Top Ten Warrior Cat Villains 

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1 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, more.

I don't even have to say anything to say how bad Tigerstar is. Without him, all of these cats would not have died: (both directly and indirectly)

Spottedleaf (second time)
Hawkfrost (well Hawkfrost deserved to die)
Did I mention Bluestar and Firestar!
Tadpole--If he hadn't broken the warrior code and had kits with Sasha then Tadpole wouldn't have lived, or died. Calls others half-blood, disloyal, traitor, yet doesn't kill his own kits, Bramblestar and Tawnypelt, Sasha, Mothwing and Hawkfrost, the Dark Forest Cats, and most of all HIMSELF! Just wow, Tigerstar. If he existed in real life I would go up to him, pick him up, tie him up with nylon ropes, and leave him like that to slowly be strangled or starve to death.

If you have read Warriors: The Ultimate Guide, you would know that Tigerstar scorned the StarClan cats' advice ...more

HAWKFROST WAS MANIPULATED! He killed himself indirectly also :3. - Catsarah123

He is just plain evil and killed everyone and anyone in his path to bloodshed! Like, gross! I sometimes have crushes on evil cats, but you, you just are too much! I HATE YOU AND WILL NEVER HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU!

Tigerstar killed plenty of cats there for I think he is the top villain he also left 2 clans and made his own clan also he became a rouge he got dogs and killed some cats

Tigerstar killed SO. MANY. CATS. UGH. Why, though? Couldn't be have gotten power by being a loyal warrior? WHY DID HE NEED POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE? I absolutely love Bluestar as my favourite cat, but was she blind? Die, Tigerstar!

2 Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character from the Warrior Cats series. He is a dark brown tabby tom with a bent tail and orange eyes. Brokenstar was a former Shadowclan leader and a member of the Dark Forest. His mother is Yellowfang and his father is Raggedstar.

He murdered His own father, Raggestar to be leader he also broke the warrior code by apprenticing kits to early, because of him many cats died in all clans.

So evil! Forced kits who were too young to fight! And Badgerpaw died because of him! He's pure evil!

He killed his fether, Banished his mother, Broke the warrior code more than once and killed many cats in all clans.

He kills his father, a queens kits, and he trains kits at 3 moons, totally breaking the warrior code. SUPER EVIL

3 Thistleclaw

I hate him! If It wasn't for Thistleclaw, Scourge wouldn't be evil, and neither would Tigerstar! The riverclan patrol that killed him is the greatest hero (well, actually Jay's Wing is the hero for creating the tribe so they knew about dreams and could make the clans and save warriors from being all about dumb aincients who barely know or do anything but that is totally unrelated!)!

It was Thistleclaw that convinced Tigerpaw/star into attacking Tiny/Scourge. If Thistleclaw never mentored Tigerstar, he might not have been so evil, Scourge wouldn't have turned bad, and Tigerstar would've been alive. It's all Thistleclaw's fault!

It's not Thistleclaw's fault. Would you be the happiest cat on earth if your mate was killed, and her sister mysteriously was the only one with her? And then they stole all your kit's attention? Yes, he cheered for more violence than most cats, but does that make him evil? It doesn't justify it, but it doesn't make him evil.

Most people would pick tigerstar or scourge but thistleclaw is the reason they are both evil. When tigerstar was an apprentice thistleclaw was his mentor scourge was a kit wandering in the streets his name was tiny by that time. Just because tiny was a kittypet thistleclaw told tigerstar or (tigerpaw) to attack poor tiny. Then bluestar told him to stop. Poor scourge was wounded. Later though scourge got revenge on tigerstar by killing him and tigerstar never knew that scourge was the one he almost killed as an apprentice so scourge and tigerstar are evil all because f thistleclaw and thistleclaw had no respect for his elders if he were leader we would kill them all so blame all of it on thistleclaw to learn more read scourge's revenge I think? And bluestar's prophecy (: that is all

He was the reason why Tigerstar even turned evil! He is the start of all the evil in the series, for crying out loud! I don't think he is the evilest cat (I hate you Tigerstar) but he should DEFINITELY be top 5 on this list.

