Worst Warrior Cat Couples

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1 Graystripe & Millie

Graystripe deserves way better than Millie! She's the absolute worst. When Blossomfall nearly died and came back, Millie was angry at her because she could've been spending the time she was nearly dying in catching food for Millie's favorite child, Briarlight. What the heck? Millie's the worst, and Graystripe could do much better.

Ugh, don't even say Millie's name! Gray stripe I see so much better than that she-devil. I'm happy he's going to go with Silverstream in StarClan. Graystripe could've traveled back without her. Plus, Millie obsessed over Braiarlight, I mean, I would do the same thing, but I wouldn't go THAT far. She is always comparing her to Blossomfall too. I am all for Braiarlight, but Millie, chill. All because of her, Blossomfall is becoming more loyal to the dark forest instead of her kin, I'm guessing. Now, the only one Blossomfall can lean on, is Thornclaw or Ivypool. Millie is the worst mother ever, if I was her kid, I would join the dark forest as long as I was away from her! Anyways, I kind of left the subject. I'm basically saying, Graystripe is so better than Millie, and he should be with Silverstream.

2 Ashfur & Scourge

Honestly, how would they work as a couple? I don't think Ashfur even interacted with Scourge at all. And I get it, Ashfur was sort of evil, but why this couple? Also, not trying to be offensive or anything, but I don't think gay or lesbian couples would work in Warrior Cats. Yes, Warriors is fictional. But it's still partly realistic, because the cats aren't immortal or have unrealistic fur patterns. But to be honest, I don't think any gay/ lesbian couple would work, and I wouldn't want to see a gay or lesbian couple as cats in the wild... No animals are gay in real life, are they?

Where does this even come from? Also, Ashfur and Scourge are kinda distantly related! Here's how: First we start out with Ashfur, then we go to his mother. Brindleface's sister is Frostfur, so then we go to Cinderpelt, Frostfur's daughter. We go on to Brightheart who is Cinderpelt's sister. Brightheart's mate is Cloudtail. Then lets go to Cloudtail's mother, Princess. Princess's mother is Nutmeg, who is mates with Jake. His first mate was Quince. And lastly, Quince's son is Scourge.

Ashfur doesn't even LIKE Scourge and Scourge tried to take over their entire home, so AshPAW at the time wouldn't feel any love of affection for him, he would kill him if he could. Plus even though Scourge is tiny, he is a lot older than Ashfur is, plus the last time they saw each other Ashfur was still an apprentice and they never actually directly spoke to one another.

Okay, lol this is the weirdest couple I ever seen. Scourge is a insane, loner that loves blood and killing. He has pitch black fur and very bright neon blue eyes. Is this true or not? When he is normal is his spike collar purple and when he's insane it's red? Ashfur, you are NUTS! You planned to kill Firestar (seriously :T), like your niece (Sqiurrelflight), and you like a tom? Erin Hunter wrote that WAY before boys could marry boys and girls could marry girls, GEEZ. IT'S the GROSSEST THING I ever SEEN!

3 Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight

They're without doubt my least favourite couple in the entire series. I honestly hate how they argue about the littlest things. Yes, I understand couples argue and it's just how things work, but they're just too much. When you're involved in a relationship, you're supposed to trust and understand your partner, even if you think they're wrong. Arguing and jumping to conclusions doesn't help and I absolutely hate how fans like them because they argue, stating that it makes their relationship stronger. Just take Crowfeather and Nightcloud for example, and look at how Breezepelt turned out. I will forever hate these two, both together and separately and hope they die soon.

