Top Ten Best Ways to Annoy Someone

These are the most annoying things that YOU can do to someone else!

The Top Ten

1 Say something over and over again

It's childish for a grown woman to admit but I do this whenever I'm losing an argument. It gets on the other person's nerves and gives me a sense of great satisfaction. - Britgirl

I love doing this to people I don't like. - happyhappyjoyjoy

2 Kick their balls

You don't even have to kick, if you have good accuracy then you can throw/kick something like a tennis or soccer ball or a bottle full of water. This might do a little more than annoy them though, they might never speak to you again - Danielsun182

That, my friends, is called going too far. Unless it's my brother, in which case, from hell's heart, kick at them! - PositronWildhawk

3 Say something loud
4 Insult them

True - Arcxia

5 Bully them

I definitely get annoyed by this. - Arcxia

Hey bitch how are you today

Mr A Oi stop it already - BigBrotherSucks

6 Poop your pants
7 Pee your pants
8 Play Justin Bieber Music

You can play your music at the same time, which is significantly louder than that!

Well, Justin Bieber is not a monster - Righteous

This should be no. 1 - Neonco31

9 Pollute the environment
10 Eat food from their plate

The Contenders

11 Keep copying them

A bit rude...
A bit rude...
A bit rude...
A bit rude...
A bit rude...
A bit rude...
A bit rude...

12 Yell In Their Ear
13 Poke them
14 Assault them

I hope your in trouble

You would be a bit more annoyed with the legal system. - Cyri

15 Poke them non stop
16 Play footsies
17 Break their Xbox
18 Play with their hair
19 Take money from their wallets

Again, you would fare worse. - Cyri

20 Touch him/her
21 Mumble while you read
22 Hack their account


23 Listen to dub step
24 Sleep talk
25 Whine
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