4 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

Scourge wrocks... he is evil and insane (HUGE EGO) at the same time
Evilness insanity = awsomness squared

I dislike firestar for killing scourge scourge is so amazing

It is not on the top! How dare you! I luffles SCOURGE! Mumbles: stupid firestar... WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE! Poor baby had a rough life... Mumbles AGAIN: stupid socks and ruby... *cries very hard* HE IS SO EPIC! I miss him...

Did you ever think to recall the moment that SCOURGE killed Firestar? And then Firestar came back to life and killed Scourge? Yeah.

Look, I didn't vote for him because I thought he was evil. I voted him because he is one of the most amazing characters in Warriors. He was bullied by his own siblings and ran to the forest because he was upset. It wasn't like he could go make another friend and everything would become perfect, Socks and Ruby still would bully him anyway. So he ran to the forest to get away from them. Apparently he did that at the wrong time, when Tigerpaw and Thistleclaw were there. So eventually he decided that he was useless in this world, and he madw his own clan to cope with the feeling and let all his anger out. Which is relatable. But, he did it the wrong way and starting a clan only fuled his anger. So, he went insane and he lost control over himself, something that is NOT HIS FAULT. If you want to get mad, blame Ruby and Socks, not him. Eventually, he met his untimely demise when Firestar MURDERED him. And, I am a HUGE fan of Firestar but I never thought he would break the warrior code that ...more

Guess what? Everyone gets a little bullied, but to kill OTHER innocent cats because you were bullied? NO. He killed Firestar! - Swiftdawn

5 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest.

I LOVE Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw, and I'm sad that Hawkfrost couldnt've been more like Brambleclaw and use his strenght and skills to kill Tigerstar's spirit and help the clans

Do any of you see him with little Ivy? I do. I wish Hawkfrost was more like Brambleclaw also! - Catsarah123

HAWkFROST KILLED ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS and I don’t like that Hollyleaf never did anything to him and he killed her he took after his father

Ok he would no have been evil if he weren't HAUNTED BY PAPPA EVIL PANTS.

Hawfrost should be #2. He plotted against Firestar, tried to kill his kin, brambleclaw, and was super clever in doing so. so... he is my favorite bc he was the smartest one

I think Tigerstar was the smartest, but yes Hawkfrost is up there - FrostfeatherofSnowClan

6 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

It is so unfair how she was rejected by everyone and all she tried to do was be nice and kind and care for her kits! To be honest, I think we all would have gone crazy if we got rejected 2 times, our kits died, and got blamed for their deaths, YOU CAN'T BLAME HER! I'm SORRY MAPLESHADE!

She killed 3 cats who helped murder her kits.

Does anyone feel unfair when bluestar was mate with oakheart and gets to be leader ad go to starclan while mapleshade went to dark forest while no one pity her kits?

Mapleshade is one of the only female villains! Of course she deserves to be higher on the list!

7 Sol

He was the most powerful villain because he almost destroyed the clans from within without even lifting a paw.

He is so smart and maniplulative! Yes, he is a bad cat, but that is only because skyclan banished him!

He's more powerful than the others because he almost destroyed a whole clan without physically hurting anyone.

He kitnapped (do you get my pun) kits and hid them so he could be a hero and save the kits

8 Ashfur

I can see how some may think Ash is evil, but he was just jealous. Because of Brambleclaw, two of the cats on this list, who just happen to be my favorites, were somehow badly affected by Brambleclaw. Ashfur deserved Squirrelflight.

Ashfur must be the most relatable villain in the entire series. I felt just like Ashfur once when my friend pranked me that she was dating my crush.

I don't think Ashfur is EVIL I think he was just understood :/

Misunderstood? He tried to murder four cats because a she-cat didn't love him romantically. Ashfur deserved to go to the Dark forests, he's a psychopath! - MoonShine00

ashfur was just a crazy and mad cat that squirrelflight didn't like him, but instead liked brambleclaw

9 Clawface

I hate Clawface! If it weren't for him, Spottedleaf would still be alive!

ok, this guy should be number 4 not 5. I mean he killed a flipping medicine cat! That is way against the warrior code.

