Top Ten Ways to Get Arrested


The Top Ten

1 spray paint

The perfect way to express yourself

I love this

2 punch someone

That's ridiculous for a minor punch

I am gonna do that

3 fight with officer

It doesn't make sense to have a fight with an officer!

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4 kill someone

I think you are right and ima go kill someone later today maybe a child for fun.

Yep... that is a pretty good way to get pinched... - moose4life19

That'll do it all right. - llamabaconllama37

To get kid of someone you don't like

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5 get out of control at school

Yes I will I'm bad anyway

6 hit a police car and drive off

No duh dude

7 threaten to kill yourself

Why would you go to PRISON for saying your gonna kys?

8 run from police in car
9 kick a hole in the wall

This is definitely not true; there is no drywall left in my house because of this; and I have not been arrested once. Fake News.

veri good

10 sell drugs

The Newcomers

? send a ransom
? Becoming a Chinese spy


The Contenders

11 take drugs

am going to do it please pray I wont get arrested

12 bring a gun to school


This just happened at my school bruh. Kids bring their nines to class all the time bruh bruh. We ratchet in this bit.

13 sexual abuse

Cop-Put that penis down and stop assaulting a woman, mister!
Man-I'm sorry, maybe I should dress better next time!
Cop-That's not what I mean!

14 start a street fight

Woo... Wats better than a damn mini street riot... Absolutely safe and fun... Just need some fire and some guns..

15 steal a car

I will steal my own car and see how I get arrested.

Shave someone head

Yo guys, let's do this! Joking, ok? - HezarioSeth

16 rob a store
17 say, I dare you to arrest me

The police won't think twice! Great way to get arrested! - PositronWildhawk

This one would be funny.

It actually works lol, thanks

18 Keep murdering people

More than one time and I think its 20 yrs or something...

19 run around naked

WHAT THE HECK! Laugh out loud! It's funny but you can go to jail. - Jake09

20 raping a fit police officer
21 pooping on a police car

Who does that even on a normal car

Not a rare sight. I've seen many headlines printed as " Wo/man arrested for pooping on Police Car! "N - Kiteretsunu

22 Rape someone
23 steal a hand bag
24 have sex in public

Would if I could

25 build a house at the middle of a highway

Police Officers! These Cars and their drivers are trespassing!?!? - Kiteretsunu

26 Steal money

Stealing in general is great idea surefire way to get arrested

27 Touching Donald Trump
28 Kissing a cop

What if its your husband? U GO TO JAIL lol


29 kick a cop in the groin
30 streaking
31 Punching a baby

Loudest way to go to jail

32 Staring at a cop

"Uhhh..I was sleeping officer."

33 Prank calling 9-1-1
34 handling stolen goods
35 pee on a police car
36 intentional car accident
37 playing with weapons in public

Haha! I guess if you must play with your weapon (or anyone's) in public, it's going to be frowned upon...haha! - Britgirl

38 putting fake vomit on a police car
39 Burning someone/thing

Like burning a building

40 moon
41 start a riot
42 Skating at a police station in Florida

This is disrespectful here...

43 Sexually harassing people
44 Pull a fire alarm for prank
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