Top Ten Warrior Cats You Have a Crush On

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1 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds, emotions, and walk into other cats dreams, He was born blind. according to the Warrior Cats Wiki Jayfeather is a lean, mottled, pale gray tabby tom with blind, pale blue eyes like a jay's wing. He has thin and silky fur, and a scar running down one side. In fanart Jayfeather is depicted sometimes with his "beloved" stick that he uses to go back in time to become jay's wing.

You know, he had a right to be mad. When he was a kit, nobody really understood him. Even Firestar, who is usually a fair and calm leader (think Brightheart's name), didn't get that he viewed himself as the equal of any other cat alive. He wanted to be a warrior, and he was a bit pissed off because nobody thought he could become one. When he first became a medicine cat, he was pretty upset, and for good reason too. However, he has since adjusted to his role in the clan. He was probably most affected by (spoiler) the discovery that his mother was Leafpool. I mean, she was one of the few cats who saw him for who he really was, and then, all of a sudden, she doesn't want anything to do with him (end spoiler). He is a pretty grumpy and sullen cat, but he has a kind heart, and he serves his Clan well.

I cannot stand Jayfeather. It makes me legitimately angry whenever I have to read his chapters. It boggles me why he's made it to the top of the list, even more why many warriors fans obsess over him and practically worship him. But hey, I guess I've just got an odd opinion. Can someone please explain to me why he is so popular? I get that he's snarky and witty, but he's just so mean-spirited to every cat around him. He's blind (pun intended) to other cat's opinions and feelings, despite having the gift to read minds. He can't understand other cat's perspective on things, or doesn't care enough about others to consider any different opinions they might hold. So Jayfeather fans: what about this character is so appealing? What are his redeeming qualities? I'm seriously interested, as I can't find many good things about this character. Can anyone help me with my perspective on him?

Jayfeather's my favorite cat, and I'm not a crazy fan-girl. He's a moody, grumpy cat, but he developed the most over the series out of his siblings (we didn't see Hollyleaf's). Why don't haters of Jayfeather see that he changed? In the beginning, he went feeling sorry for himself, but he mostly covered it up by being prideful, and only being called a "worthless kit" triggered him to show self-pity. Anyway, he patched up his relationship with Brightheart. (They joke a lot and help each other. ) And powers have nothing to do with if a character is good or not. And it's not Jayfeather's fault his eyes creep you out, he's blind for Pete's sake. And I believe he felt abandoned by Leafpool, and he was the first to forgive her. And Jayfeather always mentions how he doesn't like pricking his clanmates' thoughts; he can't really help it. Literally.

Jayfeather is cool, I know he made mistakes when he was younger but we all do. He was also made bitter by an incapable mentor who said all the wrong things and pitied him when he was trying to make something of his life, so not helpful Brightheart. He then proceeded to accept his fate and serve his clan, I'll admit he was a grumpy about it but wouldn't you if you were forced to become something you didn't want to be? Jayfeather is so sweet with Half Moon too and was sad that he had to give up living among the ancient cats, his only shot at a normal life, that couldn't have been easy.

2 Stonefur

I LOVE HIM! He is so brave, loyal, handsome, and he loved his sister and his second cousins(who were also his apprentices) to DIE for them! Literaly! He DIED! How can you have a more noble death!

He is so underrated! Stonefur was such a skilled, brave and loyal warrior. He was just and right. And his pelt is pretty smoking come on!

Stonefur is definitely one of the most underrated characters in the entire series. He's an outstandingly skillful warrior and was fiercely loyal to RiverClan. He was a reliable deputy and would have made a fantastic leader. He died an honorable and noble death when he was protecting Stormpaw and Featherpaw from Blackfoot. However, although his death was very unfortunate, I do not blame Blackfoot. He was only following the warrior code and regretted killing him. Tigerstar was to blame for this, since he ordered Blackfoot to kill him.

Stonefur's not given enough credit. He is one of the most noble cats in the books. He reminds me a lot of Whitestorm in so many ways. He died one of the most heroic deaths: saving two innocent kits from a tyrant, knowing that he could quite possibly die in the doing so. He could have easily murdered Stormfur and Feathertail, apprentices at the time, but he chose to do the right thing and sacrificed himself to save them. He almost fought Darkstripe off, even in his weakened state, and died the death of a true hero. He was strong, noble, compassionate, fierce, and demonstrated the epitome of courage, wisdom, and loyalty in his final act. He would have been a fantastic leader, and he is one of the most awesome cats in the series. He's not one of my all-time favorites but he's such a good cat and deserved more than what he was given. I don't get how cats like Ashfur, who went ballistic because their "girlfriend" "broke up with them" get more credit than Stonefur. I respect all opinions so ...more

3 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous When he was around in Thunderclan as an apprentice he was traumatized as a he witnessed the Thunderclan warrior, Tigerclaw murder the Thunderclan deputy, Redtail. To keep him safe from Tigerclaw, his best friends Firepaw and Graypaw sent him away to become a loner and live with a cat named Barley at the barn, who he spent the rest of his life with.