Clawface and Ashfur are THE Worst cats ever. (Well Close, anyway) Spottedleaf is a wonderful cat, and Ashfur is just heartless. I laughed when he died. HA! Good riddance. But I think Hollyleaf should be like 12th. She ruined Squirrelflight and Leafpool's lives! But I'm glad she killed Ashfur. As for Clawface, thank you Graystripe. (:

What do you mean?... Squirrelflight was the one that accepted being her 'foster mother' at the first place. Oh, so now it's all HOLLYLEAF'S fault. Cause Leafpool HAD to be with Crowfeather, right? Get pregnant and then put your sister in charge? This just made a huge impact in Hollyleaf's life, and went insane for a little bit. - stxpid

CLAWFACE IS STUPID! Spottedleaf was inicent! Clawface was such a jerk. I am so glad that rat is outa here! Just walks into the thunderclan camp, kills spottedleaf, takes kits, and walks out. Too bad clawface, you died 2 times and I bet they were painful. BY! BY! Poor, poor, spottedleaf... Died two times at the claws of evil, rotten, heartless, and stupid cats!

10 Darkstripe

Really quite a good villain. He was a self serving coward. And I mean that as a compliment. I like being called a coward. And self/serving.

He is quite a good villain and a good friend to Tigerstar/claw

He's a great villain. Doesn't care about anything but being at the top of the food chain, clever obnoxious and a follower

I adore Darkstripe, even though he's evil. I found him very interesting to read about, and I got really sad when he died. But I think we'll be seeing more of him soon... *wink wink*

The Contenders

11 Bone

He killed Whitestorm THEN WAS KILLED BY A BUNCH OF APPS YAS by the way vote Bone if you want pity for Whitestorm!

I don't really like Bone. However, we can say he's very strong to live a life eating garbage and fighting other cats and dogs for the territory. He was killed by apprentices, but they were a lot of apprentices. And when everybody jumps on you, what do you do? You fall down on the ground, while the apprentices try to kill you. Yes. Apprentices. It's a bit embarrassing, but Bone was strong enough to kill Whitestorm, a senior warrior.

I don't care for Bone. Like I said on the Clawface one, he was just following orders. Put yourself in the character's shoes (more like paws) and see why they do what they do. Bone killed under clear instructions from his leader, and there was a war going on between the clans, so it would be understandable if you had to resort to killing.

He killed my favorite cat, whitestorm. Boy, I wanted to kill bone for that. Thank you all apprentices for killing him

12 Sharptooth

Guys, I personally do not think of Sharptooth as a villain. He was merely a mountain lion trying to survive. Mountain lions count cats as prey and what do the warriors do when they see prey? They catch it for their clan. It's no different for Sharptooth; put yourself in the character's shoes and think of why they do the things they do.

Ahem, aren't mountain lions cats too? The way I see it, mountain lions (like Sharptooth) are basically cannibals that eat the species descended from them. Just saying, *shrugs and walks off*. - Firemist

Sharptooth is a mountain lion. He is trying to survive, just like the Tribe. In this case, Sharpy is the predator. The Tribe were, how we'd say this in scientific terms, outcompeted. Sharptooth won, until he was outcompeted. He's not a villain. He's trying to survive, like the Tribe, like the Clans, like you and me.

He killed thousands of cats specifically Feathertail! STUPID SHARPTOOTH! Feathertail and Crowfeather forever, they were the best also the best couple EVER!

Lemme just say he should be on the bottom of this list. He wasn't really villain as opposed to a bad guy. Do you people consider Dustpelt evil because he supported Tigerstar? No! Because he didn't know he was evil. See. One bad act and your a villain.

13 Hawkheart

I so HATE him! He's a medicine cat he should not have killed moonflower! He did not have to at all did he!? I will hate you forever Hawkheart!

Why is Hawkheart the villain? WHAT ARE U GUYS THINKING?!? Rubbish, he was protecting the clan guys. It was wrong of thunderclan to steal Windclan's herbs. SO IT IS NOT HAWKHEART THAT KILLED MOONFLOWER IT WAS THUNDERCLAN. Thunderclan are the villains in this story, stealing herbs that could save lives of cats? Tut tut.

Hawk used to be a warrior and he killed moonflower because she was trying to destroy the heart of the clan but moonflower was just following orders so he didn't really need to kill her

He was a medicine cat! He wasn’t allowed to kill! - mutters- stupid Hawkheart

14 The rabbit that blinded Longtail

- Longtail happened to be my favourite cat in the entire series. He may have been a jerk to young Firestar, but who could blame him? Clearly the whole battle wasn't even that horrible if Bluestar didn't end it, and she also didn't punish Longtail for it.
I personally think Firestar was far overrated, especially if he managed to defeat Longtail, a trained warrior, right as soon as he leaves his Twolegs. It isn't logical.
I must've spent at least five minutes laughing at these comments. As soon as I saw the title, I instantly voted for it. That rabbit destroyed Longtail! My poor baby never hunted another mouse again.
Speaking about mice, Mousefur's is just as evil. True, had she not been so worried over old prey anyway, Longtail would more than likely be alive. But, if that mouse hadn't existed, Mousefur wouldn't have been so worried and there would not have been something to crush Longtail!