Ok guys I love Squirrelflight. But I hate Brambleclaw! Brambleclaw's was training under his EVIL father's influence, and I guess kinds managed to pull through in the end, but still barley. Also did anyone notice how it took him FOREVER to decided to kill Hawkfrost. I mean I understand it's probably not that easy to kill you half brother! I'm not a monster. But if your as "loyal" as you say you are than, well than kill him instead talking! Also it really made me mad when he completely rejected her after the secret about Leafpool's kits came out! I mean he has to stop and think for a second! He would have done the EXACT same thing for Tawnypelt if he was in Squirrelflight's situation. And then if things couldn't get any worse, Jessy comes along and Brambleclaw starts hitting on her! What da heck Brambleclaw! I'm leaving out more reasons because it's too much to write. And I don't hate Brambleclaw all together, he was actually a really good character through out most of The New Prophecy. Squirrelflight could do WAY better than Brambleclaw. (Note: please don't leave a hateful comment, this is only my opinion, yours could be different, if you are going to leave one please make sure it doesn't sound mean or aggressive)

4 Spiderleg & Daisy

Spiderleg doesn't show any concern for Daisy or his kits. He was too young to have kits! He was still an irresponsible young cat and wasn't ready to take on the responsibility of raising KITS. I'm still a young cat myself, and I know how unruly kids can be. Daisy seems to only care about herself. She's just a plump, lazy kittypet who doesn't belong in ThunderClan. All she did was have pitiful kits with some random, useless tom named SpiderBigButtocks. I almost feel sorry for her kits! Except Berrynose, who is a complete idiot. The other ones are so irritating. Well, I don't care. HA.


This is just.. Like the Erin's went, "hey, we need more kits. Oo I know we should ship Spiderleg and Daisy! "

Worst. Idea. Ever. Ever. Ever.

They don't even love each other, you had ABSOLUTELY NO lead up mooning or crush or anything. They just went one day, "Everyone, we're mates. Deal with it. Oh and by the way we're also having kits."

I mean who does that?

No. Just...no. Spiderleg didn't even dare if spend time with rosepetal and toadstep AT ALL. He never even visited them in the nursery, spoke to them, nor show any love for Daisy.
On the other hand, Daisy is far too needy and she's not really a great mate since she doesn't even try to talk to him until Leafpool did, and Spiderleg didn't even act like he liked his kits.

Spiderleg showed ZERO affection for Daisy, and he made no effort to see his kits. Daisy is always trying to force him to see the kits, which I can understand, but Spiderleg refused to see them or even train them. I love both characters, but together, they are a complete and utter train wreck.

5 Leafstar & Billystorm

Alright, let me make something clear to all you people who are hating on this. She was loyal to the clan. She didn't mate with a kittypet, he was part of the clan. He was a daylight warrior and was at least half-clan. If I am correct, he joined the clan after one of the books. And it's completely logical for him to try to take his kits back after the flood! He was trying to protect them from the wild because he was scared they might die and he wouldn't get to watch them grow up. I think the couple is okay. It's not like Daisy and Spiderleg. He completely disregarded her and used her!

I saw that Billystorm liked Leafstar in the beginning, but I saw no indication that she liked him back untill the end when they were fighting the rouges. He cared more about the kits and tried to convince them to come live in twolegplace with him! If he left with the kits, he would have his twolegs and the kits while leaving Leafstar alone with no family.

6 Moonflower & Stormtail

There's some abusive relationships in Warriors. There's also some really stupid crack ships in Warriors. But nothing compares to a guy that hates his own mate, flirts with another girl in front of her face constantly, ignores his children, and doesn't even care when his mate dies. This ship is just wrong. Stormtail never even acknowledged his mate. For StarClan's sake, she DIED and he didn't even care! That's possibly the worst thing ever. If you hate your mate, than break up with her. Spiderleg and Daisy did it, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight did it (temporarily), Lionpaw and Heatherpaw did it, Crowfeather and Nightcloud did it... You get the point. Don't keep being mates with her just to prove a point. If he wanted to go all goo goo eyes for Dappletail, than he should've just ignored Moonflower's feelings for him instead of playing with them. Thrushpelt can understand, so Moonflower probably could've too. Stormtail is an a-hole. -FierceheartOfThunderClan

Stupid Stormtail! When I first read Goosefeather's Curse (nice book, Mapleshade is awesome!) I knew he mated Moonflower only because he liked the feeling of being admired. He treats her like a hog!
Then he starts to like Dappletail (though, I don't blame him for that bit) and then dumps her!
Like, 'IDIOT'!
Moonflower loved him and listened to whatever he said, and he was like Gustavo from Beauty and the Beast! Except he was Belle too, sort of rejecting her but still her mate.
I just think that he "loved" her because he wanted to show-off and he was "needed." Now Goosefeather had the right idea thinking he was a Foxheart

Moonflower loved Stormtail since she was a kit and they have the best kits but then Stormtail has to be all like " forget what's-her-face I'm gonna go see Dappletail." I HATE him. Then Moonflower DIES and he doesn't care. Then in star clan he's like " I'm so sorry! I should've protected your mother, my precious Bluestar." Just SHUT UP Stormtail. Personally, I'd ship Moonflower with anyone who'd actually CARE about her (hint hint, Stormtail).

