Top Ten Best Ways to Annoy Someone

These are the most annoying things that YOU can do to someone else!

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1 Say something over and over again

It's childish for a grown woman to admit but I do this whenever I'm losing an argument. It gets on the other person's nerves and gives me a sense of great satisfaction. - Britgirl

I love doing this to people I don't like. - happyhappyjoyjoy

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2 Kick their balls

You don't even have to kick, if you have good accuracy then you can throw/kick something like a tennis or soccer ball or a bottle full of water. This might do a little more than annoy them though, they might never speak to you again - Danielsun182

That, my friends, is called going too far. Unless it's my brother, in which case, from hell's heart, kick at them! - PositronWildhawk

3 Say something loud
4 Insult them

True - Arcxia

5 Bully them

I definitely get annoyed by this. - Arcxia

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6 Poop your pants
7 Pee your pants
8 Play Justin Bieber Music

You can play your music at the same time, which is significantly louder than that!

Well, Justin Bieber is not a monster - Righteous

This should be no. 1 - Neonco31

9 Pollute the environment
10 Eat food from their plate

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11 Keep copying them
12 Yell In Their Ear
13 Poke them
14 Poke them non stop
15 Play footsies
16 Break their Xbox
17 Play with their hair
18 Assault them
19 Take money from their wallets
20 Touch him/her
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1. Play Justin Bieber Music
2. Yell In Their Ear
3. Break their Xbox
1. Bully them
2. Eat food from their plate
3. Insult them
1. Kick their balls
2. Say something loud
3. Say something over and over again

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