Top 10 Best Warrior Cat Book Covers

The most amazing Warriors book covers compete in this list. Be it simple and sleek or busy and bursting with color, vote for your favorite! (All regions allowed, but if you're suggesting a new item for the list, please say which country it's from.) If you don't know what some of the covers look like, you can check out Warrior Cat Pics.
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1 The Ultimate Guide (U.S.)

It's pretty cool but some of the characters look weird...Jayfeather has no pupils, Spottedleaf looks emo, and...Scourge is just scary...

I'm a huge fan of the mosaic of (mostly) new character art. The book looks so grand, and the logo against black looks awesome!

Honestly if you own this book my favorite character Feathertail looks like a doofus no offense to me she looks VERY ugly.

I like how the 'Ultimate Guide' has pictures of all the cats in the book on the front cover. It is quite dazzling to look at.

2 Bluestar's Prophecy (U.S.)

No! No! Just no! Unless you mean old one, they ruined Bluestar! Yellowfangs the Persian! They made her look so boring and mean! I know she was kinda grumpy, but why does her new cover get a Persian look and she's not even blue at all? And Yellowfangs secrets new cover gets Bluestars shape!

I get why everyone hates the new cover, but in my opinion, it just looks way better.. the old cover was a bit boring and didn't look as realistic as the new one. Honestly, it's my favorite cover of all time.

This was the first special edition book I read of the Warriors series back in junior high but I still remember what it looks like to this day, shiny and silver with the most beautiful painting of Bluestar on the front. Will always be a favorite of mine.

Oooh, shiny! I have a weakness for Super Editions... Anyhow, underneath the silver-and-purple book jacket we see Bluestar, standing on the Highrock, looking down. Is she about to call a Clan meeting? The forest is beautiful!

3 Yellowfang's Secret (U.S.)

Absolutely beautiful! The jacket is just a picture of Yellowfang's head, but when you take the jacket off, you get a BEAUTIFUL picture of Yellowfang standing in the woods, her fur blowing in the breeze, beside a beautiful rippling lake. It tugs a reader toward reading the book for sure.

The cover under the dust jacket is gorgeous. The golden light really grabs the viewer's attention and puts them at ease. The composition of the background is simply amazing. I could stare at this cover for hours.

Underneath the shimmery teal-and-bronze book jacket is a stunning painting of the famous medicine cat. The lighting is beautiful, and captures her perfectly! The marshy forest around her is amazing.

One of my favorite of the special edition books. The painting of Yellowfang just cannot be beat.

4 Dawn (U.S.)

Umm if you mean the old one, it is AMAZING! Leafpool looks like she is climbing up a cliff or peeking out over something, and the backround with the starry lake is absolutely iconic.
With the new one, the backround creates a mysterious vibe that covers up the fact that Squirrelflight's head is way too close.

Another mysterious-looking cover. Leafpaw's face is partly in the shadows, and that, in combination with with the starry lake, is gorgeous! The color scheme is very nice.

Awesome cover! I love Squirrelflight And one of my favourite books in the series!

It is a very pretty cover.

5 The Last Hope (U.S.)

It looks like Firestar stalking through the forest out to kill Tigerstar. He has the "I'm not stopping now, or ever" look on his face and that is the look of a cat who is out for blood. I'm just so sad that Firestar dies because he's my favorite character! I mean, there's Sandstorm after that, but she dies like - in the next series or the same book or something really close. It's either the forest at nighttime or the Dark Forest. It's probably the Dark Forest because the Great Battle. I love Warrior Cats so much that I'm currently writing at least six fanfictions about it. I finally started my own series with the rest of Shadow and Thunder Studios. It's called Calling Stars and the protags. are Moonwhisker (deputy), Hollykit (kit), and Sunpaw (apprentice to Moonwhisker). I still love it! - Shadow and Thunder Studios

Loved the cover. The first time I saw it, it looked even better, because it was in bad lighting, which made it look like half his face was obscured in shadow. I also liked the title.
-Leopardscar from ThunderClan

His expression is perfect! You can tell it's Firestar and the angry look on his face perfectly captures the fight without spoilers.