Yes rabbits are very evil, especially ones that hurt LONGTAIL.

That rabbit will die! Because if it does I wont
have to live hating rabbits.

Has any one forgotton that long tail was trying to kill the rabbit?

15 Blackfoot

He isn't evil, he was just ordered by Tigerstar. I don't believe that he carries evilness in his heart, he is one of my favourite cats in the entire series.

Guys. Are characters not allowed to develop over time? When he killed Stonefur, he was acting under orders, and I seriously doubt Tigerstar would have cared if Blackfoot had objections. He probably would have been killed himself if he had objected. If you're going to hate him for killing a cat, then you may as well hate Firestar or Graystripe too, because they've killed cats. You CANNOT ignore the fact that when Blackstar became leader of Shadowclan, they had given up all hope. He made them great again. He made them strong again. He wasn't the first cat to be manipulated by Sol, nor the last. Don't forget, the clans still thought Sol had predicted the eclipse, something not even Starclan had forseen. It was a poor judgement to let him into Shadowclan, but Blackstar realized his mistakes, and he helped to drive Sol out upon realizing the clans had been tricked. He certainly isn't evil, and he belongs in Starclan.

I feel Blackfoot/star is a really great villain. He had very good charater development.

I can't believe it! He kills Stonefur in cold-blood, and he gets rewarded? He gets to be a leader! You don't GET a bigger reward than that! I'll never let Stonefur's death go, I'll ALWAYS(! ) hold it against Blackfoot/star! ALWAYS!

He was just being loyal to Tigerstar! He totally deserves to be leader.

16 Willie

He made the twolegs despise Barley and Ravenpaw and tried to make the farm into a new BloodClan. And also... HE IS A BRUTAL CHICKEN MURDERER!

He killed those poor baby chicks, made Ravenpaw and Barley, leave the game, took advantage of their generosity, and was just a rude, traitor after all.

Willie sounds like Millie. And they are both idiots!

He sounds like something a dog left behind. "Come her Max and willie! " Don't you think?

17 Breezepelt

The art says it all, in Crowfeather’s trial Heathertail made him happy but he was misunderstood before that

Breeze was NOT manipulated by the dark forest because he and every cat there knew that the place of no stars is where you go if you've done something bad he CHOSE to attack the clan cats so stop making it out like her and no choice

Breezepelt was easily manipulated by the Dark Forest cats because can you really blame him? Crowfeather was being a terrible father to him and to make things worst, he finds out that he has half-siblings in ThunderClan. I actually like him and I kinda wish that he would get along with his half-brothers in the next series (wish is very unlikely to happen) and I wish that Crowfeather would become a much better father.

It's easy to think that Breezepelt is evil but listen, when he was young, he was neglected by his father! Then, his mother, feeling bad for him, spoiled him making him as a kit feel like the leader of a clan. It's not his fault that he grew up thinking that way! It's Crowfeather and Nightcloud's fault. He is a brat but it's not his fault!

18 Goosefeather

How was Goosefeather evil? Is it because he had that omen that ended up killing Moonflower? No, that was unexpected. Goosefeather didn't know Moonflower was going to die, and he didn't even kill her. Hawkheart did. If you read Goosefeather's Curse, you'll see why the way he acts. He's pretty underrated, honestly. He seems like an interesting character. His novella explains that he had a special gift to connect with other Starclan cats in the past, seeming like it's a curse. Sorry, but he shouldn't be here.

Goosefeather was NEVER a warrior apprentice. Plus, he didn't kill Moonflower. You're thinking of Hawkheart.

OH MY GOD! It's a person with a mental illness! That must mean they're evil!

How is this cat evil? He had no reason to be on here. He interrupted an omen wrong but so did every other cat. The fourth cat prophecy was interrupted wrong. The three though it might be Hollylead or Ivypool. they didn't find out Firestar was the fourth cat until he died saving his clan, does that make Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing evil? No! Of course not.