I miss Ravenpaw! Honestly, after I read Tigerclaw's fury I hated all of the clan cats. (When I started reading the warrior cats books I started at the second because the first was checked out of the library) I read up to book four in the new prophecy and then school was closing for winter break so I couldn't check out anymore books. Luckilly, I got a kindle fire for xmas and read Tigerclaw's fury and totally felt his pain! I didn't hate him anymore. I also got the first season of Warrior cats and decided to read the first book. After reading what happened to Ravenpaw I felt like throwing my kindle fire away! I love his charecter! He's awesome

I am obsessed with Ravenpaw. I have seen many different picures of him in the books, and they all have one thing in common: he looks completely ADORABLE! He is the most adorable cat in the entire warriors series! I hate the parts in the books where Tigerstar bullies him. It makes me want to punch him in the face (Tigerstar, not Ravenpaw). He is so amazing: sweet, brave, loyal, kind…even his name is awesome. He is the only cat in the entire series who has a name that starts with Raven. He is the most awesome tom in the whole Warrior series! If only I were a cat (and the Warriors series were real) then he could be my mate. That would be amazing.

He's so cute and nice! I hate Tigerclaw for being such an abusive mentor to him. I would also love to spend some quality time with him, to give love to a cat like this makes you an angel. Because a cat like this is an angel, probably more angelic than you are!

Oh yes I have a crush let me explain. In the first series he's this shy apprentice then he leaves (insert crying sounds) in the second he's this wise loner I need him back (more crying sounds)

4 Oakheart Oakheart is a dark,reddish-brown tom with amber eyes. more.

I seriously loved Oakheart in Bluefur's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise. He was always so devoted and loyal to his clan and always supported his brother even when their mother rejected him. He had a great sense of humor with Bluefur when she spat at him from across the border! I thought that was so cute. He also loved his kits very fiercely even though they did not know he is their father. He is my favorite cat ever because he was brave, funny and a bit shy!

Oakheart is so sweet... He is really caring for Bluefur, even though they were from different clans! And remember when Bluefur and him went to Fourtrees?
"The only thing that can hurt me is being away from you," he said to Bluefur.

"They can have a father if you want. I'll be here if you need me. I love you, Bluefur. Whatever happens, they'll always be my kits, too! " He told Bluefur when she announced the kits.
Oakheart is just AWESOME! He was also really nice to his brother after he broke his jaw, too!
Oakheart, YOU RULE!

Remember, how in the first book of the new prophecy Oakheart and Bluestar were arguing about the cats they chose to see what Midnight had to say? Yeah, I have a feeling there was always some tension between those two in StarClan. I felt like she cared more about her deputy's death then, her kits father's death. Oakheart was a great cat. He was loyal and always there for Crookedstar when times were tough. He's pretty awesome.. too bad he's gone. Although, he is in one of the best books of the series... FOREST OF SECRRETS! Who agree's with me?

Smart, handsome, brave, funny, optimistic, loyal, honest, and sweet. What more could you ask? I don't blame Bluestar for loving him even though they were in different clans. The only problem with their relationship is Thrushpelt. He was such a sweet cat. Poor Thrushpelt.

5 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty. Firestar is killed by fatal wounds by the spirit of Tigerstar and a falling tree
Firestar's personality seems to be very courageous and dedicated, he always dose things that he thinks are right, even if it went against the warrior code. Even if Firestar's ideas don't always work, his strength, courage, kindness, and loyalty leads him to be a strong built leader and point of view. Firestar's last words were “I will not die until the forest is safe from you" more.

I LOVE HIM! He is such an awesome cat and brought so much greatness to the clans. But now that he is gone and the original four leaders...Bluestar, Crookedstar, Tallstar, and Brokenstar are gone it's gotten super sad and I don't feel as close to the clans. I mean I barely even realized Harestar was leader? Who is this guy? But anyways...I love Firestar! He is so amazing!

Well stop crushing him! He didn't tattle to Bluestar about Graystripe and Silverstream, he was just WORRIED like a good friend SHOULD be. He is NOT perfect. Stop saying that! He is NOT breaking the code by WATCHING Twolegplaces. He doesn't even sneak there that often. Well if you saw YOUR enemy that vowed to keep attacking until he KILLED you, would you find peace in looking at a spitting image of him? I wouldn't. Don't judge Firestar for it if Brambleclaw doesn't. Clawface KILLED Spottedleaf. It's against the warrior code to kill the medicine cat like that. He is such an evil jerk and deserved to be murdered.