Stormtail seemed a bit cold to Bluekit and Snowkit once they were born. And when Moonflower died at the claws of Hawkheart, Stormtail assisted Dappletail, then became mates with him! He never ever loved Moonflower, in my opinion. He's just a secretive, cheating tom! I HATE HIM.
And, Moonflower is the best parent yet. She loved Bluestar and Snowfur. She doesn't deserve Stormtail.

7 Sandstorm & Scourge

A) this is a terrible couple
B) this actually explains leafpool, as Firestar x Sandstorm (ginger x ginger) would result in ONLY ginger kits, while Scourge x Sandstorm (black x ginger) could actually make a brown tabby, like Leafpool.

Please stop with the whole genetic thing, canon, thanks.

Okay, let me get this strait. You're telling me that Sandstorm and Scourge are together. Everybody knows that Sandstorm must hate Scourge because he got rid of one of Firestar's life and Scourge must hate Sanstorm because, one, Sandstorm is a ThunderClan cat, two, she already loves Firestar and Scourge hates Firestar.

This is just a bunch of noncence.

Uhh, Sandstorm is already mates with Firestar. Sandstorm loves him SO MUCH. Scourge doesn't even know her. There is no evidence that they liked each other and that they were mates. If Scourge met Sandstorm, he wouldn't have liked her. Scourge would have just killed her for sure.

8 Ashfur & Squirrelflight

Squirrelflight, a beloved character from the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, deserves better than Ashfur for a multitude of compelling reasons. First and foremost, Ashfur's heinous act of attempting to burn Squirrelflight's kits is an unforgivable transgression that should not be overlooked. This major incident showcases his deeply manipulative and vengeful nature, highlighting the toxic relationship he embodies. Researched reasons further confirm Ashfur's possessive behavior towards Squirrelflight, as he struggles with acceptance and rejection, leading to unhealthy obsessions. Additionally, Squirrelflight is a strong, independent character who deserves a partner who respects her boundaries and offers genuine support. Considering these points, it becomes crystal clear that Squirrelflight and Ashfur are mismatched, and she ought to be with someone who truly values and uplifts her, which is Brambleclaw (star) - Dovepaw

9 Crowfeather & Leafpool

. This is the worst of the worst. After at least 3 months Crowfeather finds a Mary Sue, damsel that can't do anything. Crowfeather and Feathertail are so meant to be because she opened him up. This couple is as bland as tofu. The ending is painfully predictable. Crowfeather became a giant grump and closed up like a safe. Leafpool became even more helpless then she already was. Whenever the characters have interactions its always Crowfeather saving her. Even worse in Omen of the Stars, he literally says he'll always be by her side. They broke up at least 2 years ago! Crowfeather literally forgot Feathertail bloody died to save his butt! Because she loved him! What did Leafpool do? Break your heart is all. Crowfeather will choose Feathertail in his in no matter what. Final grade: F- -

"Erin Hunter stated that Feathertail was too old for Crowfeather", well Brackenfur and Sorreltail were a couple even though Brackenfur was a warrior when she was a kit. The couple of Firestar and Spottedleaf is another example; Spottedleaf was a medicine cat while Firestar was an apprentice. Crowfeather does not understand the warrior code because he mated with a medicine cat and then wanted nothing to do with their kits. I know that they needed cats for the power of three but Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze could have been Bramblestar and Squirrelflight's kits and they'd find different parents for Alderpaw and Sparkpaw.

