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21 Sky

HE IS SO MEAN! He dejected Thunder, proved his mate Storm that he was an idiot, and he drove out all the cats like Jagged Peak who could not take care of themselves. What a grump!

GO CLEAR SKY! I love Clear Sky! He was a jerk in the first three books, but now he's a nice cat! He should be number 5 in the list of great leaders!

Why would anybody like this cat I think the person who posted the third last comment has something wrong with them.

Bleh! He almost killed his own BROTHER, and he actually got away with killing his former tribe-mate! He is a jerk to everyone, and caused so many battles and deaths! - FernmistCloverleaf

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22 Riverstar

You know what? Yes! Even though he had too much catnip he was still a great leader!

River star is a weird yet awesome!
My favourite leader forever

Man riverripple is awesome!

Love him. he is such a brave and strong leader to my clan (i'm in RiverClan)

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23 Shadowstar

Shadowstar is extremely underrated. She deserves more love. In my opinion, she's the best leader ever!

She's very underrated and my favorite leader. She was noble, and worthy to be called a leader.

Way too underrated. I love Shadowstar! - FernmistCloverleaf

I heart shadowclan

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24 Wind

Even she is bossy her, her medicine cat discovered the moonstone, but if Wind did not send Mothflight away they would not have the Monnstone

I always hated when she wasn't in the group and she acted like the leader

She's awesome, she saved one of my favorite characters Jagged Peak, and she was a good leader and she and Gorse took new names to prove that they really wanted to be in Tall Shadow/ Grey Wing's group. She is just plain awesome.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

Do u mean WINDSTAR!? Or Wind RUNNER? Not just Wind, people

25 River

River was just so awesome because she gave the clan a very god name and chose it well because she was a good swimmer... Her name was just so awesome.

RiverClan is probably the coolest clan because they can swim and River founded them! Plus river is just a cool name, if it was something like Riverwind it would be even cooler!

Why is this cat so far down? Adorable, hilarious, amazing, clever, noble, understanding, curious, etc. etc... Need I go on? River Ripple is the best! I LOVE HIM!

Leader of my favorite clan- Silvermist

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26 Morningstar

I just like him. He gave Rabbitstar what he deserved. By the way, he is from Battles of the Clans. - IcetailofWishClan

27 Skystar

Stop being so mean to him. Did you know what happened to him? Have you read dawn of the clans book six? Of course not you jerks. Just read the last three books with an open mind and see that he's trying to change.

Since he's in this list I'm confused where tiger star and other dark forest cats are

This cat should burn in hell. He killed poor rainflower I hate you so much clear sky skystar


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28 Cedarstar

Cedar star is barely known and he killed a cat in a cold blooded battle but he's one of the only non evil shadow leader

If anybody has read tall stars revenge then you'll know he basically killed a cat in battle

Oh wow Cedarstar rules why is he down here.

Cedarstar was a good shadowclan leader. And he died protecting his. Clan

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29 Pinestar

He WAS a brave and loyal leader, until he decided to turn into a poor, dependent kitty pet! But, come on peeps, that cat WAS wise and courageous, and made a lot of good decisions.

I feel bad for mapleshade. She was the one who pine star mainly didn't like at all

I don't like pinestar. he was horrible to poor mapleshade who did nothing truly wrong

It was Oakstar who exiled mapleshade

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30 Spottedleaf

She isn't a leader - Ku

I love spotted leaf I wish had she had died. She did like fire star I think but fire star really did like spotted leaf. Spotted leaf was the best cat ever!

I like spottedleaf but she have nothing to do on this list, she isn't a leader at all, but a very nice cat, I wish sh was alive in some more books

I feel really bad for Fireheart because he loved Spottedleaf. I hate whoever killed her because she is my favorite medicine cat ever! Spottedleaf is so nice and calm and a good medicine cat. Featherwhisker her mentor taugh her well.

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31 Finchstar

From Code of the Clans. I love Finchstar.

Who's Finchstar? What book is he in?

32 Shadow

Well I'm surprised she's down on this list but she was a very wise leader

Me:The wise oh mighty shadowy leader may I join it clan?
Shadow: No..
Me: Fine -.-

I like Tall Shadow. It's too bad ShadowClan became rather dark. Then again, they are called ShadowClan for a reason. - RiverClanRocks

Founder of my fave clan!