Those people who say they don't like him because Firestar is "perfect", he's not perfect. Helping cats that don't really need his help to survive and isn't really that necessary to the survival of the clans is not perfect. Not all cases of helping cats are good. For example, I really don't like Daisy. She was so dumb in The New Prophecy series. (Sunrise, page 120-121) Rock said (I forgot where) that Firestar could never have lead the journey to the sun-drown place because he loved helping too much. Remember the trouble he got into with Yellowfang?

He is NOT too perfect! I don't have a crush on him, but he never tattled on Graystripe and Silverstream, he was WORRIED like a good friend should be. How would you feel if YOU had an enemy that vowed to kill you and YOU had to look at the spitting image of him everyday. Wouldn't you be haunted? Graystripe WAS breaking the code though. He DIDN'T murder Clawface though. I'm also pretty sure killing a MEDICINE cat like that is against the warrior code. Also IF he DID kill Clawface in the battle I honestly wouldn't care. He was an idiot. Stop judging him for being a FORMER kittypet. He is NOT one anymore. Also, he didn't break the code by WATCHING his old Twoleg nest. He didn't take food from them either. He SHOULDN'T like the idea of Graystripe and Silverstream. What they're doing is against the warrior code. AGAIN, he didn't break it up. He tried asking them, but he didn't go and tell or FORCE them to. You guys don't have an ounce of respect for Firestar. He is a very good cat. In my ...more

6 Whitestorm Whitestorm is a fictional character in the Warriors novel series by Erin Hunter. He is a long-haired, sturdy, white tom with green eyes, and is known for his loyalty, wisdom, and calm demeanor. Whitestorm is a senior warrior of ThunderClan and has served as a mentor to many young apprentices. He is respected and admired by his clanmates for his courage in battle and his unwavering dedication to the warrior code. Throughout the series, Whitestorm plays a crucial role in many of ThunderClan's battles, often serving as a deputy or temporary leader when needed. He is a beloved character among fans of the series and is often remembered as one of the most honorable and respected warriors of ThunderClan. more.

Urg! I have the BIGGEST crush on him! Back of lady's, he's mine! I would love to die like him in warriors: be awesome, become deputy, be awesome again, die a terribly amazingly, noble heroic death. He is so stinking CUTE! I need to mix a little jay feather into him to make him my perfect soul mate. If he were a person I would be all over him. Love you Whitestorm! Forget the fact you already have a mate!

Answering to one of the previos comments, Whitestorm could have been an amazing leader, even more than Firestar. He was way more wise than Firestar, not to mention how he knew how to treat any cat; by this I mean, for example, when Bluestar just went mad and he stayed on her side, despite no one else did.
If he hadn't died in the battle against BloodClan, many things would have changed in possitive and negative ways, ways I can obviously not predict.

With pain, me :v

I love him so much. No wonder he's so noble Bluestar's his aunt. He was so devoted to his clan. He was brave, noble and much more. He would always be at Firestars side when he wasn't sure of things. He was also a great deputy, I cried when he died. The clans will remember him as one of the wisest warriors ever known to starclan. He served his clan well. R.I.P Whitestorm.

Whitestorm was always an amazing cat. I mean, that's probably where Bluestar got her goodness from before she went totally deranged when she got old. He should have been made leader, but I guess some things are just meant to be. Thank you, Whitestorm. You are our hero and our friend.

7 Thrushpelt

Why are the cats who are attracted to Bluestar my favorite toms? But seriously. Thrushpelt loved Bluestar even when he found out she didn't feel the same. He wasn't like Ashfur who went crazy 'cause Squirrelflight didn't love him back. Ashfur needs to hear about Thrushpelt. I wonder if they met in StarClan.

I love Thrushpelt. He was so nice to Bluefur/star, He was waiting for the longest time and Bluefur/star's friends kept telling her that he has waited long enough for her and that she should pair off with him. I think that Thrushpelt is Amazing and he even helped Bluefur/star with her kits and let her tell everyone that he was the father of her kits when it was really Oakheart. Thrushpelt was also grieving as a father would grieve for the loss of his kits. I think Thrushpelt would have made a brilliant father. :) LOVE YOU THRUSHPELT!

Thrushpelt was definitely my favourite character in Bluestar's Prophecy. He was so sweet, and stood up for Bluestar, letting the Clan believe that he was the father to her kits. If I was a Warrior, I'd honestly choose him as a mate. I think he'd be a perfect father.