10 Crowfeather & Nightcloud

... Those of you that say "Crowfeather left Nightcloud for Leafpool" (ahem first comment I read said this)have the whole thing completely off. Nightcloud was Crowfeather's mate after Leafpool, not before, so there's no way he could have left Nightcloud for her. And second, he didn't even leave Leafpool for Nightcloud anyhow. If I recall correctly, Leafpool broke it off with him, and then in the novella, Leafpool's Wish, she even saw Crowfeather at the stream and he asked her if she was sure, and she said yes. After, Leafpool spots him with Nightcloud. I do, however, think that this is a terrible couple, as it is obvious that Crowfeather was just rebounding from his heartbreak, and that's the only reason he ever became her mate. It's obvious that he never cared for Nightcloud after she had Breezepelt, and even for sometime beforehand.
Man, this cat is definitely the "love them and leave them" type, and he definitely has a habit of breaking things.

I seriously think this is a really bad couple. Nightcloud is so thirsty. I think Leafpool or Feathertail would be best for Crowfeather. If Feathertail hadn't died, things would be much clearer. But it's not like I hate Leafpool, maybe she could date Hawkfrost instead. But Hawkfrost and Ivypool are already in love so. But Nightcloud, girl you gotta be single. Even Feathertail's quote sounds sad. *SPOILER* "Think you have nine lives...Do you? I saved you once. don't Make me save you again" -Feathertail. I think Leafpool or Feathertail is the best anywayz. Sorry Nightcloud fans THis is MY opinion

Crowfeather, what the heck? You say you love Leafpool. You have kits with Leafpool. You suddenly don't want anything to do with Leafpool or her kits. His Clan is like "what's that about, Crowfeather? Why did you have kits with the ThunderClan medicine cat? " and he's like "oops, sorry, I'm gonna do the same to someone in my own Clan, then, because I'm super loyal." Crowfeather and Nightcloud are then a couple because nobody has any common sense. Crowfeather's like "Nightcloud, you are the most beautiful she-cat alive. But you're also not so beautiful and I really don't care about what happens to you or our kits." Nightcloud then has kits. Most of them die because Crowfeather was playing Monopoly with Onestar when they were born. Breezekit suddenly makes it his mission to become the edgiest cat alive. He decides to attempt murder multiple times because nobody loves him. Crowfeather continues to say that he's loyal and that he doesn't know who Feathertail, Leafpool, or Nightcloud are. ...more

These guys (cats? ) were never meant to be together. Crowfeather only wanted to "show his loyalty" to WindClan and be mates with Nightcloud. Nightcloud, on the other hand, thought that he actually loved her. WRONG! And then she ended up with a kit, Breezepelt. Crowfeather showed no affection to either. Crowfeather was wrong, and should've treated them better.
Crowfeather's heart was broken in, well...heartbreaking ways. First off, his first mate, sweet, loyal Feathertail, who died to save a Clan (Tribe, actually) that he didn't even care about. He rarely ever got to see her body and properly grieve for her, the cat that probably ACTUALLY loved him (sorry Leaf x Crow fans, I din't really like the ship. It was kinda random to me.) THEN he met beautiful, caring Leafpool, but she was a medicine cat from another Clan, so he could never see her. Then he was *ALMOST* forced to be mates with Nightcloud, who he never even seemed to think about anyways.
So yeah. Crowfeather ...more

The Contenders
11 Firestar & Spottedleaf

Let's settle this once and for all: Firestar, the iconic character from Erin Hunter's Warriors series, is clearly better suited for Sandstorm and not for Spottedleaf. Not only is Spottedleaf an old medicine cat, violating the Warrior Code by having feelings for one of her Clanmates, she is often criticized for being a stereotypical Mary Sue character, overly perfect and lacking depth. Firestar, on the other hand, deserves a mate who is his equal in strength, loyalty, and bravery. Sandstorm proves to be a fierce and loyal she-cat, challenging Firestar but also standing by him through thick and thin. Their relationship grows with mutual respect and understanding, making them a much more compatible and inspiring pair compared to the unorthodox, and frankly inappropriate, match with Spottedleaf. It is clear that Firestar's heart lies with Sandstorm, a she-cat who complements his character and values, and it is time to leave behind the outdated notion of him being paired with an old medicine cat who should know better than to break the code she swore to uphold. - Dovepaw

12 Thistleclaw & Spottedleaf

I didn't actually think Thistle ever liked Spottedleaf that way. I think he was just trying to manipulate her into joining him in the Dark Forest.