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33 Redstar

Red star is a ancient leader of thunder clan. He was very unsympathetic towards sky clan and told Sky clan that star clan didn't want five clans and to go.

Why why why why why why why why why why did you have to kill Redtail I loved his tail... tigerstar I'm glad you dead..

I think Redstar would've been a great leader with all the loyalty he had to ThunderClan. Bluestar even said in the first book after his death he was the most loyal cat she has come to know. But it's Tigerclaw/Star's fault he's dead.

I hate him he driven out SKY CLAN

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34 Half Moon

Why does Jayfeather like her? First of all, he's a medicine cat, and secondly, she died many generations ago. Also, she wasn't very interesting. - RiverClanRocks

Maybe if Jayfeather can go into other cat's dreams, he can summon her at night?

HALF MOON! Half moon is awesome! Considering Jayfeather (or Jay's wing) made her leader of the tribe! - Silverlily

Read the books

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35 Darkstar

No no no!

Which one? there are 3 'Darkstar's'

36 Squirrelstar

Squirrelflight leader? shes one of my favorite cats. I like Cinderheart a lot though. although Squirrelstars awesome. hmm I'll think about my favorites... Cinderheart, Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, Spottedleaf, Firestar, those are my favorites I'm gonna research more warrior cats.

HOW COULD YOU FORGET HER! She was the most awesome cat ever! Ashfur was so annoying! I'm glad she got back with Brambleclaw! Why didn't she have any of her own kits? Hollyleaf Jayfeather and Lionblaze were Leafpools kits

I wonder if she did survive to become leader, she will be sad if her mate dies, though.

Squirrelflight was my favorite cat in the New Prochecy series. She's so strong, kind and I think she made the right choice to have Brambleclaw as her mate.

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37 Flowerstar

I really love her! She was brave to take on the roll of a leader!

Can't remember everything, but do recall loving her. - Sunadayh

Thinks for while oh yeah I remember her!

Cool best shadow clan leader ever

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38 Lightningstar

Lightning Tail deserves leadership, but seriously. I'm pretty sure LightningSTAR isn't confirmed. - Sunadayh

You are confusing me. Is Lightningstar real? I'm only in the second 'Dawn of The Clans.'

Lightningstar in the leader after Thunder

Lightningtail when he died time traveled to redtails death and killed tigerclaw and then went up to starclan to become leader of the skies
His 4 kids now have kin In windclan
Peachfur his mate died in battle alongside him

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39 Dawnstar

Dawn star isn't thunder clan. She's shadow clan

Sorry but who's Dawnstar?

I've never heard of Dawnstar. Is she an old leader?

Dawnstar was an ancient ShadowClan leader

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40 Graywing

Graywing was my favorite cat in all the series mainly because he was the nicest cat except firestar but he is mainly my favorite cat because he brought back thunder after clearsky rejected him and he brought all the cats together. Too bad that he died at the end of the series but I wish he came back in star clan with all of his friends and talked with one of the clan leaders like firestar.

In my opinion He is the best cat in all the books other then stormfur, I mean HE was the best

Gray wing is a hero. Saves kits still cares for his brother even when he's a savage, he doesn't get all the she cats but is a do gooder and deserves more recognition

Without Jagged Peak's runaway, Quiet Rain, his mother might have persuaded him not to go. So he chases and finds his younger brother. When he's found, the two decide to find Shaded Moss and his group.
When Turtle Tail decides to become a kittypet with her new friend, Bumble she mated with a vicious kittypet named Tom. She has 3 kits, Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart, and Sparrow Fur. She decides she wants the kits to be apart of Gray Wing's group. Gray Wing is happy she is back and but wanted to father her kits. While the kits are playing, they are kidnapped by Tom.
When Gray Wing arrives from saving his son, Black Ear the kits are overjoyed to see him. He starts wheezing and coughing. White Tail and Silver Stripe ask if he's dying. Gray Wing says that they were more than groups, they were Clans. Then they decided the names of the clans. Thunder's Group was ThunderClan and he became Thunderstar. River Ripple's Group was RiverClan and he became Riverstar. Tall Shadow's Group was ShadowClan ...more

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