I love how he was so kind and loyal loving toward Bluefur and how even though when she didn't have the slightest interest in him he always kept loving her, but she was just so wrong and blind to that, so she chose Oakheart, the one cat from Riverclan, that was the reason that Snowfur died, because she got mad, then there were the Shadowclan cats in their territory and she was so distracted that she kept chasing them across the road so she got ran over by a car, which is one of the major downside of Oakheart. Plus, if Bluestar and Oakheart would have never fallen in love Bluestar wouldn't of had kits (unless they were with Thrushpelt), so there wouldn't be the danger of Thistleclaw becoming deputy Snowfur wouldn't of died, and the warrior code would've never been broken by Bluestar and Oakheart. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

8 Graystripe Graystripe is a cat in a series Warrior Cats. He is named after the grey stripe that goes down his back. In the second book he falls in love with a cat named Silverstream. He is also friends with his childhood friend Firestar. He became mates with Millie who gave birth to their kits Blossomfall, Bumblestripe and Briarlight.

Why I like Graystripe:
1. Uh, well, he is rather attractive... IN A CAT'S POINT OF VIEW.
2. He is funny, smart, friendly, comforting, and he can make AWESOME quotes. Adding on to this, he is also quite a good fighter and isn't afraid to stand up for what is right. Plus, he is argumentative and ready to jump into battle at anytime. I remember many times in the books he was battle ready when Firestar was threatening an enemy patrol on the border. You usually don't see such a cool mix of personality on cats that are funny and friendly.
3. Come on, this poor guy's been through A LOT. His first mate dying... His banishment from not only RiverClan, but basically seeing his kits, except for once a month for ten minuets or so... Being captured by twolegs and having to find his way back to the Clans, since they moved... And then not really being, I don't know, accepted into his Clan. They just didn't seem like they were as friendly and welcoming to him as other cats already in the ...more

Hilarious! Even though he's been through a lot in his life, he's still got his humor. My favorite Graystripe humor part was in Into the Wild, where he pretends to stalk like a lopsided badger. If you love Graystripe, be sure to watch these videos on YouTube: Graystripe is Tacky, and Why Graystripe REALLY Left RiverClam. It's hilarious.

Graystripe was a very amusing cat. What happened to Silverstream was devastating, but he always loved his kits and they never had to wonder if their father loved them. I thought Millie was cute, but Graystripe deserves Silver. As far as his friendship with Firestar, he was an amazing friend.

Graystripe is My HERO. He so hawt... Er... Uh... What was I saying? Oh ya, He is A HERO! He as so many traits in such a great cat! He Is sweet, kind, playful, and can still be serious, eager, and loyal at the same time! Like, he took his kits very serious and even took them to their mothers clan, like, WHO DOES THAT! Oh yes, GRAYSTRIPE DOES! He was so sweet to let them go back to their mother's clan, let alone COME WITH THEM. Leaving his best friend behind, just to be with his kits! <3 And, he is so sweet, and funny! I remember the first book, when ravenpaw came back from the battle and redtail's death, and he was like, "I wish I was their, I'd have really... Er.. Heh." Classic graystripe ;3 Continueing, ( I could go on for days...) His first mate died! Why erin, WHYYY? Which left him open to Millie... The little brat... Er.. *cough cough* I approve of Silverstream, though I wish Millie never showed up. Anyways, millie treated him like dirt, If it were Me, I would Love him to le ...more

9 Cloudtail

He was able to convince Brightheart that she was still beautiful after the accident with the dogs, and that says something. I like how he's also not afraid to be different. I doubt he cares what others think about him not believing in StarClan. Sure, he's a little stubborn, but he'd go to the ends of the Earth for the ones he loves.

Cloudpaw: An ass. Doesn't like to obey rules or the warrior code. Ate kittypet food. Was then wanting to be a kittypet.

Cloudtail: Great personality. Obeys probably all the rules of the warrior code. Only catches prey. Loyal to the Clan. Also a very good mate, not caring for what Brightheart looks like, but her sweet personality. I would definitely want a person to be with like Cloudtail.

He is so nice to everyone. At the start, he was so cute, fluffy and adorable and then he grew into an amazing warrior who could see past scars and birth-places.

Cloudtail was so nice to Daisy. No wonder she liked him. Although, I do admit he acted like Thistleclaw's kit version when he was a kit (or was it apprentice. I don't have the books memorized, guys.). You know, how they both were like, "I'm better than everyone."

10 Crowfeather

I LOVE HIM! Though not as much because of all of this Leafpool drama...but when he was on the journey I loved his personality! He and Feathertail were so cute together! I see so much of him through Lionblaze. I see some of him in Jayfeather but actually more in Lionblaze. Hollyleaf totally got all of her mother.

I picked Jayfeather over him... But Crowfeather is also really great! I love how he has a soft spot for the ones he loves. It would make any cat/human feel special. And Crowfeather is probably one of the best looking cats in the series (in my mind anyway)! I really like dark gray cats with blue eyes. I do feel like he treated Nightcloud and Breezepelt unfairly... But if you think about it, he's lost a lot. The first cat he loved (Feathertail) died in the mountains and the second cat he loved (Leafpool) couldn't ever really leave her Clan. I'm not gonna lie though, it made me so sad when Leafpool and Crowfeather said goodbye in Sunset. He thought he would never matter enough to her yet she was just as sad and torn as he was! He seems prickly on the outside, but on the inside, he's really just a cat in pain. His heart wanted two she-cats he couldn't have. I bet it tore him up pretty bad.