Goosefeather was never intended to be evil and never will be.

19 Stormtail

Honestly, I think that he is evil, only cause he fell in love with another cat, and also tried to save Dappletail instead of Moonflower

He did not care for his kits and he liked someone like who was younger then him and he was not in love with his mate

He didn't exactly like his own kits, and he liked another she-cat when he already had Moonflower! I don't like him! You'd think he should have a t least noticed when Moonflower died!

Stormtail was a terrible father (much more than Crowfeather), a terrible mate (much more than Crowfeather), and a cheater (much more than Crowfeather. Why am I comparing him to Crowfeather? I have no idea) but he was loyal to his clan and was (kinda) there for Bluestar when Snowfur died (KINDA).

20 Rainflower

If your gonna neglect your kits when they need you most, you probably shouldn't have had them in the first place.

I recently started reading Crookedstar's Promise and Rainflower is a piece of garbage.

I can't believe how horrible of a mother she was. It wasn't really Crookedstar's fault that the river current was so strong and he fell off a slipper stone. She decided HER OWN KIT was ugly and never was a good mother to him just because he broke his jaw.

She disowned her son and changed his name it's like if frostfur( brightheart's mom) changed her name to lostface

21 Darktail

He should be #1. He said he would let cats leave, but as they were leaving, he would ambush and drowned them!

He should be number one, he took over TWO clans pretty much, more than half of Shadowclan was on his side, and he took Riverclan's territory and captured about 4-5 Riverclan cats, he is also manipulative.

Oh man I HATE him he's killing innocent cats for no reason, I just started reading a vision of shadows and he is SO stupid I hate him!

He is so clever and evil! he nearly destroyed skyclan twice, nearly killed all of riverclan, and nearly took over shadowclan, and majorly overwhelming thunderclan and windclan! impressive!1

22 Snowtuft

Snowkit-Snowtuft AU! I do believe it. Even Snowtuft wasn't shown in the books that much, I love this villain.

I love Snowtuft, even if we don't see him much. He was just a Dark Forest warrior. That makes him a bit evil.

I really don't know why he is in the Dark Forest. However, I do love him.

This cat is evil because he is in the Darkforest, isn't a good argument. We don't even know why he's their, which is sad because we can say he was their for killing one cat like every other cat who is alive/was alive.

23 Clear Sky

HE ISN'T EVIL! HE LOST EVERYTHING IN HIS LIFE, TAKE THIS DOWN PLEASEEE! (Clear Sky is my most favourite cat in Warriors. He is number 1 for me, and it will always be like that.)

He is evil because he killed a bunch of cats and caused an unnecessary battle.

I really hate it when people say that clear sky was evil
First off he was the first skyclan leader how can he be evil?
Second he was blinded by fear of his cats starving
Would YOU like to see your sister/brother starve?!?!
Third everyone concentrate on the BAD things he did
No body ever remember that he saved Gray wing kit!
And he changed. In the first battle if he was really evil he Would have killed Gray wing because evil cats don't care WHO they harm but in the end clear sky is a good cat and he should not be anywhere near this list.

Clear Sky was a villain, at least for the first 3 Books. Not because he's evil. He's a villain. - RoiRoiJe

You greedy freak. You drive cats out of the group because they are no use and do not contribute. You just want powerful cats to protect you and fight your battles!

24 Ruby

Any vote that went to Scourge should have gone to Ruby. Ruby created Scourge as a villain.

She harmed an innocent kit in the heart and made him the worst villain ever!

lake a in you throw and sibling your be personally will I Thecrystalwolf Differentially

You terror! You changed poor tiny/scourge's life!
Look at it this way.
If Ruby hadn't left him out, made him want to prove himself, then tell him that unwanted kits get thrown in the river, scourge/tiny would have been a kittypet, and nothing bad concerning Scourge would have ever happened!

25 Shredtail

He was in the Dark Forest which is bad enough!

I hate how he left that hideous scar on Snowtuft. He's an old atupid jerk.

I agree with Russthewolf.

He mentored thistlclaw

26 Silverhawk

It's a she-cat, not a tom! Don't say false information on her like you know her well! You don't even know she is a she-cat! So stupid!

How can you fell sorry for the fox hearted coward, Thistleclaw?!

