has extremely strong characters. It's not really a Pixar movie, however. - Kieran Stark aka The ultimate Daredevil

12 The Incredibles
13 Toy Story 2
14 Toy Story that Time Forgot
15 Finding Dory
16 Inside Out (2015)
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1. Ratatouille
2. The Good Dinosaur
1. Cars
2. Monsters University
3. A Bug's Life
1. A Bug's Life
2. Brave
3. Monsters University



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