I'm honestly really surprised Crowfeather isn't higher. He was always kind of angsty and had a hard time getting along with others, but in reality he was just shy. Feathertail saw good in him, and regretted he opening himself up to her after she died. His love for leafpool was just as tragic, as she too chose her clan over him. It's sad to think leafpool was his last chance at happiness, as he seems to be miserable for the rest of the series. Overall, he's just a really conflicted, tragic character who was an assailed at times but he deserved happiness

I really liked him in Twilight, but not so much in moonrise, because of the way he treated feathertail like a stupid kit. But he and leafpool are so cute together. Why did they have to break up? If they stayed together and had the kits, stupid breezepelt would of never been born. I don't hate nightcloud, I totally understand her, but she's too overprotective. Go away nightcloud, and leave crowfeather and leafpool to themselves!

The Contenders
11 Tallstar Tallstar is a large, black-and-white tom with a very long, thin, black tail with a white tail-tip, powerful shoulders, amber eyes, strong paws, short, thick fur, and a white muzzle and paws.

I have a strange a affection for Tallstar. It might be because my cat looks so much like him, or I looove Tallstar's Revenge, but I absolutely love the cat. Yes, he was more interested in toms (Cough, cough Jake) but I don't see why he didn't have a real mate. My OCs are Birchcloud and Dawnfrost, and I would like to have Tallstar as a mate.

He may have. We can't know for sure. His bond with Jake was so strong that he felt he shouldn't have a mate. I don't believehis love for Jake is in the mature way in which animals have feelings with eachother in which they "mate". I believe they were like brothers. Very close.

How could you not grow slightly attached to him? I did, and I feel what a user below has felt, that Jake and Tallstar's relationship was really close but not enough to "mate". More like a brothers' relationship. I thought I was the only one

Tallstar is most likely my favorite leader. I just enjoyed him, but I didn't think Tallstar's revenge was the best, I do want to reread it.

12 Shortwhisker/Hutch

If you read Firestar's Quest you really know who he is. I couldn't help but grow slightly attached to his uncertain personality. He seemed almost like Ravenpaw, scared but would come back and fight an army for the bonds he left behind. He's also pretty sweet, and if he stayed longer the clan would've been stronger. Or became a daylight warrior, even though I don't like their system. I would've preferred if he had a bigger role in the Clan.

Uh... All I can say is WHY!? Why this self- conscious little thing?

Shotwhisker? He was a minor character. Actually I think the best tom-cat is Foxleap.

Shortwhisker is the best

13 Stormfur

Stormfur is so cute and I would love to be his mate. He is so loyal to his clan but I don't like that he left them to stay with brook. Other than brambleclaw he is awesome.why isn't brambleclaw on this list! he better than all these cats he would be number one on this list.

I love Stormfur! I think he made the right decision and I admire him for staying with Brook and following his dreams, even after his sisters death.

Brook: He's the best mate I could ask for! So loving.
Squirrelflight: There's no way, he's just a tom.
Sandstorm: He left his clan, a quality I dislike.

I love him! I'm glad he found a true mate and has kits, but I agree, I miss reading about him. I love your Stormfur!

14 Crookedstar Crookedstar is a huge, light brown tabby tom with green eyes and a twisted jaw. more.

Aww. I love Crookedstar. It doesn't matter about his jaw, he has a great personality. And his mother was so mean to him after he broke his jaw. Geez! Crookedstar is so cute!

He deserves to love again after willowbreeze died. It was so sad but so sweet. He was so dedicated! I love him even though he has a weird jaw!

Crookedstar is my second faveorite cat and Ravenpaw is my first fave. But since Crookedstar is here I vote him. He should be number one not ten.

Crookedstar is now one of my favorites since I read Crookedstar's Promise. But, I still like Jayfeather and Graystripe a bit better

15 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby tom with a snow-white underbelly and ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest. Hawkfrost tried to kill Firestar with a fox trap but was killed by his brother Brambleclaw by his neck being pierced by the stick of the fox trap.

