Ways to Trigger Phantomstrider

PhantomStrider is the WatchMojo of the cartoon community. Here are ways to make him mad.

The Top Ten

1 Say Ed Edd n Eddy is better than Steven Universe

He hates Ed, Edd n Eddy with a burning hot steaming fiery passion. - PeeledBanana

Dude I don't think he really care what your opionion is

Guys, he doesn't like Ed, Edd n Eddy. Get over it already. I mean granted he did give bad reasons as to why he doesn't like the show but he can have his own opinions and that's that. - DarkMatter1997

Steven universe is better than snot, snott n snotty! - ConorDooley

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2 Force him to watch Ren Seeks Help

This is the only thing that will ever trigger him on this list. - AliciaMae

Dear God, he will murder you.

Oh yeah he will die

3 Diss Star vs. the Forces of Evil

He likes this show too?! :D - Ilovestephanie

4 Praise Breadwinners

No fing way - BoyGenius234

5 Praise Fanboy and Chum Chum

When PhantomStrider finds out that Cartoon Palooza gave PhantomStrider an "It's Worth It! " rating, he will not only be triggered, but kill off Cartoon Palooza's channel, am I right?

Actually, hell no! PhantomStrider knows that it's okay to have different opinions on the introduction scenes on his lists. - The Ultimate Daredevil

6 Diss South Park
7 Force him to watch Teen Titans Go
8 Force him to watch Hannah Montana

PhantomStrider does not get triggered because of strongly different opinions, but if PhantomStrider were forced to watch anything he hates, that would be the only way to trigger him.


9 Diss Nina Needs to Go

Technically, PhantomStrider respects opinions. PhantomStrider probably doesn't find Nina Needs to Go phenomenal, but he at least finds it to be a guilty pleasure because it has a very good lesson that is how to get your family/friends to get you to the washroom. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who hopes this list isn't negative towards PhantomStrider, because these shows that PhantomStrider hates are legitimately my opinion, but much more than that

He actually likes Nina Needs to Go for some reason. - Eraser

10 Praise Rugrats Go Wild

The Contenders

11 Say "The Slim Shady Show" is better than Avatar: The Last Airbender + Legend Of Korra

He HATES Em, and these are two of his favorite cartoons of all time... deserves No. 1

Do we really need to discuss this one?

12 Show Him Happy Tree Friends

I hate Happy Tree Friends too

13 Deprive Him Of Adventure Time And Invader Zim

He loves those shows

14 Tell him Steven Universe is overrated
15 Tell him Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon is better than Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes is his favorite american cartoon and Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon is his least favorite. - PeeledBanana

16 tell him regular show is better than daria
17 Tell him that Scooby Doo is better than Spongebob Squarepants
18 Force Him To Watch The Entire Transformers Franchise.


19 Show Him Foodfight
20 Lock him in a room with Transformers 4: Age of Extinction playing on loop

This is torture - Jaker747

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