Sometimes when I look at something, I wonder why it even exists. This ship is one of those things.

Ugh, horrific. Age diff much?

13 Tigerheart & Dovewing

I honestly dislike the Tigerheart x Dovewing ship. They're related! Because if Dovewing is related to Firestar, then she's related to Squirrelflight, which her mate is Bramblestar/claw. They have children. And Tigerstar is Brambleclaw/star's father, and Tigerheart's grandfather is Tigerstar. Nice job for shipping people who were related, and literally states it in the books that the three (Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze) are related to Tigerheart and his siblings, and Dovewing is obviously related to Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, otherwise she wouldn't be apart of the prophecy. It irritates me.

I also dislike the ship because they literally just met during the journey and even so, they never talked to each other other than planning on helping the Clan. And now apparently they love each other' so much' because they only planned during the journey. And Dovewing was Dovepaw during that time, like what!

14 Jayfeather & Stick

Not funny at all, it's a piece of wood, y'all just made this ship to make Jayfeather sound bad to get him more haters! He DID NOT love the stick! A stick is a piece of wood and that's just weird in the first place, whoever put this here, it deserves on this list! And he didn't love the stick it was precious to him because he loved Half Moon and the stick helped him get to her, DUH. - Stonepaw

Come on. This is NOT funny. I do not even have a word strong enough to describe how weird this is. A cat and a piece of wood with markings on it. Jayfeather liked this piece of wood because it was from the Ancient cats, Jayfeather was in love with of THEM. It's not even a living thing! Give me a thumbs-up if you agree.

15 Fernpaw & Darkstripe

They're not exactly a couple; Darkstripe was just her mentor. I personally liked Ferncloud and Dustpelt together. They were so cute!

Fernpaw actually pretty much hated Darkstripe. Seriously. Everyone did. She talked back to him and insulted him. Yea, sure. Just ship the most random cats :I

Is this a weird ship? Because I think Darkstripe hated Fernpaw. But Dustpelt and Ferncloud were cute (but Dustpelt won't stop Ferncloud from kitting)

Darkstripe tried to mate with Ferncloud when she was an apprentice and unwilling. That's just wrong and gross.

16 Lionpaw & Heatherpaw

Heatherpaw just annoys me. She can't stop and think and understand, she is just an annoying weasel who can't even say sorry and calm down but then asks for forgiveness when she doesn't even deserve it! Lionpaw deserves someone much much better than that. Heatherpaw can't even understand that Lionpaw has his decisions and his own life too! She gets angry with him for wanting to stop meeting her to be a loyal warrior! What? That's just WRONG Heatherpaw!

Heatherpaw kind of annoyed me, especially on the part where she went to ThunderClan's camp to find Lionpaw because she absolutely HAD to see him right that moment. And why Lionpaw, anyway? Ugh. What did she see in that arrogant jerk? But she absolutely does not deserve stupid evil arrogant Breezepelt... Don't even get me started on him. I especially hate how Lionpaw was too stupid and stubborn to believe her when she said Sedgekit told WindClan about the tunnels, not her. I think that was when he became one of my least favorite characters.

I ship Lionblaze and Heathertail a lot, <3. I know people have their own opinions but, I really can't see how this ended up on Worst Warrior Cat Couples! They were great friends but it ended in a huge misunderstanding. Honestly, if the misunderstanding didn't happening, they probably would've been mates. Cinderheart annoys me too. At first, when she found out Lionblaze's power, she just gave him up. Then, she decided to become mates with him

I disagree... I like lionpaw and heatherpaw, but lionblaze and cinderheart are better, In my opinion. Lionpaw and heather paw would make a great forbidden love story! I would love that! Als, I think that Lionblaze kinda went against himself to be with cinderheart... He couldn't just forget EVERYTHING could he?