When he was first mentioned in the books in Midnight I thought he was this just big mouthed tabby and a bit mysterious. I kinda liked him as a character but I was obsessed with Brambleclaw back then. But now he is just lying and causing a lot of chaos and crap. He made Mothwing lie and poor her. I actually screamed at him in my book one day I was reading Starlight. It did not go well. So I hated Hawkfrost to the death and I wanted to murder all brown tabbies and burn all the New Prophecy books in the world. (Unfortunately, I have brown tabby that's the nicest animal in the world so he can't die). Then in Sunset, Brambleclaw killed him and I'm like " yay! Your my hero, Bram! ". He went to the Dark Forest. Okay, that's the very end of all the bad guys. WRONG! Lionblaze used to be trained by Tigerstar but then he killed him twice. But, here is the most entertaining series of all of Warriors. Omen of the Stars! When they recruit innocent warriors into the Dark Forest. Well when I saw ...more

Hawkfrost was a very manipulative and intelligent warrior. I believe he would have made a reliable deputy and a great leader for RiverClan. He was really interesting to read about and you have to admit, he's really good looking and has a personality that fits him well.

Oh. My. Starclan. He is just hot. Even if he was not the best cat ever, he had a caring side. I almost wish Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost killed Firestar because then he would be dead and Brambleclaw would never be leader. I love him to death.

The evil twin to mothwing he betrayed her but yet he might be one of my best freinds! I am a weird child I actually like blood gore and seeing my least favorite warrior cats die and he's not my favorite villain but he is a good cat to be friend I whouldent even mind being his mate

16 Brambleclaw Bramblestar is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Before he became leader his name was Brambleclaw. His father is Tigerstar, his mother is Goldenflower, and his sister is Tawnypelt. He also has a half brother Hawkfrost and a half sister Mothwing.

Ok so I agree his character is getting WAYYYYY worse. But if I had a crush on a warrior cat we would one. I fell for him in Midnight and even though all this Broken Code and Starless Clan drama is SUPER strong I still can't break away from him! He was so intresting to read about! He struggles with a lot of things, he is sweet at times, he is quiet mostly, I think he is handsome(in a cat's point of view). I just wish the character in the New Prophecy would show more in him. Where did that awesome cat go?

I think I like him a lot because of his faults. He's not perfect but in the end, he tries his best. It was a little annoying when he got angry at Squirrelflight over the three kits... but if you think about it, who wouldn't? Imagine having the person you love lie to you for months about your children not actually being your children. I know I wouldn't exactly be happy with her. But in the end, he realizes that he was wrong. So I like him because he tries his best to be the best he can be. And what more can you ask of someone?

Heck no! It makes me sick to think of him. He's the worst leader ever. Squirrelflight as deputy? Wow great move Bramblestar. There's also better choices like, Brackenfur, Spiderleg, Thornclaw even maybe Graystripe or even Dustpelt even though their old. Heck, Briarlight and Jayfeather would be better off as deputy and leader. I hate what thunderclan has become, taking in kittypets and rogues. Bramblestar as leader. Wow that just made me sad all over again. I absolutely hate this cat for 3 reasons, he's not evil and he's leader and picked Squirrelflight as deputy. I am so sad.

He constantly has to prove himself to others just show that he's loyal as his other Clanmates. He has suffered through so many of the warriors just looking at him and seeing just another Tigerstar. He's loyal, bold, strong, determined, and intelligent; he should be in the top ten, but it's okay. And he understands how maybe some of the other warriors feel if they have to prove themselves when there's no need to prove anything.

17 Brackenfur

I really love Brackenfur. Probably because I feel like I can relate to him more than the others. He likes to think about things before jumping in. I'm very much like that. He shows great forethought and I hope to have that as well someday. He's a quiet and noble cat who to me seems a little underrated. He's patient with younger cats, he's a good father, he's a good mate, he's brave and loyal, and he's willing to do whatever he has too to protect the cats he cares about. This is what I want in a spouse. And I don't agree with Scourge and Hawkfrost being above him in this list.

I was going to vote for Firestar, but I just finished Sunset...

' "Sorreltail..." he began, gently nuzzling his sister's shoulder.
"Rainwhisker, is that you? " Sorreltail mewed, twisting her head to look and him.
"Are you hurt? "
"It will be okay," Rainwhisker replied.
"But I've got some bad news. It's Sootfur. He's... dead." '

Brackenfur was so gentle towards Sorreltail. Sorreltail is lucky to be his mate.

Hawkfrost and Scourge are above Brackenfur because of looks. But this cat beats every cat in personality.
-Doesn't care about nothing
-Good at fighting
-Doesn't complain. Ever.
-Not ambitious
-Knows what's right.
No wonder Sorreltail is his mate!

Heres how the story should've gone, Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost actually go through with the plan of killing Firestar then of course brambleclaw won't be leader or deputy! So then there would be no other choice other than Brackenfur with Thornclaw or Spiderleg as deputy.

18 Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves is so sweet! He was a very good companion to Hollyleaf when she ran to the tunnels. He baisicly saved her life! If he was still alive, He and Hollyleaf would totally be mates by now.

Fallen Leaves was a awesome cat and he deserved Hollyleaf if they were still alive. They must be mates NOW!