I would say he is EVIL! He almost killed Thistleclaw, the jerk! Even though Thistleclaw so deserved everything Silverhawk did, silverhawk is evilevilevil

Anyway, Silverhawk is in the Dark Forest, so we can say he's not very nice.

27 Foxheart

Her name is litterally her.
But why would Cedarstar name her that?

I get that see was a young warrior but I hated the way she made fun of Yellowfang and always crawled over raggedpelt

Lol, her name is an insult. That says it all.

I don't think Foxheart is necessarily evil, but yeah she was mean. She was mean to Yellowfang, and was all over Raggedstar, but that doesn't mean she's evil.

28 Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Alright guys I just want to know about all this fuss she is so evil to steal graystripe from silverstream

I don't understand how Millie would be considered evil, I just think Silverstream is a bit better? I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for saying that but I don't care. I don't hate Millie, I just prefer Silverstream x Graystripe. I guess I just like forbidden stuff :P

And once again I don't understand why she's on this list, because technically she did nothing that could be considered "evil." I think everyone just dislikes her (or hates her soul) because she's Graystripe's new mate now. I'm going to be honest, I actually used to hate Millie too but I don't have those strong feelings for her anymore. She's an OK character, but I feel like she should've paid an equal amount of attention to ALL of her kits, not just one.

She was the reason that Blossemfall went to the dark forest, and how did Graystripe fall in love with her? She should go to the dark forest in my opinion

I know Briarlight was injured but Blossomfall deserved attention too!

29 Socks

I wouldn't call him evil, just a bit mean

Again, he bullied his brother. That's what siblings do, he's not evil.

They gave scourge a really hard life and they were the reason he went crazy

He was just following Ruby because its his sister.

30 Nightcloud

She told Breezepelt that Crowfeather didn't love him, he ended up in the dark forest because of her

How is this even on here? Nightcloud never did anything evil, she wasn't even in the Dark Forest. And don't use the 'she took him away from Leafpool' excuse. Crowfeather chose her at last, but only used her to prove his loyalty. Crowfeather is more of a villain than Nightcloud. And cats can change their mates like humans. Are you guys saying we should date someone that we don't love?

She is the gold digger of cats and she's as much a user of feelings as crowfeather is!

Honestly, Breezepelt, Nightcloud, and Crowfeather became a LOT better after Crowfeather's Trial.

31 Tigerheart Tigerheart, now known as Tigerstar, is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. He became more important to the plot after gaining his own book, Tigerheart's Shadow. He was one of the cats to have worked as a spy on the Dark Forest. Now he currently is the more.

TIGERHEART?!?! EVIL?!?! I think your running out of cats at this point

I'm confused how he's evil. Sure he's breaking the warrior code by meeting Dovewing (but unlike Crowfeather, Feathertail, and Leafpool) they didn't really take things seriously. Their heart lies in their clans.

Tigerheart is a huge pile of fox dung I absolutely hate him more than any other cat he took Dovewing from Bumblestripe and told Blackstar about Thunderclans supply of catmint :C I hate him!

You know, technically Dovewing (I hate you, Dovewing) and Tigerheart are related. Even though their in love

32 Twolegs

I know I am one but we suck we are so mean to warrior in it we take them we burn the forest so they have to leave

Yes I absolutely agree with this. Twolefs are the worst monsters of all-Embertail of MoonClan

I hate Twolegs they are so mean to the cats and they killed Pebbleshine with their monsters on the Thunderpath.

Twolegs aren't called HUMANS right? So that means I'm not evil


33 Squirrelflight

HOW THE HECK IS SHE EVIL!?!? Maybe she was a little clumsy when she was an apprentice... but that does not make her evil!

honestly I'm only voting for the most confusing cats on this list so whoever looks and sees sqirrelflight or shadestar on #1 will be really confused

Ima just say it- Miststar (the one who said she was bad), though this happened, she isn't evil. You may say she is the reason Ashfur's evil, but I have proof on how that statement is false-
#1., she, at first, did not truly want to be the fake mother of Leafpool's kits, but she was guilt tripped by her sister, due to her loyalty towards kin, and Yellowfang.
#2., Ashfur decided on his own to attempt his murder on the kits. He didn't dare to even confront her, and they were never a 'thing.'
#3., she did not know how Ashfur would react at all, nor her fake kits. She didn't order Hollyleaf to murder Ashfur.
#4., mating Tigerstar's son has to do with nothing. By saying 'mating with tigerstar's son' you say that not only Brambleclaw, but Hawkfrost (which is reasonable), Mothwing (which is unreasonable), and Tawnypelt (which too is unreasonable)
finally, #5., Squirrelflight didn't tell anyone, in worry of her sister becoming banned. She has no right to be on this list, for ...more

How is she on here? Stop putting normal cats who have done good things for their Clans on here.

