Top 10 Saddest Books in the Warriors Series

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1 Crookedstar's Promise

It's just so sad that his mother never loved him again after he broke his jaw. She just never tried to accept him for who he was! (I hate you for that!) Who's perfect? And she just hated him for not being so.

The way his father and Oakheart always loved him! He must have been really sad when Oakheart died in the rockslide at Sunningrocks. All the cats he ever loved are dead, and his mother, who never loved him, died because Mapleshade's ghost told him not to save her. I cried every time his mother's actions told him that she didn't love him and when Silverstream died.

2 The Last Hope

So sad. Hollyleaf finally redeems herself for her actions and forgives Leafpool and Squirrelflight in her last moments. The worst of the Dark Forest cats are killed in the final battle, but Spottedleaf died to save Sandstorm just so that Firestar would be happy. Ferncloud dies defending her kits, and so do countless cats, including the great Firestar.

I lost it when Spottedleaf died. I know she's hated by half the fandom, but I love her. She was one of the bravest cats in my opinion. How much do you have to love a cat to rush out to save his mate when you know nothing about fighting? She deserved respect for that! Not just that, but also for helping bring SkyClan home. Her death in the first book was brave too.

3 Moth Flight's Vision

This book was one of the sadder books. Micah's death almost made me die, and Moth Flight's experiences in general were pretty sad. When she gave away her kits, that was also so sad.

I almost cried when she had to give her tiny kits to the other clans! Blue Whisker, Bubbling Stream, Spider Paw, Honey Pelt... they all seemed so sad.

This is when I cried: when Micah died. It was thrilling to the end, how Moth Flight had to live with it and move on, her mother hovering over her, and everything else!

4 Yellowfang's Secret

Poor Yellowfang, her mate was horrible!
"I'm having your kits, but I can't raise them because I'm a medicine cat."
"Yay, I'm gonna be a fat- oh wait, I hate you now, and I'm gonna make your worst enemy my deputy to make you jealous."
Yeah, what the hell?!

The ending, when everyone (even Brightheart, her mother!) thought that Yellowfang had killed the kits, was heartbreaking! And when she had to give up Raggedstar and Brokenkit/her kitting!

Poor Yellowfang. She was exiled by the son she was unable to raise.

5 Bluestar's Prophecy

All of the cats that Bluestar loved died! This is so sad. Moonflower (mother) died when she was a 'paw during the WindClan battle. Stormtail (father) died off-book because he deserved it. Snowfur (only sister) died on the Thunderpath when she was a warrior. Sunstar and Pinestar died when she was young.

This is one of the saddest books, but I feel The Last Hope sounds sadder. I've read this book once and almost re-read it when we were missing the Omen of the Stars series other than book one, and I had to wait.

- Moonstar of ThunderClan

6 Tallstar's Revenge

Almost everyone he loved died!

7 Sunrise

I was in the middle of reading time at school, and when Hollyleaf was trying to get Leafpool to eat deathberries and when the tunnels crashed down on Hollyleaf, I started bursting into tears. Everyone stared at me like I was weird. It was also sad when at the gathering, Crowfeather said that Leafpool meant nothing to him.

Sunrise gets a record for being the only book that ever made me literally burst into tears and emotionally break down. I cried a lot at Honeyfern's death for some reason. Books have never made me cry, and this is the only one.

8 Ravenpaw's Farewell

The only book that has ever made me cry was this. How dare you make a kuudere cry, Ravenpaw! How dare you die! Ravenpaw x Barley forever...

9 Mapleshade’s Vengeance

Saddest book! I'm crying as I write this. I will give you three reasons why it's sad.

1. In the Warriors Wiki, it says that Mapleshade loves her kits with all her heart, even more than her own life. Then they drown. The last time she sees them, they never reunite!

2. Her mate betrayed her, breaking her poor heart.

3. She grieved and loved her kits so much that she started hallucinating, as if her mind and soul were also crying.

Don't judge her! Especially in The Last Hope. Even if she did kill Sandstorm, she died anyway in The Apprentice's Quest, literally the next book of the series. Even if Sandstorm was dead, Alderheart would still have made it to the gorge.

Imagine if you have the most beautiful kittens, and before you know it, they are killed, and you never see them again. Of course, you would have gone mad! I'm so sorry, Mapleshade. You didn't deserve to live in a stupid clan and have a shattered heart and family.

10 A Dangerous Path

I really don't understand how The Darkest Hour is sadder than this. Bluestar died! That was the saddest moment.

Not just Bluestar, but what about Swiftpaw, Brindleface, and Snowkit?

I haven't read it, but it sounds sad.

I didn't cry because I don't cry when I read, and it was spoiled for me, but it was still sad.

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11 The Darkest Hour

We all love Whitestorm, but he had to die. I also cried more at the deaths of Stonefur and Gorsepaw.

What about Deadfoot and Runningbrook? Don't forget them. They died because of Tigerstar.