I don't have a crush on him but it was so sweet when he told jay paw. "I'll walk with you just like when you did like a brother,"(I don't know if those are the exact words but it was still sweet)

I am a guy, but Fallen leaves compassion to Hollyleaf wants me to take him!

19 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin. One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth. Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes, glossy fur, and a torn left ear. He has a purple collar studded with teeth from dogs and cats, and claws reinforced with dogs' teeth.

I know I'm gonna get bashed and flamed and trolled for this... When I first saw scrouge in the Darkest Hour I didn't hate him. I was curious. I read the Rise of Scrouge and it really cleared up a lot of stuff about his past, and he became one of my favorite characters. Wel I draw my favorite charries so I pretty much have a whole notebook full of scrouge looking sexy... Then I read that fanfic that I think was called "Help to the Fallen Angels" and that did it. Even f it was just a fanfic it really portrayed scrouge's good side and slowly but surely I started crushing on him. In other words? SCROUGE. IS. '. AWESOME.

Scourge is evil.
Me ( Softfeather): Scourge, did you kill Firestar?
Scourge: Not yet.
Me: mutters) ok good.
I actually kinda have a crush on Ravenpaw his warrior name was going to be Ravenwing. Ravenpaw did not go to Starclan but Bluestar said he could visit. Scourge did not go to the dark forest either because he didn't believe in star clan. My thing for warrior cat characters is if they don't go to starclan or dark forest they are reborn.
Like the theory about Squirrelflight being the recarnation of Scourge. Scourge learned that being peaceful and fighting for what is right is better than killing.
-Softfeather/ Darkfeather (I was born in Shadow clan and I went to RiverClan)

When I first read The Darkest Hour I thought Scourge was just an evil jerk. Then, I read the manga and I started to understand why people liked him. Sorry I mean Twolegs. He's really just misunderstood at heart. And slightly insane. And bloodthirsty. But seriously, how can you not like Scourge? He's clever, strong, fierce, ambitious, loyal, and smexy And at the heart all he ever really wanted was to be loved. Then I watched an AMV by Flighty called I Will Not Bow. Ever since then, I've loved him. No judging. Gotta love dem murderers.
- Lightningstar

OK, I admit, I hated Scourge when I first met him in Darkest Hour, but once I read more about the guy, my heart bled for him. Tigerstar bullied him as a kit, not to mention his siblings Ruby and Socks hated him as well. It's enough to drive ANYONE to be a murderous, bloodthirsty killer! And I admit, I do kinda have a thing for the dark, dangerous type

20 Sandstorm

I have to admit that I don't have a crush on Sandstorm. I really think she belonged with Firestar, yes you can call me basic. It's don't really vibe with SpottedFire shippers and CinderFire shippers. I think that Sandstorm is underrated and she gets a lot and I mean A LOT of hate. I think that Sandstorm deserves a bit more love than she gets.

No. She picked the worst cat to become mates with and had 2 of the worst daughters. The only cats I like from Sandstorm and Firestar's family is Cloudtail and Hollyleaf. Sandstorm made a horrible decision. You ruined the books for me. Let's go back to when Bluestar and the cats before her were leaders that's when I actually liked Thunderclan. You should've picked Dustpelt Sandstorm.

Sandstorm is awesome, but it stucks that she wasnt his first 'love' If he could, he would have been mates with Spotted leaf, but she was too old and a med cat. Some people say that he loved Cinder, I am not so sure.

Seriously?! The first female on the list. Wow. I like her because she's a strong hunter and brave warrior

21 Bumblestripe

ugh, no. he understood that dovewing only liked him as a friend but would he give up and find someone else? no, he was stupid and stuck with it. and to be clear Lightning Tail, the first thunder clan deputy ever, is the only one who I love.

Honestly, I think Bumblestripe really does deserve more love.

1: Personality. Guys, he's honestly the sweetest, most caring and bashful character in the whole series. That scene in OotS when he took Dovewing to the beautiful cliff? That absolutely MELTED my heart.

2: Appearance. Anyone else love the idea of a bulky, longhaired tom with a pale gray pelt, striped with dark black, and tufted ears, accompanied by a pair of big amber eyes?

3: I never really wanted Bumblestripe and Dovewing to end up together, honestly. But I find Rosepetal's crush on Bumble very appealing. I hope Rose and Bumble become mates soon, maybe in Shattered Sky?

There you have it. I hope Bumblestripe sticks around for a good while. ~Rocky

I hate bumble stripe so much.

He knew Dovewing wanted someone else. He knew it. He knew he didn't deserve any love(at least I knew), but the whole clan, including him, pressured him and Dovewing into a couple. Tigerheart needed Dovewing, Dovewing needed Tigerheart, but no, Bumblestripe stomped in and said, "Dovewing, you pretty girl Tigerheart totally deserves, Be my mate or else." He deserved to fall in the gorge.

