Best Ways to Get Revenge

Whenever it's getting back at a bully, a person who betrayed you, or at a friend for getting you into trouble when you didn't do anything. Today it's time to get revenge by planning these revenge plots.

The Top Ten

1 Smash up the person's million dollar house and set it on fire

Kind of extreme and could get arrested,do it at your own risk.Actually there's a 99% percent you can get arrested for this - Jordansalesguy2392

2 Ruin their party by dropping large amounts of paint in from the sky
3 Steal their modern gaming console and replace it with an Atari 2600
4 Hack into their Facebook account and edit their posts
5 Ram your car into their house

Wouldn't you be in the car when you crash into their house? - nintendofan126

6 Put lemon juice on their toothbrush
7 Put a balloon under their pillow
8 Murder them

So mean why should you think or do that

9 Drown them in sewer water

Note:This one is a joke.

10 Hand in warm water trick

The Contenders

11 Pretend to do a magic spell on the person you’re mad at and say that one item of theirs will be gone each day and while they’re not looking take one item of theirs each day
12 Roast them
13 Steal their phones and blame it on someone else.
14 Change the channel when they're watching TV
15 Spread rumors
16 Laxatives in food/drink
17 Eat their food
18 Use up all their power ups/give them game over on a game they're playing on their devices
19 Show them screamers
20 Play horror movies at night in their presence
21 Nuke their house
22 Put diapers at their front doorstep, ring bell, then leave
23 Tell your dog to bark at them
24 Prank gifts
25 Color/paint their pants and legs brown

Only will work if pants are white

26 Flush stuff down their toilet
27 Scream in their ear
28 Smack/slap their butt
29 Torture them
30 Take a huge dump on their porch
31 Hit them
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