Top Ten Unimportant Things Which are Considered "Important"

This list came about when two women sitting behind me on the bus were moaning about how the wind has messed up their hair and how they "look a fright" and having to rush to the nearest mirror to "sort out" their face, like it's the end of the world! They should have seen the state of me to realise that some things are just not that important.

Feel free to add what you consider is an unimportant "important" thing if you like. Or maybe doing so is just not that important.
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1 Other peoples' opinion of you

I liked your comment, V, and I agree. I think the same. I have very few friends and a loving family and it's their opinion of me that matters, not other people I don't care about. But other people do care. It seems to be so important for some people to have their ego massaged at every opportunity, even if they don't care about the people they get it from.

Peoples opinions of you could be viewed as important for certain people for the following reason.
-It could help you with self improvement if you have certain issues. This could lead to making more friends, and getting a girlfriend/boyfriend because you can learn to get rid of your annoying tendencies.

Everyone would prefer to be liked, T, but never, ever, at the cost of pretending to be someone else. Works for me. Maybe I can count my friends on fewer than the fingers of one hand, but they're actually friends. Not just people I happen to know. Nuther good list.

I remember one rule -

What all think about me is not my Business, I don't give a damn care on them. My family & I know better who I'm

2 Appearances

Why does anybody even care what they look like? I used to when I was young, but then I realized that it was unimportant. I care very little for looks now.

I don't really care about looks, beyond personal hygiene and health. Beyond that, this whole concern about appearance and looks in our culture is not only ridiculous but dangerous, encouraging disgusting things like plastic surgery and whatnot.

I don't care what I look like. I never wore makeup (except one time I had to paint my fingernails, YOWCH! ) and I don't care if my clothes impress people. If I'd get a GradeAunderA top or hoodie for Christmas (Not certain if I would), I wouldn't care what people say if they see me wearing it neither.

I'm not appreciating myself, But many people like me for my looks But I hate that. I want People to like me for who I'm, for my heart, for my thoughts not for my looks. Beauty is in Soul not in Facial Features

3 Celebrities

The airheaded worshiping the brain-dead. And the culture continues to unravel.

10/10 this list. I 100% agree with with this one, everyone at my school doesn't give a crap about Led Zepplen

Like why are they so important? They are just like everyone else

Celebrities are all humans just like everyone else, but what would Harambe be?

4 Super fast broadband

I don't have superfast broadband. How terrible! I could be homeless, lacking in food, dying and many other more horrible things. But my lack of superfast broadband... that's the worst!

5 Wealth

While having mountains of money isn't a necessity, the point should be made that a certain amount of wealth is important, because it will pay for necessities like food, shelter, and clothing.

Remember what we read in schools?
If Wealth is lost nothing is lost
But If Health is lost something is lost
& If " Character " is lost everything is lost

Money is totally unimportant... unless you don't have it.

6 Whether or not you or someone else is still a virgin

I hate it when people boast that they've lost their virginity, as if it's something to be proud of.

Ya got me! I been spoilt.

Let's just say I cain't wear white, which is just as well, bein' a slob 'n' all:).

7 Holidays/Vacations

Studies have shown that people who take vacations have less stress, a better outlook on life, and better mental health. Schools have breaks for a good reason: to give yourself time away from your schoolwork to improve your mental health.

Holidays are important, because they can show our human side. They show emotion and celebration. Valentines day is a clear example, because it shows ones love for each other. Another example is Christmas/Hanukah expressing and celebrating ones religious beliefs.

V, I was actually referring to those people who moan about only being able to go on one holiday abroad this year instead of the usual two, because money is "tight".
Shall we take a minutes' silence for them? You're right, though, it isn't about where you go or what you do, it's who you are with that matters. You ARE being deep today! :).

Shouldn't be about the holiday per se, but about the people you care about. (Damn. I be deep this mornin'. What the hell happened? :).

8 Being popular

There were a few subversive lines near the end of "The Wizard Of Oz." The one that here applies is, "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." Aside from being a rejection of Christian principles, it was a sneaky piece of collectivist propaganda both at the political level, and the personal level, where it inserts the damaging idea that self-worth is derived from others' opinion. Deviously devised to suppress the individual; creating a social need to go along with the herd, over a cliff, if necessary. Giv'er a think, fore ya decide I'm crazy (may be too late for that).

Haha... It is true. Being Popular is boring for me cause everyone love to do that. I'm unique I love being different & Reserve

I'm different and proud. I would hate to be popular.

9 Thanksgiving

If Thanksgiving is so important, why is America the only country in the world that celebrates it? Thanksgiving is just like every other American-Only holiday - Nothing but an excuse to eat a huge amount, an excuse for extreme life-threatening cases of obesity.

Wow, who added this? Thanksgiving is very important. Ungratefulness and a sense of entitlement are a huge problem in our society. The fact that someone added this just further proves my point. Ugh.

They're celebrating how they wiped out the native population! Ever seen a native American celebrating thanksgiving?

It's important but people make too big of a deal about it.Christmas easter and good Friday are way more important

10 Religion

What is important about a random dead guy?

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11 Marital status

Ya mean, worryin' bout not bein' married, or worryin' bout the gorilla someone else might be married TO? ;).

12 The latest gadgets

The latest gadgets are not vital for life, but is viewed important by many. These devices assist people make talk with loved ones from across the earth, view the news, give alerts on heath issues and help people drive more efficiently through gps systems. You wouldn't have even be able to have posted this list without the latest gadgets, or make plans with friends.

13 Porn
14 Makeup
15 Death

Of course this is important!

16 What other people like
17 Watching the latest episode of a TV show right away
18 Birthdays

If you consider birthdays unimportant, you must be fun at parties.

In all seriousness, why is this even on the list?

19 Video Games
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