Top 10 Best RiverClan Medicine Cats

So, you saw how I made a list of the best ThunderClan leaders in honour of our new leader, Squirrelstar.

Now, I'm going to make a list of the best RiverClan medicine cats in honour of Frostpaw's change in her destiny. She is now going to be a medicine cat. This list is in honour of Frostpaw!

Again, I'm going to try not to include random medicine cats that just exist. Instead, I'll do medicine cats that we know (including Frostpaw!!!). Hope you like it!
The Top Ten
1 Willowshine

Willowshine literally died by going into the Dark Forest, knowing it was a risk. She never became a sole medicine cat, though she did in Mistystar's Omen for a brief time. She was a good medicine cat. Despite never receiving training from Mothwing about StarClan, she learned from Leafpool and respected both Leafpool and Mothwing.

She protected her mentor's secret until Mistystar discovered it. Willowshine even volunteered to go to the Moonpool instead of Mothwing, but Mistystar refused. She was a loyal cat and respected everyone's beliefs, ultimately giving her life for others as a true medicine cat.

2 Mothwing Mothwing is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior cats. She is a golden she-cat with amber eyes and darker gold dapples. She's one of the refugees currently living in ShadowClan,... read more

Mothwing led her Clan through the Great Journey and saved many lives. She made mistakes, but who doesn't? She sides with Frostpaw in Wind and is a rebel now. Although she cannot communicate with StarClan, she is a realistic healer. She acknowledges StarClan's existence and desires a StarClan-approved leader for RiverClan.

Unlike Mistystar, she respects StarClan and the beliefs of other cats. She is a good medicine cat.

3 Dappled Pelt

Hey, DofTC readers! You've seen that Dappled Pelt was RiverClan's first medicine cat! She deserves to be on the podium because it must have been so difficult to be the first medicine cat for her Clan. Although Mothwing and Willowshine are better, she's still amazing!

4 Brambleberry

Brambleberry was like a mother to Crookedstar when Rainflower was horrible to him. She was amazing!

5 Frostpaw

She's a fine medicine apprentice who can now communicate with StarClan. Just because she's an apprentice doesn't mean she has to be ranked last! She's a good medicine cat apprentice. Willowshine was also an apprentice, yet she's first.

6 Echosnout

Echosnout was Cloudberry's mentor! She could be annoying, so I ranked her sixth.

7 Milkfur

Milkfur was Brambleberry's mentor!

8 Mudfur

He was okay. I didn't see him do much except put pressure on poor Leopardstar. He kept telling her about her destiny and not to mess up. When she made even one mistake, he'd remind her not to mess up. He was too stressful.

9 Icewhisker
10 Podlight
The Contenders
11 Stonefur
12 Mistyfoot
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