Top Ten Ways to Prepare for the Holidays

Christmas is soon and you should have already started doing stuff like buying presents or decorating. This is December 19 Christmas Countdown Lists.

The Top Ten

1 Buying Presents
2 Decorate

It's very important for decorating because you would have a super jolly house for the holidays! - PatrickStar

3 Buy A Christmas Tree

Artificial or real, at least your in the Christmas spirit - PatrickStar

4 Decorate Tree/Lights
5 Christmas Caroling

Singing Christmas songs brings Christmas spirit in people's soul. My personal favorite is rocking' around The Christmas Tree - PatrickStar

6 Preparing The Ultimate Ugly Sweater Party

That would be something. We all have that old scratchy one from our grandma. - PetSounds

I always enjoyed ugly sweater contests to see who has the ugliest - PatrickStar

7 Having A Good Christmas Vacation So Your Christmas Is Great Too
8 Making A Christmas Wish List

I want a zoomer robotic dog, a colorful fish, a trampoline, a tent, new shoes, a necklace with real gold, a laptop, an IPad, a new bed, a puppy, a priceless vase, a watch, a kite, a Jewelry box, sunglasses, a pink and black wig, a monster high lagoon blue doll, a basketball, a scrapbook, stickers, a 10 ft book shelf, Lego friends set, play-dough, tennis set, candy maker, a flying airplane, a remote-control car, and a

Perfect for organinzizing ideas - PatrickStar

This is good but unfortunately I usually don’t get 99.9% of what I want most of the time :(

9 Making The Perfect Christmas Countdown List For TheTopTens

I just had to add this here - PatrickStar

10 Wrapping Presents

Of course you have to wrap the presents before you put it under the Christmas Tree - PatrickStar

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