17 Pinestar & Leopardfoot

He was a leader on his 6th-7th life when she was born. Just think, before that he had to lose 5-6 lives, be deputy, have an apprentice, become a warrior, pass his final assessment as an apprentice, and be a 6 moon old kit. Why! Couldn't leopardfoot have chosen thrushpelt or- just someone else!

What the heck! At least with willowpelt and Whitestorm you see them care for kits and always sit together and shar tongues! Pine star and leopardfoot don't do that at all! You see leopardfoot come from pinestar's den ONCE! What the! I mean they never are together they never fall in love and when she's having there kits someone asks pinestar's shouldn't you be with her? He replies I'm no medicine cat what can I do? Uhhh your her MATE! Also they make a wretched peice of fur called little tigerkit and everyone is so exited for the cute little kits arrival and this irks me to no end. Abd then pinestar's leaves with only saying good bye by telling leapordfoot the kits should be fine with her! TERRIBLE COUPLE! Ps if you've read Crookedstar's promise you would know ponestar stole sunning rocks from RIVERCLAN in the FIRST PKACE it was NEVER his! Huh until he STOLE it! And because if sunning rocks crookedstar got his crooked jaw and that's why he thought he needed mapleshade and that's why ...more

He was WAY too old for her. I mean, he was almost certainly the leader before she was even born. It must have taken ages for him to even become a 'last life' leader. All the other couples at least were not a grandad with a kit. It's kinda creepy.

Gawd, Pinestar was still a leader when Leopardfoot was a kit. Then they had kits? No wonder two of them died due to birth complications. If a leader and a kit can become mates, why can't an apprentice (Crowpaw) and Feathertail become a thing?

18 Yellowfang & Raggestar

Raggedstar is a stupid, arrogant tom that NEVER, EVER cared for Yellowfang. Yellowfang loved him since she was an apprentice, and all Raggedstar did to her was brush her to the side. He even went as far as FLIRTING with Foxheart and letting her do the same to him in FRONT of Yellowfang. And when Yellowfang told him she was pregnant with his kits? The first thing he said to her was "We have nothing to say to each other." And then he goes: "Oh! There going to be MY kits! They'll be leaders and deputies and warriors and queens! "
Really Raggedstar? Brokentail should have never been his kit and once Brokentail was born, bye-bye Yellowfang COMPLETELY. The only romance seen between these two was when Raggedstar was distracting Yellowfang or something... And that shows the relationship between the two was never a love relationship.
Yellowfang EVEN found Raggedstar's dad with him. She encouraged him to find out who his father was. Raggedstar never ONCE said thank you to her abou ...more

I personally love yellowfang she's inspirational ( my favorite word) and a great character at heart. I had the stinging sensation raggedpelt was AWESOME and PERFECT for her I read opinions and I realized people hated them together suddenly I realized the only "falling in love" motion they had was were I was in yellowfang's secret! That made me furious because they are so not falling in love! Now I HATE raggedpelt and I mean seriously he's mad at yellowfang because he wants her to CLAIM the kits! She can't do that! She'll get exiled it makes you think he doesn't care if she's exiled and he probably doesn't! I mean I HATE him so much I hope they aren't together in StarClan! (grunt) if he deserves that place

This ship disgusts me. Raggedstar and Yellowfang had moments together, sure, but 90 percent of the time Raggedpelt(star) ignored Yellowfang. When they did talk, Raggedpelt got angry for no reason at Yellowfang. And then he said "we have nothing to say to each other." when Yellowfang announced she was having kits. One quarter-moon later, and he brags to Yellowfang about how great their kits are going to be. When he became leader, he made Foxheart deputy to make Yellowfang jealous. Yellowfang is my favorite cat and deserves better than this.

Yellowfang loved Raggedstar when she was a KIT! Sure, he loves her for a little bit, but then when Brokenkit comes along he goes to Foxheart. They act like Raggedstar is asking Foxheart to MARRY him when he asks her to be his deputy. He doesn't even let Yellowfang be Brokenkit/paw/star's mother until he's all evil and corrupted. No, I don't hate Yellowfang she's my 3rd fave (besides Tallstar and Gray Wing) but I don't like that she dumped her only son on Lizardstripe, the WORST mother ever (besides Millie and Rainflower) in my opinion.

