Top Ten Ways to Get Arrested

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1 Kill someone

I mean depending on the state's law/s, you could POSSIBLY get something far worse then just a little jail time (If you know what I mean) case ya don't, I mean death penalty

This is absolutely one way to get arrested. Who would want to do such a thing so evil?

I think you are right and ima go kill someone later today maybe a child for fun.

You will also go to hell for murder

2 Spray paint

The only problem is I can't get spray paint

The perfect way to express yourself

3 Punch someone

That's ridiculous for a minor punch

I am gonna do that

4 Fight with officer

It doesn't make sense to have a fight with an officer!

Um... I'm a officer

5 Get out of control at school

Yes I will I'm bad anyway

I killed someone

the best ways for kids to get arrested... lol

6 Get in a fight

Do it do it do it!

7 Steal a car

I will steal my own car and see how I get arrested.

Yo guys, let's do this! Joking, ok?

your own: good ending

8 Sell drugs

Good make weed legal in Britain its legal in America and Canada then make the CBD for epilepsy legal even if they aren't sure about it.

9 Hit a police car and drive off

with a fast car. not like a corolla, more like a camaro zl1 1le.

10 Threaten to kill yourself

Your not going to be arrested for this clearly but you may be hospitalized.

Iv done that and my teacher went nuts

I wanna die please help

Why would you go to PRISON for saying you're gonna kys?

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11 Rob a store

Mmm sexy store, you've been a bad girl, better rob you of all your money

12 Run from police in car

I did this it was fun and bad at the same time

don't do that!

13 Abuse

When I come home from a long day of work I just love to throw my child into a wall at high speeds; it makes everything better

14 Kick a hole in the wall

This is definitely not true; there is no drywall left in my house because of this; and I have not been arrested once. Fake News.

ITS NOT THAT BAD TO kick a hole in the wall bro

15 Say, I dare you to arrest me

Saying "I dare you" will make everything 10x more sexy (only use if the cop is hot)

The police won't think twice! Great way to get arrested!

It actually works lol, thanks

This one would be funny.

16 Bring a gun to school

What would they do with it, shoot up the school?

This just happened at my school bruh. Kids bring their nines to class all the time bruh bruh. We ratchet in this bit.

me to the school announcement mic: TEACHERS, GIVE ME 1MILLION DOLLARS OR I WILL SHOOT

17 Steal money

Stealing in general is great idea surefire way to get arrested

18 Take drugs

Heroin is my favorite

am going to do it please pray I wont get arrested

19 Touch Donald Trump

WHAT!?!? Well, touching isn't too bad, but trying to kill him is a different story.

20 Sexual abuse

Cop-Put that penis down and stop assaulting a woman, mister!
Man-I'm sorry, maybe I should dress better next time!
Cop-That's not what I mean!

This is what they do

21 Run around naked

Yes, good one. turn self in for being butt naked outside

WHAT THE HECK! Laugh out loud! It's funny but you can go to jail.

22 Start a street fight

Woo... Wats better than a damn mini street riot... Absolutely safe and fun... Just need some fire and some guns..

yo, wanna fight? lolol

23 Threaten someone

someone try to threaten me

24 Kiss a cop

Only use if the cop is hot

What if its your husband? U GO TO JAIL lol

25 Moon

Ahh yes... I got arrested for commiting moon.

please don't get arrested like I did for m o o n

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