Top 10 Ways to Spend the Weekend

The Top Ten

1 Visit

This happens ALWAYS.

2 Go Outside

It the best way to escape the chaos that goes on the rest of the week. It makes you feel so free and that there's nothing to worry about - SirSheep

Nothing is better than going outside by yourself or maybe with some people and just sitting in nature - maverick88

Back to basics. Find peace.

3 Play Inside
4 Sleep
5 Go To a Movie
6 Go to Work
7 Hang Out with Friends
8 Play Minecraft

I flipping love Minecraft. This one of all games is the ONLY ONE that I haven't deleted from my PC and phone. It's the only game that has kept my interest for so long. I've played games like halo and Call of Duty and grew bored of it in ten minutes

Oh, I'm still busy making my military complex!

Play until your brain falls out

9 Read a Book
10 Binge-Watch TV

The Contenders

11 Watch Movies at Home
12 Go to School

Ok which troll added this? School is literally the worst way to spend your weekend. I'd rather sleep in and watch football than do this.

13 Watching Netflix

Yes. Just yes. If you're in school, the weekend is the only time you can do this.

14 Go to Greenland

The tickets are expensive and only for two days?! Why will I fly in and then fly out?

15 Go to the Basement
16 Troll People

Trolling outside TTT will be fun, though.

17 Flash ROMS
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