19 Daisy & Cloudtail

I felt HORRIBLE for Brightheart during this sequence! I have a whoolleee AU where Squirrelflight and Brightheart bond over being confused in their relationships and become BFFs, but then Leafpool is jealous, since she was already jealous of Brightheart before she hung out with her sister and- you know I'm gonna stop now X3

They are not even a couple! Cloudtail and Daisy were idiots to even plan on becoming mates. Cloudtail stuck with Brightheart when she felt bad for being ugly. After she was malled by a dog and renamed Lostface Cloudtail stuck with her and called her beautiful. When Daisy came along she called Brightheart ugly and then Cloudtail fell in love with her! The only thing that was right about this is when Cloudtail decided that Brightheart was better for him.

This is stupid! Daisy barely does anything in the clan and she made brightheart super upset! Cloud tail spent his whole life making brightheart feel loved until daisy came in! Cinder pelt died because daisyxcloud made brightheart upset so she started helping cinder pelt which made leafpool upset which encouraged her to run away with crowfeather! I HATE daisy!

Daisy didn't know about Brightheart and Cloudtail since she just joined the clans, and Cloudtail didn't love her, he knew how hard it was to be a form or outsider and he knew how hard it could be for Daisy so he was just helping her.

20 Tawnypelt & Rowanclaw

This couple is the worst mistake ever! Rowanclaw is such a bad mate for Tawnypelt. In Starlight page 190-191 he clearly thinks Tawnypelt is disloyal since she defends her brother. He made a big fuss how she was half clan. That was super mean of him! Then later, once they are mates, Rowanclaw stands up for Tawnypelt in Outcast, page 131. He says it is nonsense to say that Tawnypelt is disloyal! What is going on here? Well get this: Vicky says the reason why she made them mates is because she felt bad about Rowanvlaw's gender mistakes! So really Tawnypelt should be with a nice tom who didn't bully her in the past. TAWNYPELT YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN HIM!

This couple is a total MESS. They should never have been together. First of all Rowanclaw didn't even like tawnypelt. He was mean to her in starlight on page 190 and 191. Rowanclaw clearly thinks she is disloyal. Then after they get together Rowanclaw stands up for her. In outcast, page 131 says its nonsense to say that tawnypelt is disloyal. What is going on here? And get this: Vicky made them mates only because she felt bad for messing up on Rowanclaw's gender. THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BECAME MATES AT ALL. Tawnypelt can do better then him, we all know she can. This is definitely a horrible couple, why did Erin do this? I think it makes tawnypelt stupid to get together with Rowanclaw.

Okay, I agree. This couple is stupid. He kept insulting and teasing her, and then they're mates? What? When did he have a sudden change of heart? Behind the scenes? But it's not all bad. I really have to give them credit, because once they are mates Rowanclaw is so lovely and romantic to her. Also, they created Flametail, Tigerheart, and Dawnpelt, and they're pretty cool.

I hate this couple, and I will elaborte.
In Bramblestar's storm, Tawnypelt gets yelled at by Rowanstar because she asked for help from ThunderClan. Seriously? Tawnypelt just wants to help out. Rowanclaw wasa jerk to her in Starlight, and suddenly defends her. Their kits dom't help much either. Flametail is a jerk to Jayfeather, Tigerheart is childish and Dawnpelt... Dawnpelt is meh. Personally, I prefer Tawnypelt with Blackstar. Overall, I hate this couple. I apologize if I didn't elaborate enough.

21 Bumblestripe & Dovewing

Bumblestripe deserved better than Dovewing. Little miss Mary sue temporarily destroyed shadowclan, because they were depending on the tom she stole.

They both suck, so I don't hate it that much, but Dovewing kind of drove Bumblestripe to his point of being the worst.

Dovewing deserves better than creepy old Bumble.

22 Firestar & Sandstorm

I don't like fire and sand, not because of any other cats but because Sandstorm practically ruled the clan for him. If he hadn't ever saved her life, I think she'd still hate him probably. Sandstorm pretty much made all of Firestar's important decisions. It was constantly "Gosh, wonder what I should do? " "Do THIS, Firestar." And even if Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt WERE medicine cats, I'm sure they would have been much more supportive mates and actually talked to him in intelligent conversations instead of ordering him around all day.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Sandstorm as a character. I think she would have made a better antagonist had Erin developed her story better. But Firestar was old enough to have a mate, and people were going to want some romance in the books, so I think she sort of mashed Sandstorm in there- which is not wrong in any way, just not in my opinion the best decision.

