Top Ten Ways to Not Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The Top Ten

1 Kill yourself

And join them.

2 Try to be the brave guy
3 Scream as loudly as you can
4 Shoot a gun
5 Cut yourself
6 Be the bad guy
7 Open your door when you hear creepy noises outside
8 Use a pocket knife as your only weapon
9 Forget about the zombies
10 Try to get some bread at the store

Relax, I’ll be safe! Zombies eat brains, right? - Misfire

The Contenders

11 Be a patient in a hospital

This (as well as Military Bases) will be one of the first places infected will come from, because people will go there looking for a vaccine or cure for the disease - GamingGodPrime

12 Join a horde

Either you'll immediately be found and be eaten, or you'll pretend so well, they'll let you in the horde, then when you're eating flesh/brains with the zombies, some guy will shoot you.

13 Invite the zombies to your house
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