34 Antpelt

Antpelt could be considered evil, but... I love Antpelt. His death was sad and undeserved.

I actually liked Antpelt a little bit but he trained with the Dark Forest and went to the Dark Forest when he died.

Too bad Antpelt got killed and still stayed in the Dark Forest.

We can admit, he's death is awful.

35 Leopardstar

SHE ISN'T EVIL! SHE JUST MADE WRONG DECISIONS, THAT'S ALL! PLEASE, PLEASE, TAKE THIS INNOCENT GIRL DOWN FROM HERE! (I am the one who wrote the similar comment to Clear Sky, (he is still number 1 tho) but Leopardstar has a very special place inside me. Take this down, please!)

She isn't evil! she looks like my favorite big kitty, the leopard

She was under the influence of tigerstar and isn't really bad

She loved Tigerstar. She couldn't have saved Stonefur. If she made any move to help him, she would have been killed on the spot.

36 One Eye

My question is... Why are Darktail and One Eye both lower than all these innocent cats?! Is it something to do with One Eye being in Dawn of the Clans, or something...?

He stole a clan, killed Tom, abused cats, tattooed his symbol onto innocent cats, treated his own daughter like she was an object to hand over to another guy, almost killed a young cat, murded countless cats and probably started the dark forest aka cat hell. I hate this cat so much

We're talking 'bout the really evil one right, not the one who lost an eye to a badger?

Why is Squirrelflight above her?

37 Sleekwhisker

She drowned her own mother!
Killed her grandfather!
Held her own grandmother hostage!
And she just does it for fun
She should at LEAST be top 20!

She is pure evil! she hated shadowclan! if I remember correctly, she also killed Rowanstar! she is evil, not much else to say about her

I love Sleekwhisker! I call her "The cat who never gets attention." If only she didn't join Darktail...

How is Cinderpelt higher than her?

38 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Why is she on here? I cannot see the evilness in her. She only fell in love with Crowfeather, are you saying that any cat who falls in love with other cats is evil now? Love isn't something you can control well.

She really isn't that evil because she didn't want to fall in love with Crowfeather. It just happened.

She isn't evil. It was just falling in love, what next, you'll say Graystripe is evil?

I understand Leafpool. Medicine cats have feelings too so you can't really blame her for falling in love. Anyways, if she never bore kits to Crowfeather, than the three kin prophecy would never have came true!

39 Lizardstripe

Lizardstripe is more infuriating than moonflower, rainflower, and clear sky together.

If somebody asked me to either slap her or Rainflower, I'd slap Lizardstripe.

I hate her. She doesn't think it's her fault that she had kits. I mean come on! You mated with your mate! And then she abuses Brokenkit and her other kits.

So what if she didn't care about her kits? She still took care of them.

Oh, so what if your parents tell you you're gross, a waste of oxygen and dumb? They still take care of you. - stxpid

40 Brick

Come on, guys. Brick was like Bone, and he's #12! What's the differences?

All the time I though she was a tom... O_O

I think she is almost as evil as Bone... She was one of the more powerful Bloodclan cats, after all...

I wouldn't consider her evil, I know this will most likely get dislikes but I don't care, she left Bloodclan even though she liked Bone. She left because she thought what Bloodclan did was wrong.

41 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a Medicine Cat instead after getting her leg inijured by a car.

No way! Cinderpelt followed all the rules killed no one and survived a getting hit by a monster and not complaining about it


She died for some kits she didn't have to die for! She sacrificed herself for other characters! Stop putting nice and normal cats on here!

WHAT!?!? I really like her. I don't under stand why she's here. You know by putting her here you my as well put Firepaw higher up on the list because he broke the warrior code, all Cinderpelt did was disobey her mentor. And she got a horrible punishment that she didn't deserve.