When you think about Sandstorm, she had supportive, high-ranking parents and was developing a reputation as the best hunter in the clans. She could pretty much backtalk anyone she wanted, and when she liked Firestar she actually was really obvious about it. Meanwhile, Spottedleaf faded from existence to save her, and Cinderpelt kept quiet and was still supportive so she wouldn't complicate Firestar's life or get him in trouble. Heck, she was nicer to him than Sandstorm even when they were mates!

My last point in this argument is that Sandstorm was constantly jealous, and acted like an immature kit sometimes. In one scene in "Firestar's Quest", she was all "u love Spottedleaf nu" and Firestar was like "no, no I love you! " It's as if he's so dependent on her he doesn't want to risk losing her.

So yes, I do support Spottedfire and Cinderfire. Also, anyone notice that Cinderpelt's rebirth name was Cinder HEART? I think Lionblaze was parallel to Firestar in her rebirth, or he life she was meant to have- in which case, it is arguable they were meant to... more

23 Dovepaw & Bumblestripe

I like Dovewing, and I think she doesn't deserve that stalker (stalker means someone who follows someone else without them knowing) and I think that it was fine that she told him "no", but she apologized which was fine and I think that she's really kind. I think it was also acceptable to run away from Bumblestripe, to ShadowClan. I also think that Tigerheart is a fine cat. - Blacktuft of ThunderClan

Dovewing and Bumblestripe! What the! They are terrible together. Dovewing and Tigerheart are a way better couple. Just Bumblestripe's name annoys me. Not to mention Dovewing thought of him as a good friend and doesn't even love him in that way. Also she just used him to get Tigerheart jealous. She can also now go back to Tigerheart since she found out that he was actually a spy for the Clans when he was in the Dark Forest. I can't even think of one reason why they should be together. Erin Hunter better smarten up and make Dovewing dump Bumblestripe, so she can go back to Tigerheart.

24 Shellheart & Rainflower

I hate this couple. It was nice and wonderful before Crookedstar's incident, but Rainflower just hated him after that! And it was so obvious! Shellheart was such a good father and stuck with him and that's why Shellheart and Rainflower broke up- because Rainflower wouldn't show any affection to Crookedstar! This couple is horrible.

This is stupid! Rainflower was HORRIBLE! It was all sweet 'n stuff before the injury, after that, Rainflower was all like: "No, I don't like you. Go away 'cause your ugly. You aren't looking like a super-model so I hate you forever." And like: "Oh, my sons are supposed to look like super-models and be hot! " But NO, Rainflower was like, just locking him out.

Rainflower was so mean to Crookedstar when his jaw got twisted... It was like all she cared about was how Crookedstar looked! Shellheart was such a good father... And he really loved Rainflower... If she wasn't so shallow about her love for her own kit, they might have been a great couple.

Shellheart was always such a good father, and one of my favourite characters from Crookedstar's Promise. Though his mother rejected him, Crookedkit never lost his father's love, and Shellheart broke up with Rainflower because of her treatment of their son. I don't think they were ever meant for each other.

25 Oakheart & Bluestar

EW. Where do I began? So first of all, Bluestar's Prophecy RUINED this ship. For like 6/7 of the book, Bluestar hates Oakheart, and when Oakheart tells her to meet him at Fourtrees, she agrees?! WHY? That part where they meet at Fourtrees was SO cringy to read. Uhrg. Anyways, this ship has no backgroud, and it was way more like a One Night Stand. Even Rose X Blue is better, and I hate that ship as well. Also, their kits all suck. Except for the Mosskit one, she rocks.

I wish that bluestar wasn't such an idiot. She went with oakheart when she could have gone with thrush pelt or even crooked jaw! Thrush pelt did everything in his power to make bluestar happy and she just pushed him away, then friend zoned him!

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