My favorite book, but also the saddest.

12 Forest of Secrets

It was so sad when Silverstream died bearing Graystripe's kits. Learning about what happened before Fireheart joined the clan was sad.

This was such a sad book. I was sad when Silverstream died, and when Graystripe left to RiverClan and Fireheart was alone.

Silverstream! She should've lived! She would've been an amazing mother.

13 Moonrise

I hated this book because Feathertail died. My friend told me one hundred times that she'd die, and I went as slow as I could, so it would take me a while to get closer to Feathertail's death. When I got to the death scene, I was just like, "BUT MY FEATHERXCROW SHIP! NOOO!" My friend thought it was hilarious. When she's on The Last Hope, I'll tease her about Hollyleaf's death.

Why did Feathertail have to die? First Silverstream, now her! She was such a gentle, beautiful, and brave cat.

14 Hawkwing's Journey

The saddest parts are, in my opinion, when Hawkwing's brother died and when Pebbleshine, bearing his kits, got carried away on a truck. Later revealed in The Apprentice's Quest, her kits, Twigbranch and Violetshine, survived and were brought back to the clans by Alderpaw and Needlepaw, later Alderheart and Needletail. Pebbleshine, Hawkwing's one and only love, still died when she got struck by a car.

I cried during this, but I cried during many of the books on this list. Sad, but not the saddest.

15 Path of Stars

Wow. This is the only book in the series that made me cry (but I'm only on A Vision of Shadows, so maybe there will be others). I was crying so hard when Gray Wing died. He was by far my favorite character in Dawn of the Clans. I was sobbing for about half an hour after he died. I am a huge bookworm, and I've read countless hundreds of books, and this and one other book are the only ones to have made me cry.

Why the heck is this not farther up?!?!? I loved Gray Wing so much. I cried so hard when he died. I'm actually sad thinking about it now.

I'm just glad he got a chance to see his family and be happy.

16 Rising Storm

I almost cried when Runningwind died. He was one of my favorite characters, and he was a good friend to Fireheart.

The only time I cried in Warriors was when Yellowfang died!

Yellowfang was so intelligent, kind, and caring. I was so sad to see her go.

17 Fading Echoes

I think this is the one where Ivypaw gets jealous and starts in the Dark Forest. That part was sad.

18 Sunset

Yeah, it is not sad, but when Brambleclaw is being torn in two, that is sad.

19 The First Battle

This book was brutal. Nowadays, battles are not very big deals in the eyes of readers because it's all the same: clan against clan over some dumb reason like a small flimsy strip of land or whatever. But the first one was very different.

Most of these cats knew each other. They traveled farther than any cat has before in hope of a better new future together. They were like kin, but because of the greed and fear of one cat, it all came crashing down. Cats murdered friends, group mates, brothers, and sisters just because of some land that they did not need. It was horrible and, in my opinion, the saddest book.

20 The Rise Of The Scourge

How is this not higher on the list? This tells us the life of the BloodClan leader! His story was sad. His siblings ignored his every move because he was so small. This should be way higher on the list.

Although it wasn't his fault, he almost got killed by Tigerpaw. Tigerpaw's mentor, Thistleclaw, told him to do it, and this mistake led to Tigerpaw becoming Tigerstar and causing all sorts of problems and traumatizing moments. Tiny then became Scourge. He wanted revenge on Tigerpaw. Scourge killed many cats, including his siblings (they deserved it) and Tigerstar.

His story is just so sad and depressing. I was kinda sad that he died. But, this should have been higher on the list, in my opinion. Anyways, this just reminds me of my childhood, sad and depressing. I hope you respected my opinion! I'm sorry for taking up any of your time. I agree with most of this list. It's just my opinion that this should be higher!

21 Into the Wild

I thought it was sad when Spottedleaf died for some reason. If you disagree, then I just don't know what you're thinking.

It's depressing to know how sad Rusty's owner must be, and how Redtail dies.

This one is kind of sad. My least favorite part is when Spottedleaf dies.

22 Squirrelflight's Hope

It's so sad when Leafpool died! And the fact that she wanted to stay in StarClan...

I literally cried halfway through the book, which means it just won the award for making me cry the longest in all of the Warriors books!

I hated this book because all Squirrelflight did was whine about how Bramblestar didn't want more kits and how hard her life is. I did actually sob while reading this though, due to the fact that Leafpool dies. She was one of my favorite characters, and she died in the most honorable way, protecting Moonlight's kits, who she didn't even know, and sacrificing herself for them.

23 Dovewing's Silence

It was sad for me because I was reading Dovewing's point of view.

24 The Sun Trail
25 Bramblestar's Storm

Poor Dustpelt. I never really liked him, but the good thing is that he got to join Ferncloud.


Spoilers ahead.

It was really sad when Dustpelt died. It was also sad with Frankie coming from the Twolegplace during the flood. Poor Frankie.

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