42 Shadestar

lol we should make everyone really conused by making this number 1 on the list. I'm going to go get 5 other accounts and vote shadestar.

Shadestar is not even in the Warrior series, who put him/her on here?

I never heard of shadestar

I want to get this to number one then laugh at everyone's confusion.

43 Brambleclaw

He is just posessed right now man. Ashfur is the evil one. (He posessed his body.)

He's evil for being bboriing look at my list top ten most boring warrior cats

He saves the Clans in the second series by risking his life! You call that evil? You call all the people/cats who chose to sacrifice themselves for others evil?

Bramblestar? He isn't a villain. He trained in the Dark Forest. Other cats trained in the Dark Forest. One of the Three trained in the Dark Forest. He wasn't a traitor by killing Hawkfrost, he protected his clan.

44 Longtail

Longtail ISN'T evil. He was one of the followers of Tigerstar, and he just wanted Tigerstar to appreciate him. We all do wrong things, right. Take this down. He doesn't deserve to be on this list.

No way! Longtail isn't evil! He may have been a bit sharp as a warrior, but was so sweet as an elder!

He is so cool nearly my favorite after scourge and Tigerstar if that haven’t blinded him

Long tail wasn't evil just a little mean. And when Tigerstar asked him to help him kill Firestar he refused because he was loyal to his clan and leader

45 Dawnpelt

She accused Jayfeather of murder!

Yup, I was correct. More cats.
Dawnpelt isn't exactly the best cat, but just imagine! Your brother was mysteriously murdered, you are so grief stricken, and who else can you blame when a blind medicine cat is the only one there? She was just overwhelmed by grief, driven mad by grief. Like if you agree (your opinion).

What... The... Heck... Dawnpelt is like the most cold-hearted cat ever! She accused jayfeather of murdering flametail when he actually tried to save him, not kill him! She should AT LEAST be in the top 20s.

Dawnpelt isn't evil, she's just blinded by emotion. She needed to BLAME someone. She couldn't do something if the ice was the enemy, so in her grief-stricken state, she blamed the cat who was closest to him.

46 Crowfeather

he is mousebrained. He didn't want to go on his own prophecy. And he mates SO many different cats. MAKE SURE YOU LIKE THIS COMMENT

So what? He still loved Leafpool, he was saddened by SPOILERS. Hollyleaf's death. He did still care for his kits. He didn't want to mate Nightcloud, he had to! Starclan, Crowfeather is so misunderstood.

I'm glad that he still has sense that he stopped Breezepelt attacking Lionblaze( Leafpool's kit). However, he doesn't know that Lionblaze won't be beaten.

He is not evil! If you say he is evil your a fox hearted coward!

47 Minnowtail

Minnowtail isn't Evil. Bit she is Mousewhisker's secret mate from RiverClan, and anger for not being able to be together led them down the dark forest path.

She is training in the Dark Forest. I know all dark forest cats are not evil but shes just odd.

I was so sad when I found out she was training in the Dark Forest.

Why is she here but not Mudclaw?

48 Snake

HE HURT HIS OWN KIN! What a fox-hearted cat. I feel so sorry for violet, I mean he left her in shreds, about to die! If it wasn't for Barley and his actual love for his siblings, she would've been dead!

Brambleclaw did it, in fact he killed his own kin. Dose that make him evil, no of course not! - Dawnlight

I hate you Snake! Poor Poor Violet!

I'm surprised his below Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Cinderpelt and Cloudtail

He's lower than cinderpelt on this list really?

49 Mosskit

Who's next? Tallstar? Stonefur? Snowbush? Yellowfang's unnamed kit who died after about two seconds of life?

Why is Mosskit here? She did nothing! I know she died and let Bluestar was blamed, but it's all up to Thistleclaw! No way she is here!

Wah? Mosskit is here? Has she killed a already dead vole in the fresh kill pile? (i'm laughing right now)

Apparently dying is evil now.

50 Pinestar

He wasn't evil, he just thought he had served his Clan well enough. A little disloyal, but not exactly evil.

So Tigerstar is the evilest on this list. And yet, the cat who made him evil is not somewhere higher than a low 44. Honestly, what is going on in this world?

Disloyal, not evil

Yeah if he hadn't had kits with leopardfoot, tigerstar would of never lived. so brambleclaw may not of either but erin hunter could of made brambleclaw from a different mom

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