Top Ten Ways to Deal with Autism/Aspergers

I already made two lists about Aspergers, so I decided to make one list that also has something to do with Autism.

Autism and Aspergers look a lot like each other, although there are differences.

The Top Ten

1 Learn socializing

I learned to read people so well that I have a sense of emotion and can even read thoughts sometimes. No, I don't think I'm psychic. - Cyri

2 Focus on the good things

Asperger's Syndrome and Autisms have a lot of good things too!
You are creative, you are original, you are honest, you remember things better, there is chance to be relatively smarter.
There's a lot of good things!

3 Tell other people that you have it

I always do that, like when I meet new classmates and teachers.
That way, they'll consider my disorder.

4 Take advantage of it

Sensory processing disorder? More like exceptional processing of stimuli, to the point of noticing the things others might miss, and hearing a pin drop on the other side of the room! You don’t miss anything within sensory range. You can probably even pick out single sounds if you practice focusing on it. My point is, if you feel like aspergers or autism is a burden, take what you struggle with, and put it to work, so it becomes an advantage to you. I put my aspie traits to work, and find it not only takes away some of the struggles, but it also proves very functional in everyday life.

People with Autisms / Aspergers are often very creative and original.
So if you are creative and original, take advantage of it!
Draw something, write a story.

5 Take it easy

Don't consider Autism/Aspergers as something absolutely terrible.
Just consider Autism/Aspergers as a minor disability, and not a disease.

6 Get a lot of information about it

This way, you can learn more about your disorder.
After I first heard that I suffered from Aspergers, I did a lot of research, and then, everything made sense to me.

7 Learn to stay calm in certain situations

When I was younger, I panicked a lot and very easily, and I was angry a lot of times.
These days, I learned to control my emotions a bit, and I still panic often, but not very easily.

8 Don't think about the bad stuff

This is impossible

Think about the good stuff instead!

9 Talk to other people with Autism/Aspergers

You can learn a lot from each other, and you can learn about the differences between individuals.

10 Remember that many famous people have/had Autism/Aspergers

This isn't a very necessary one, but it does mean that Autism/Aspergers can create great people.

The Contenders

11 Smoke weed

Why? - Userguy44

Lol I a think I did that - AlphaQ

12 Try thinking of good stuff
13 Stay away from trouble as much as possible

I try very hard to do this but it can be difficult because I have younger cousins and a sister who ENJOYS getting me in trouble for no reason at all sometimes :(

14 Try not to be obsessive
15 Focus on something you really enjoy
16 Treat it like a part of yourself and embrace it as part of who you are
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