Bumble Bae is precious and deserves happiness. It's so sad that (SPOILER) he had to watch his sister die. :( He's always been incredibly kind, sure maybe a little desperate, but that's only because he really wanted to be with Dovewing! "Oohhh but he was whiny after she left - " Uhh of course he was upset! The cat he loved just left not just him but her whole CLAN for the ShadowClan leader! He probably felt so betrayed! Poor guy. He deserves love and happiness and no one can tell me otherwise.

22 Redtail

Redtail c0ould have made a great leader. I wish Redtail would've beem in the story more. REdtail is awesome he is brother to my favourite cat Spottedleaf and when Tigerstar killed him it was so sad! I love Redtail like th e last thing e thought was that he couldn't go on a hunting patrol with Dustpaw.

Redtail would have made a great leader. He was an understanding cat with great and powerful faith. If Tigerstar hadn't killed him, his apprentice, Dustpelt would have made it through training. Redtail was a noble cat like Bluestar.

Ooooh yes! People just forget the events of Redtail's dept! I don't have a crush on him but I don't have a crush on ANY warrior cat characters but if I were to meet any tom cat, it would be him.

We barely knew him. He died right away, and in Bluestar's Prophecy he only said about 14 words at the end. Maybe less. I don't know.

23 Blackstar

I'm indifferent about Blackstar though in a cat's point of view I guess he would look attractive (I don't understand why people go crazy over Warrior Cats and call then hot... that's very strange and creepy ex. OM GOODNESS THIS CAT IS TOTES HOT I WANT TO KISS HIS PRETTY FACE! People like that creep me out). Anyway Blackstar did try to kill two innocent apprentices and did kill Stonefur, but he felt sorry about the incident in The Darkest Hour, and Tigerstar did tell him to do this treacherous things and as the Warrior Code saids "The word of your leader is the code" (Though I find that part of the warrior code absurd because ex, Brokenstar ex. I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KILL INNOCENT KITS, due to the code they kill all the kits in the nursery and the expecting queens, wow great part of the code (sarcasm). Back to what I was saying, Blackstar did become a better character as a leader and including the fact that I personally LOVE Shadowclan.

He has this thing about him... He rebuilt ShadowClan, for StarClan's sake! Think about it- ShadowClan would've been destroyed if Blackfoot wasn't deputy when Tigerstar died. He rebuilt them when all pressure was on him. Go Blackstar!

I didn't actually enjoy Blackstar as a character until he became ShadowClans leader. Once he became leader, I started to enjoy what he had to say. Especially in the third and fourth series

Just want to put out there that Blackstar has a lot of pressure in rebuilding ShadowClan. Y'all know that, right? He's probably the only fair-minded, not evil leader ShadowClan has had for quite a while.

24 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker more.

Possibly my favorite medicine cat. The other ones felt just, like they HAD to have something happen in their life. Can't feel sympathy for them. Spottedleaf is kind of plain and boring, but that's what kind of stands out.

Spottedleaf died in the first book and she didn't have much of an appearance in any other books either. I am an "in between the lines" reader, and I can't tell what her personality is.

Everyone hates her and I don't understand it. Some call her a stalker but she was just trying to help the one she loved. She couldn't forget Firestar because she loved him and wanted to guide him. Go Spottedfire!
-Turtlemist of Skyclan

I'm a girl but I would so crush on her if I were a boy. I don't think I would go lesbo of anything like that, but forepaw had a good reason to love her.

25 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw is a villain in the Warrior Cats series. Thistleclaw is a gray-and-white tabby tom with spiky fur and amber eyes

Mapleshade, Bluestar, and Snowfur. The three that made him evil. THINK about it. Losing your mate, having your kit taken away, chased out of STARCLAN. So then, yes he is ambitious, but most Tom's are. He is battle hungry, but so are most Tom's. He is trained by Mapleshade to be evil and when Bluestar takes everything away from him he loses it. I don't LOVE him, but I can understand him. Imagine being with your mate and waiting for your son and then chased out by your mates sister. And people mostly hate Thistle because of Bluestar, but she treated him bad to! I felt refreshed to see a rivalry but then it went to far when I read that she chased him out. Thistle was a mis understood character and we should try to put ourselves in his paws. -Cricketleap, loyal WARRIOR of Timeclan

I think Thistleclaw just had a hard life. First, his crush Spottedpaw (Spottedleaf) , turned him down and then his mate dies (Snowfur).

For the love of StarClan, Thistleclaw, was thought to be chased away, but the Erin's decided in the end that he CHOSE to go there. So yeah, he wasn't chased away.

Personally, I love Thistleclaw. I loved reading about him in Bluestar's Prophecy and he was really interesting to read about.

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