This is an amazing cover, with the Dark Forest cats off to the side, and a forest off to the other. Firestar looks so cool as well. It's amazing how they shaded it, and how the cat's eyes look. Not only a great cover, but also a great book. :)



6 Moth Flight's Vision

I put this up for some reasons. First of all, Moth Flight's ghostly, white pelt with sparkling green eyes is an amazing contrast against the starless night! So mysterious! And those shadows of cats padding across the grass..don't get me started...

Every time I look at the cover, I'm like, WOW. Moth Flight's white fur is so vibrant, and her green eyes fit the image so perfectly.

It has a beautiful illustration once you take the shiny cover off. It has AMAZING resolution and a beautiful color pallet!

Oh, this one is SPECTACULAR! The Moonstone behind her looks so cool. The lighting is great, and the jacket is awesome as well!

7 Night Whispers (U.S.)

Flametail looks absolutely magnificent! The shaded forest scene behind him is mysterious, and you wonder what will happen...

Flametail, looking as though he isent focasing on us, looking into something that we can't see, thin trees that have died in the cold weather creak in the breeze, bearly holding the frosty snow. the sky is a purplish blue gray, beatiful. Flametails death, a scary one, but the cover and the story are great.

I love the tree roots

8 Forest of Secrets (U.S.)

Fireheart is looking back over his shoulder, which makes you wonder: What's going on? In the background, we see unidentified cats crossing the river. It all (you're probably tired of how often I say this) creates a mysterious vibe.

The old and new covers are complete opposites. The old one is dark and mysterious, and the new one is bright and blinding, the real reason Jayfeather is blind, if you ask me.

when I was was little and I was only onto the first book, I loved this one! I couldent wait till I was was up to it! the sparkling water sprinkles behind Graystripe, (I thought it was Silverstream at the time but its Graystripe) the forest makes you feel calm and relaxed. I used to love this cover so much I even tried to draw it!

I especially love where two mysterious cats are hopping over the rocks. My guess is that it's Graystripe and Fireheart getting something for RiverClan.

9 The Sun Trail (New Cover)

Am I the only one who thought that the composition of Gray/Grey Wing and Wind Runner at Path of Stars same? Was it an imply for Graychild's epic death and Windstar being Windstar?

Gray Wing, looking up into the distance at the forming sun trail, perched on a rock. a small lime green shrub waving in the dawn air. Gray Wing looks like he's distracted, Why?

Gray Wing stares up at the beautiful "Sun Trail" perched on rocky mountains with a green shrub waving in the breeze beside him. The sky is shining with a beautiful dawn light.

Awesome cover. I liked the cover so much, I have the book.

10 Sunset (U.S.)

This one defies all new prophecy book covers. The old one has the trail of stars, and the new one has, well, a sunset.

How is this cover not at the top? The old cover is so beautiful!

Definitely one of my favourite book covers!

I don't know who the cat on the cover is, Squirrelflight? well anyway,the backround shows something like a twoleg place, but the sunset makes you forget how the twolegs have destroyed so much, the sunset. the sunset is hooking up your attention. the sunset fits he name

The Contenders
11 Into the Wild

I chose to share this cause it looks awesome! The tones on Firestar's fur look amazing, all those different hues. The undergrowth behind him is partly shadowed and sunlit giving it a mysterious effect.

I like the other cover more...

Firepaw(Firestar) is stalking something, a mouse? he has his belly fur brushing the ground, and everything else for a great stalking pose. the grass grazes his fur, plasters it to his pelt untilhe is nearly invisable...

From a distance his pelt really looks like flame.

The New Cover to the original was the best!

12 Eclipse (China)

"ThunderClan must learn that they are not the most important Clan in the forest. You watch the suffering of others waiting to be begged for help like you belong to StarClan. We will not beg. We are warriors. We will fight for the prey we need and the territory we need to survive."

What pops out at you right away is Blackstar. He is sitting in a hole, but not just any hole �" a hole that looks as though it were torn in a page! The simple stone background lets your attention be drawn to the cat, who appears to literally be coming out of the book.

It just looks like

13 The Blazing Star

Star Flower lifts her chin, defiant, green eyes sharp as ever. The area glows with greenish light, and the undergrowth is quite moss. A sharp-petaled Blazing Star flower is beside her, some petals carried by a breeze.

Star Flower, with her green eyes sharp, she has a determined look on her face. small flower petals whispering around her. Star Flower is ready for something, and she will chalenge it. Star Flower, ready for anything.

14 Sign of the Moon (New Cover)

Stoneteller, proud and still, stands in the cave. The icy, aquish light from the waterfall shines on his pelt, and on the spikes (I can't spell it) on the top of the cave. His fur is a simple brown tabby, but his blue eyes sparkle with emotion. Is that rage? Anger? Fear?

Yo this ones pretty

So pretty. Stoneteller in the front and a waterfall behind him.


15 Twilight (Germany)

I am rather fond of the German covers, and this one is especially neat. The greenish cast gives the feeling of being in the forest; Crowfeather's wide eyes seem to be gazing out of the book at something only he sees. Below, you see Leafpool and Crowfeather sitting together, a very sweet scene.

I might not like the one on the picture a lot, but the other one is great!
Crowfeather is on the main picture, and behind him there are cleft in the rocks with unknown cats perching on them, but you get to see a cat that you know, Leafpool, brushing against a cat and looking at you, asking if she did he right desicon.

I love this book cover, most because it has leafpool on it and leafpool is the awesome

16 Eclipse (Germany)

I love these type of German covers, they look so cool and realistic, this cover is just the best!
I have no idea who the cat on the cover is but who cares, its still great. anyway, the cat is looking at you with an unreadible expression, beneath it, are cats on a grassy moor, battling, dark storm clouds gather overhead in the gray sky, what might happen?

Not sure who the cat on the cover is, but it has a expression on its face that looks rather smug, like it knows something you don't; the lighting on the face is lovely. The battling cats below remind you of what's happening, the seriousness of the book.

17 A Forest Divided (New)

I loved this one too. Clear Sky's gray tabby fur contests with the beautiful snowy trees and frozen lake. The sky is misty, with a light.

Clear Sky is climbing down a snowy slope, heading towards some other cats whos trails are left behind. the sky is a beatiful dawn/evening that ends with pine trees blocking the sides and the beatiful starry lake at the botom.

Best one ever

18 The Fourth Apprentice (New Cover)

Dovewing is in the main picture and behind her is the lake, as elegant as ever. some tree's hang over the rippling water, casting shadows over the liquid.

I love Dovepaw's sparkling green-yellow eyes, and the lake, and her amazing fur!

It's beautiful! And I love Dovewing so the cover looks even more magical

19 River of Fire

I love this one, all the blending colours fit in perfectly!

ther are two cats, one cat is looking at the oher, as though asking it what to do. The other cat, is looking towards the sky as though searching for answers, even though the sky is red like flames and it looks like a fire is coming.

This one looks Great!

20 The Darkest Hour

I don't like the brand new one, I think iit gives to much away, cause you actually see the lion. I like the other one because It just shows Firestars reflection and no lion to spoil the whole thing. Its great.

ANOTHER one I loved! Firestar's ginger fur is sleek as the tip of his tongue touches a pool, swirling with bright, perfect colors, shining with a light. His reflection is a lion, golden and proud, well detailed. Shadowy figures of cats watch an approaching sunset in the shade of a gnarled tree.

21 The Forgotten Warrior

You gotta love it! That's why I posted it! Hollyleaf's sharp green eyes are full of emotion, maybe frustration and anger? Sadness? Her sleek black fur glows in the misty, green light.

The new cover is AMAZING her black fur is brushed to the thorns like she is planning something, it goes with the summary because she went away from the clans into her own world and her fur and green eyes makes her look very pretty against the pretty green forest.


22 Squirrelflight's Hope (Without Jacket)

Squirrrelflight, bounding forward, a determined look on her face. As she bounds forwards, her pelt sparkles in the moonlight and the stars shine on her fur.

23 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide (U.S)

Has every single warrior cat on cover!

Where is thorn claw

I think its one of the most creative ones, adding all the covers of all the books on one cover

24 Eclipse (U.S.)

Jayfeather, staring as though he could see, into the black sun. light bearly shines through, but the sun is not normal, its an Eclipse.

My mom was baffled by Jay's eyes.

This is very Lovely

25 Fading Echoes (Germany)

This is the most beautiful cover! It's very lovely...

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